Women’s Day: Woman Preserving Tradition at Work Station

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On this Women’s Day 2019, We are sharing one of the most beautiful stories of a woman, who worked really hard to protect the tradition and heritage of India; while marching against the stereotypes of society and bringing change in the world through her vision.

Women's Day 2019

Women’s Day 2019

While articulating the idea of digital industrialization where everyone is hunting after wealth and recognition, I came to notice that, certainly there are people who are working tirelessly to preserve their tradition and ethnicity because this is what makes them who they are. Isn’t it beautiful?

Having the same idea in mind, I came across a woman who really wants to work; not for the sake of recognition, but to maintain the sanctity which her forefathers had left to her. One such lady is Jaya Jaitly.

Women’s Day Special: Journey of Jaya Jaitly

Jaya Jaitly

Jaya Jaitly

Jaya’s journey has always been dynamic which took her to places. She was born in India, spent her childhood in Japan, and graduated from Massachusetts. She worked for Sikh riots victims and put herself into the socialist lineage.

Constantly weaving values through her life, her passion for Indian traditional crafts got intensified. She brought Indian crafts and heritage in the market fighting against the threat of global marketplaces. She also mentioned her love and respect for Indian craft especially quintessential Indian garment, Sari in her book “Crafts Atlas of India”.

While interacting, she also expressed her love for highly supreme Indian garment, and how she possesses an immense love and dignity for a sari. Considering her passion for the preservation of traditional art and craft, she founded an organization called “Dastkari Haat Samiti”, a revolution of preservation.

Jaya Jaitly speaks of her several projects. We could see glory on her face as she was explaining about her experience, “As a result of this initiative, the womenfolk have moved from the fringes and have become mainstream wage earners of the society. They have reached a stage where they maintain their own bank accounts. They are even learning to read and write, and are proud of the fact that electricity has reached the villages in Kutch and that they get electricity bills. But more than that, they now have the ability to pay and that is a matter of prestige.”

Fighting for the Survival of Indian Tradition and Heritage

Women working to save Indian Tradition and Heritage

Women working to save Indian Tradition and Heritage

Jaya gave a platform to the traditional artifacts and supplied them to the market. Focusing on the work, she motivated women to participate more while creating work for them. She is still on a verge to give creativity of women, a delightful vision.

Given so much, she also feels that, “We should not impose the western ideas of women empowerment on our people.” She shares, “As long as women have their say and respect, they can continue in their traditional roles, like covering their heads and other such practicalities of a patriarchal society. Stepping out of their homes to avail medical facilities, visit the hospital or educational centers to learn how to read and write is a big leap in their lives.” This exemplary vision of Jaya would surely be making a change in today’s world.

Jaya has frequently observed a sense of contentment in a handloom Sari with her mark extensive bindi and it is difficult to figure that behind a quiet face is an individual who is a compulsive worker on the most fundamental level. Her commitment to expressions of the human experience and artworks scene of India wakes up when she talks about her most recent task, the setting up of Hastkala Academy; an exploration and documentation mother body for which the past and the present government have both consented to work upon.

She shares, “last year, INR 30 crore has been designated for this foundation. We have missed the social supporting of each specialty, which gives an incentive to the story and that is the thing that we need to archive through the institute. We need to assemble the use and significance of specific hues in specific artworks. There are such huge numbers of aspects to our specialties. For instance, we need to feature why certain hues are maintained a strategic distance from. We need to spread mindfulness on why a specialty is created just amid specific months in the year. There is a culture related to each artist and the work is emblematic of that culture and its customs.”

She explains, “The foundation will likewise hold brief term courses directed by the skilled workers themselves for visitors, outsiders, and understudies.” To make Hastkala Academy run effectively, and evacuate the political part of running an association, Jaya plans to, “construct a lean, mean association with investment from the private segment on a CSR show.”

The circumstances are different since Jaya begun. She shares, “Presently the offspring of skilled workers are figuring out how to utilize innovation and language. They have iPhones, iPads, and use WhatsApp to convey for structures input, web inquiries about, communicating with the outside purchasers over email, accepting printouts and utilizing them as reference focuses to make items.

Women’s Day – More Power To Women

Women's Day - More Power To Women

Women’s Day – More Power To Women

Their ways of life are additionally evolving. Some claim SUV’s; one karigar from the once dry spell ridden Kutch runs a retreat now. I continue disclosing to them it’s great to develop financially yet develop with your specialty. They shouldn’t stop this work since they are what they are a result of the art. A few people say Oh! The artworks are kicking the bucket.

I don’t see the negativity in that, in light of the fact that the exceptionally same individuals never got their hand grimy working with the karigars, take off alone remaining in a town. A few specialties pass on yet new artworks likewise jump up. That is the cycle of life. Maharashtra, which for instance is generally low on artworks, presently has this gathering of individuals making theoretical stone creatures with metal trimmings.

A gathering of ladies in Uttarakhand with the assistance of NGOs is figuring out how to weave stoles made of hemp and vex. Consistently you see a karigar making something new and I see another plausibility seemingly within easy reach to introduce our brilliant legacy. My solitary wish is that I can keep on doing as such as long as I live,” she grins.

Women like Jaya are actually making a significant change in our society. They are breaking the four walls of patriarchy and pushing themselves against the stereotypical barriers that have been limiting them from so long.

Happy Women’s Day to all beautiful ladies, wishing you more victories and accomplishments in the near future.

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