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There are various kinds of different NADRA ID Cards available for the people. They can register for them according to the eligibility and requirements of the individual. The three types are-




The Smart National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (SNICOP) is a computerized National Identity Card which is a registered document provided to the eligible Pakistanis, that is- either the individual lives abroad with Pakistani origin or has a reference abroad. It gives them the benefit of having a dual nationality along with visa-free entry to Pakistan.

Eligibility criteria-

The people who fall under any one of these categories are considered to be eligible for applying for a NICOP –

  • Any Pakistani citizen who holds a nationality of Pakistan as well as of some other country is eligible to apply. They are considered as ‘dual nationality holders’. they need to provide proof of their nationality to the other country for issuing a NICOP card.
  • A person who is employed abroad and is an emigrant of Pakistan can also apply. He/she is supposed to submit their letter of employment with the protector of emigrants along with his/her foreign services agreement.
  • Any Pakistani citizen that holds an immigrant visa or a permit of a foreign country is categorized as an ‘immigrant or a visa holder’. he/she can apply for the card.
  • Other people of Pakistani origin who resides or intends to reside abroad for more than 6 months can also apply for NICOP. This category includes people who are dependents of the emigrant ( mother, father, wife, husband or any other relative/friend), the members of Overseas Pakistani Foundation (OPF), and anyone else who resides abroad for business, education or any other purpose are considered eligible.
  1. CNIC –

The Computerized National Identity Card, commonly known as CNIC is an elemental product of NADRA. Latest technological applications are used in order to guarantee legitimacy and validity to the individuals. The CNIC and NICOP numbers are similar for an individual.

Eligibility Criteria-

All people who are of the age of 18 and above are eligible to apply for the registration of CNIC. This ID card is registered for the people living in Pakistan.

  1. POC –

The Pakistan Origin Card (POC) is an identity card which is issued to those people who live in Pakistan and have remained so for their lifetime, however, do not currently hold Pakistani nationality and are now former Pakistanis. It is also issued to eligible foreigners or Overseas Pakistanis to get back to Pakistan with a visa-free entry into the country. POC holders enjoy benefits such as –

  • They can stay in Pakistan for an indefinite period of time,
  • It provides them with the permission of visa-free entry into the country
  • They enjoy the basic rights such as purchase and sale of property and vehicles
  • The right to open and maintain a bank account
  • Dispensation from any requirements of a foreigner registration
  • The card validity is for 7 years
  1. MRP –

The Machine Readable Passports, commonly called MRP is given to Pakistani citizens for them to travel internationally. It is necessary for an individual to carry either NICOP or CNIC or POC before registering for an MRP. It is issued by the Directorate General of Immigration and Passports of the Ministry of Interiors from either a regional passport office or Pakistani embassies. The main objective behind MRP is to enhance the governance of the country and to maintain an accurate record of its citizens in the database. The following are the requirements for registration of an MRP –

  • Original Valid NICOP/CNIC along with a photocopy.
  • A Pakistani passport which should be up to date.
  • Any residential proof.
  • No Objection Certificate for Government servants.
  • Personal appearance of the applicant(s)

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