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On the Internet, Wallbase houses are one of the largest wallpapers stores. With more than a million HD images, you are bound to be spoiled for choice. Normally, I stay connected to the DeviantART for most of my wallpaper requirements, but Wallbase is always my next choice.

With a strong web presence, the service also supports the mobile platform in the form of Android and iOS applications. As the user base of Windows 8 continues to grow, there is considerable potential in the platform for an official modern UI app pipeline.

On Windows 8, Download Over A Million Wallbase HD Wallpapers

On Windows 8, Download Over A Million Wallbase HD Wallpapers

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However, if you cannot hold your horses until an official app is released, then try Wallbase 8. From the sporting an elegant and minimalistic design, the app brings you a big variety of gorgeous-looking high-quality backgrounds from Wallbase, which will be ready to use as your desktop wallpaper or lock screen image.

The Wallbase 8 has a lot up its sleeve in addition to its elegant interface. You can choose between a multitude of popular tags to instantly download your desired images. In addition, the most frequently used tags are highlighted in large and boulder text, such as minimalist, video games, fun, abstract, fantasy art, redheads, animals, landscapes, cars, anime, artwork, and more. This can help you discover wallpaper also for the most popular styles.

Wallbase 8 does away with the traditional legacy of classifying wallpapers as you would normally see on other similar services or applications, rather than opting for tag systems to group wallpapers. This means that these tags are basically the only way to find your desired image. To view images with any tag, you can always use the search bar. For this, you just have to type the tag name and then press Enter.

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The search results are displayed as a grand title arrangement. Windows 8 users can simply use the mouse scroll wheel to scroll the thumbnails horizontally. Similarly, RT users can swipe gestures to perform the above-mentioned tasks.

Clicking or tapping on thumbnail loads the wallpaper in full-screen view. From here, you can right-click or swipe up to bring up the app bar which allows you to set the current image as a lock screen picture or save it to your local storage. However, it would have been nice if the app had also allowed the image to be installed as a desktop background directly from within the Metro environment.

Wallbase 8 also take advantages of the Windows 8 sharing the capabilities to send the images to the other modern UI applications such as the Mail app. You can tweet the link through third-party Twitter clients such as Rowi.

The Wallbase 8 is available for free on the Windows Store and it can work on both the Windows 8 and Windows RT. The testing was carried out on both Windows 8 and 64-bit.

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