Easily Watch Blocked YouTube Videos in my Country


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This guide is not about watching the blocked videos in the countries like China or Pakistan where ISP has been blocked by the government to access sites like YouTube and Facebook. This guide is all about watching the blocked YouTube videos in the countries where the government does not have total influence in the internet world.

Watch Blocked YouTube Videos in my Country

Watch Blocked YouTube Videos in my Country

Watch Blocked YouTube Videos in my Country

You could be living in any part of the world, there are some of the videos on YouTube that are blocked on YouTube which are to be accessed. This feature is basically because the owner of the video content has restricted the video to be viewed only in certain countries.

If your location is outside the specified country, you will get the error message that “This video is not available in your country” as the owner has limited the content to be viewed in certain countries only.

E.g. if you have to watch the video uploaded by Warner Brothers then the content may not be available outside the US. Same is with the some BBC videos as there are certain rules and regulations for every country.

A Simple Trick to bypass YouTube Region filtering

If you want to know how to watch banned or blocked youtube videos just follow the below simple trick.

The YouTube uses the computer’s IP address to know your location or know your country. For bypassing the country specific restriction you have to try this trick:

E.g. Your video URL is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yERRDs36Dk1jw

You have to replace the watch?v=yERRDs36Dk1jw with /v.

You can also download the video through enabling the blocked videos proxy which is easily available on the internet.

The same trick applies to the thing when you want to know how to watch blocked YouTube videos copyright on YouTube.


So with the above simple trick explained you can watch blocked YouTube videos on the internet of the content is not available in your country. In case you want to know more about the tricks like these then you can contact us in the comments section below. Post your queries there and our team will reach out to your query soon.

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