Witness The AE110 iDAR by AEYE integrated into HELLA, This month in IAA


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AE110 – a result of ayes’ and hella collaboration to bring best ADAS In the HEELA booth of the International Motor Show Germany, Visitors will get to see the AE110 System of AEye with HELLA’s radar and camera software in Frankfurt.

The announcement of AEye and HELLA’s collaboration came out this year in the month of January which will result in the best ADAS electronic system for OEMs(Original Equipment Manufacturer) all over the world.

The founder and CEO of AEye made the following statement:

“We are very proud of the progress of our ongoing collaboration with HELLA and are excited to demonstrate our latest products to the IAA community,”

So far AE110 has been named Outstanding Innovation by Lidar Mapping forum and has achieved the Vision Systems Design 2019 global Innovation Award.

The head of the global product center Automated Driving at HELLA and member of electronics executive board, Frank Petznick said: “This is an important step in an already successful partnership with AEye, together, we are developing game-changing products that can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of global automotive OEMs.”

AE110 – a result of ayes’ and hella collaboration to bring best ADAS

AE110 – a result of ayes’ and hella collaboration to bring best ADAS


A world leader in the LiDAR-based perception system and the developer of idarTM, AEye, Inc.’s AE110 is the latest product in AE110 series. It is based on the world’s best LiDAR patent portfolio and fuses 1550 nanometer (nm), solid-state agile MOEMS LiDAR, has a low-light HD camera and an embedded AI that captures data at the sensor level. For detailed configuration on AEye Inc.’s AE110 click on this www.aeye.ai/products.


AEye was founded in 2013 by Luis Dussan and Ransom Wuller, based in San Francisco Bay Area of California, US. The sensing capabilities which are found in the electronic system of aerospace and defense are being introduced in automotive market with the help of AEye’s iDAR that came 2013. AEye not only has outstanding range of intelligent sensing pioneers but is backed up by renowned investors across the world such as Kleiner Perkins, Airbus Ventures & Intel Capital and many more. For more information on AEye, visit their website at https://www.aeye.ai/.


Hella KGaA Hueck & Co. or HELLA is a company that supplies automotive parts, accessories all over in Europe. It is established in  Lippstadt, North Rhine-Westphalia of Germany. Hella came into existence in 1899 and used to produce ball horns, candles, kerosene lamps under name of WMI. Gradually the company developed mainly after the second world war and as of now has six production branches in Germany all of which are contributing to the automotive industry greatly. For more information on HELLA visit their website at www.hella.com.

You will be able to see the master integration of AE110 into HEELA’s demonstration vehicle at IAA(international Automobile Ausstellung) in the New Mobility World, Hall 5 Stand B06.  The IAA helds annually in Frankfurt in odd-numbered years and in Hanover in even-numbered years.

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