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Many people have spent a lot of time playing Destiny, in a video game where the player travels to the galaxy while commenting on the internet, “Any person does not play destiny”. But at the same time have you ever wondered How much time have we wasted on this awesome, wonderful game?

Wasted on Destiny

Wasted on Destiny

And if you are still unaware about Wasted on Destiny sites then you can read the article till the end and here you will be cleared all the information related to Wasted on Destiny and also the top 10 alternative sites which will give you the similar experience as of this. Go through the information below till end and by the end, you will be cleared with all your doubt.

About: Wasted on Destiny

Worthless time on Destiny is a website that tells you how much time you have spent playing in the Destiny series. At the top of it, this is the only website that tells you how much time you spent on deleted characters, which you can consider worthless.

How to use it

Using Destroyed Time on Destiny is very simple, just enter your PlayStation Network ID, Xbox Live Game tag or Battle.net ID in the search box.

General frequently asked Question

Here are some of the questions which you should know the answer about and all the related answer you will get for a clear understanding of wasted on Destiny.

  1. What is the time shown?

The time spent by you in sports activities is time-consuming. Social spaces and class time are excluded.

  1. Why is not my user name working?

Ensure that you’ve typed your PlayStation Network ID, Xbox Live Gamer tag or Battle.net ID correctly (do not forget # 1234). If you still experience problems, please present a problem here.

  1. Why is another player showing me when I am searching for my username?

It is possible that another player uses the same name as you do on any other platform. If you do not just see your account, make sure you have typed your username correctly.

Best 10 Wasted On Destiny Site You Must Not Miss

Worthless time on Destiny is a website that tells you how much time you have spent in the Destiny series. At the top of it, this is the only website that tells you how much time you spent on deleted characters, which you can consider worthless.

Here you are given the top 10 alternatives which you can use in the place of Wasted on Destiny. To know more, follow the list here below:

  1. DIM
  2. Destiny
  3. Destiny Rep
  4. Ghosts and Echoes
  5. Destiny 2 Checklist
  6. Public Events Tracker
  7. The Ishtar Collective
  8. Destiny Tracker Network
  9. Destiny 2 Trials Checker
  10. Vault Item Manager for Destin


Control your way on your items. Swap items, check statistics, create a legend to be loadout with DIM


When you go with this Destiny 2 Companion apps then you will realize that it connects you with your destiny and adventure associated with it and where the life takes you. the same you can enjoy at the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live or Battle.net.

Destiny Tracker Network

There is a website for monitoring statistics in Destiny Tracker Network Game’s Online PVP Network Destiny. It has leaderboards, an LFG feature and a platform. Now it includes figures of Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Trial Checker

If you are android phone user then you can go with Destiny 2 Trials Checker because it is specially designed for Android OS users only.

It application features allowing users to track changes easily and know the enemy’s information as well. It also holds statistical advantages and disadvantages of the opposing team.

Destiny Rep

Destiny Rep is a mobile app for Android OS users, developed and introduced by JPAP. It gives users real-time access to the status of their players online. It also allows you to examine the potential rivals and competitors as well as the reputation of their figures.

Vault Item Manager for Destin

Vault is a free item manager application for the most popular shared-world shooter games; Fate 2 and Fate 1

Isher collective

Whatever you have to know about Destiny 2. Isher Collective has launched a comprehensive and entertaining site where you can immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Destiny 2

Ghosts and echoes

The audio version of Destiny Grimoire Cards. Golden Age Artificial Intelligence provides a scattered history of a host of stars, including God Gherit, Marcus Whiteside, Virginia Dare and Strauss himself, broadcast by Strauss. Set in the world of science fiction of the video game Destiny, Strauss gives us information about the golden age of mankind, passenger meaning, such incidents that lead to the downfall, and the character that humankind has they will again take to the stars.

Luck 2 checklist

As D2 checklist, its name is a checklist with objects, missions, artifacts and all that you need to keep track of everything needed for Destiny 2.

Public program tracker

Public Event Tracker – A companion app for Destiny is a mobile app for iOS users and it has been developed and developed by Xiansheng Yuan. It provides a countdown to public events, which is the best way to easily increase your representative and level.

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Final Words:

Wasted on Destiny is the platform to track your time spent which you might have got cleared with the above information you are served. From the above article, we have tried to touch every aspect related to Wasted on Destiny.

The information also gives you the idea about the top 10 alternatives which you may find delighting and useful and you can check out.

Finally, if you have found the article helpful and informative enough to give you the clear idea on it, then let us know about it by commenting in the comment section below and if any suggestion you have, you are most welcomed.

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