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People all around the world were thinking and talking about the foldable smartphones since ages and finally, their imagination is turning into reality.

Yes! Chinese company Royale has brought the first ever foldable smartphone of the world which is named as FlexPai. Recently the FlexPai was showing off at CES in Las Vegas.

However, it seems that the Royale FlexPai is such a device which the company made in hurry to be the first in the market with new technology. Well, it’s great that the five-year-old company did something which we all were imagining since we got hacked by our own smartphones. Also, it is believed that the purpose of creating and selling flexible display is because of the existential ultimatum of Samsung coming in and stealing its roar with a rival foldable device. Therefore, Royale hurried and shown the world it’s brand new FlexPai, the first foldable smartphone.

World’s First Foldable Smartphone

Royole FlexPai smartphone

Royole FlexPai smartphone

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Now, let us talk about the specifications of the FlexPai, it measures 7.8 inches diagonally, it is an Android tablet, and in its extended mode it becomes two, not just one, other than that the company offers two SIM slots and allows to offer an auto-detection system, which shows content only on the folded screen that you are facing at a given time. As the device is fully opened the content which it is showing spills out on the full tablet and the two phones collaborate to be one.

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Moreover, you obtain a 1920×1440 resolution on the full display, which reduces to less than half when you’re on phone mode; this is due to the OLED screen that wraps around the wide-arching hinge. Still, there is a 308ppi pixel density, making the phone sufficient for the screen to look decently sharp. One of the biggest issues with FlexPai is its poor quality. As it was shown in at CES in Las Vegas people said they noticed sort of hyper-saturation that was majorly noticed in Samsung’s first and second-generation AMOLED screens from many years ago, color banding and also weird dim areas which are present in the middle of the screen.

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Overall, Royale has done a great job by creating the FlexPai robust. People were terrified that it would break when they were approaching to fully fold the phone, but at the same point of time people felt overwhelmed when they did it. They said it actually needs a fair amount of force from the user to open and close it, which then delivers a  soothing sense that is can endure rough handling, turns out to be the best suggestion for me!

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All this flexibility and fragile features cause my resistance to getting too boot up about foldables, and the misconception that the foldable phones are more fragile than the modern-day Smartphones will be eliminated soon. This proves that the Royale FlexPai have been engineered well enough dispute that concept.

Royole FlexPai smartphone

Royole FlexPai smartphone

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Overall, FlexPai is currently the best we can get as a foldable smartphone, but it would be unfair if we decide this right now, because we are unaware of what more the future is going to serve on our plate. In case, if we predict the biggest failure of the FlexPai then, it would be its software and basic operation. At times when you rotate the device or unfold/fold it, it gets extensively confused, unsettled and disturbed.

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People have noticed the apps arranged on top of each other and then suddenly getting overlapped with widgets as the tablet changeovers into the phone mode. In fact, people were complaining that they accidentally turn on the camera more than once. Also, they found an automatic switch between the two phones and said that the switch doesn’t seem anything natural or intuitive. Royale’s operating system is called Water OS, in order to experience logic and predictability at the same time this device deserves a buy.

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If you are thinking that the Royale FlexPai is just a concept device then let me tell you, that you are so very wrong. FlexPai is already on sale in China for 8,999 Yuan, which equates to roughly USD $1,320, which round figures to Rs. 93558.11. If you want kind of a weird, at times awkward and modish smartphone then Royale would cheerfully provide you a developer edition within the same price.

Hence, get ready to welcome the World’s First Foldable Smartphone.

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