Why Is My Phone Charging Slow and Dying Fast? [Self-Sorted Guide]

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Are also the one for whom the curiosity and irritation of Why is my phone charging slow and dying fast problem has come in mind but while trying to check for the possible issue result in nothing but despair? Then here for the same query, you are going to see varieties of solutions that you can try out in order to resolve it easily.

Being the competition about various feature phone in the market, you only focus on the features and convenience of phone use but the problem of charger often remain untouched by you that causes the problem in the future.

That is what is the reason why the question of why is my phone charging slow and dying fast? And why my android phone battery draining comes into the picture and many have reported it now and then. You start experiencing slow charging and fast battery draining problem for your android device and even for the premium phones such as iPhone and Samsung series.

Why Is My Phone Charging Slow And Dying Fast?

Why Is My Phone Charging Slow And Dying Fast

Why Is My Phone Charging Slow And Dying Fast

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Good Smartphones come with powerful hardware inbuilt as well as high-resolution displays that further eats a lot of battery. But the fact is that the majority of people love to use mobile phones that have a longest battery life. Not only that one of the main concerns of buyers nowadays who are looking to get a hands-on brand new smartphones are about their battery life and backup.

As a buyer, most of the people prefer best Battery Backup Phones and Smartphones with the longest battery life. But what if you already have the phone that consumes most of your phone battery resulting in slowly and battery draining fast. For that just read the information below and you will come to know about how can you sort out that issue by yourself without spending extra money on it.

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If your Android phone is not charging properly or taking too long to induce charging. If the battery of a phone suddenly accelerates, then you will want to find a better alternative to get the most efficient life from your battery on your related Android.

As we all know, specific Android phone settings and applications that use too much battery are the most basic reasons why your Android phone charges too slow and drains the battery so fast.

We cannot think that the battery of our smartphone is damaged because it is taking too long to charge. There can be other reasons as well, which can cause slow charging smartphone and fast battery drain problem in the smartphone.

Here you are demonstrated and given the complete information that helps you with the most effective reason and hence let’s start to look at the reason why is my phone charging slow and dying fast:

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Charging Cable Fault

A faulty charging cable is the main reason behind my phone being slow charging and dying fast.

Why Is My Phone Charging Slow And Dying Fast

Why Is My Phone Charging Slow And Dying Fast

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If the charging cable for the Android phone that you are using to charge is broken or there is some cut in between, then this may be the main reason behind the slow charging of the Android phone.

Use a separate charging cable and then see if you are still experiencing a slow charging Android device issue.

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Damaged USB Port

Android phone batteries may be due to a slowly broken USB port. If the cable connector and USB port are not in proper contact with each other, it may cause slow charging of your Android phone’s battery.

Why Is My Phone Charging Slow And Dying Fast

Why Is My Phone Charging Slow And Dying Fast

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If the cable is not inserted properly, over time, the USB port may shut down. If the problem is with the USB port of your Android phone, you can try to clean any mud using a toothpick.

If any obstruction is detected by blowing some air on the USB port, you can clean it.

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Poor Power Output/Supply

While the above two reasons can lead to this issue of slow charging of your Android phone. It is also possible that the power source you are using to charge your phone is not good.

If the output is less than what you expect from your smartphone, you may experience problems like slow charging Android phones.

Here you can try charging your phone using a different power source. If you notice that your phone is charging at a fine rate, then there is a problem with the power source that you are using to juice your phone’s battery.

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Is Your Charger Original? Be Sure

It is not a surprise that you can easily find so many fake products in the market and Android phone chargers are on top. You will find many gray mobile chargers that will help in charging your Android phone. However, it will take up to a day to charge your phone.

If you are not using the original charger that comes with the Android phone, it is because your Android phone is taking hours to charge.

Check the originality of your Android phone charger and if you are using a duplicate phone charger, get one original.

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Using Your Phone While Charging?

While increasing addiction to the phone day by day, there are a lot of people who have a habit of using our phones while we are used to our phones. Some applications eat a lot of battery and if you are using these applications while charging your phone. This will then cause a quick drain of your phone’s battery.

Whenever you are charging your Android phone, try not to use it and provide 1 to 2 hours of charging. Once the battery level reaches around 90%, you can only use it when you want to use it.

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Final Denouement

Did you get what commonly causes the problem of battery draining? These are some of the reasons that can help you improve the battery life of your Android phone. I hope this article “why is my phone charging slow and dying fast?”

If your phone’s battery is dying faster than in the past and you want to make your Android device’s battery last longer, then you can use these official Android help guides (Why My Phone Is Not Charging Correctly and why is my phone hot and losing battery).

Hence, while you have been following the article, you might have had an idea about how can you simply sort our your phone battery draining problem by yourself via taking care of these mere things mentioned you above. Rest if you have further query related to it then below is the comment section that helps you.

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