Broadcast Presentations on the Web with Zoho Show


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Many of the services are present on the internet which provides the best services to broadcast live presentations irrespective of the location you are present. You can broadcast your presentation anywhere. Here we will go to talk about a service called as Zoho show which allows a user to broadcast live presentations.

Zoho Show

Zoho Show

Zoho Show

A feature is present on the Zoho show called as a remote that is present on the toolbar which allows you to deliver the presentation slides live to a distant people on the web. The participants are not dependent on the number, any number of participants can attend the presentation.

Everyone Stays on the Same Page Every time

The presenter has the total control of the presentation and if you advance or click the back button then the same thing happens on the browser window of all the computers that are able to view your presentation.

There is also one more alternative to the zoho show and this is called a Zoho show. IT offers a chat window where all the presenters and the viewers could view and share their thoughts on the presentation. That means they all can text to each other on chat.

There is another advantage associated with the Zoho show and that is – it does not require the Google Docs or alternatively it does not requires the Gmail account.

This feature is present for a long time with Zoho.


Now we know that how we can broadcast the presentations over the web with the Zoho show. If you want more updates like that then you can read our other blogs. If you face any problem regarding this process then you can comment in the comments section below. For more details, you can refer to our other articles. Please do comment as it encourages us more to write and spread the knowledge.

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