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The official Apple App Store is only a part of the entire universe of iOS apps and games. There are apps that don’t get a chance to become live on the official App Store due to Apple’s policies and guidelines. For downloading these iOS apps and games, we have third-party app stores.

TweakBox App for iOS/iPhone/iPad

TweakBox App

TweakBox App

In this post, we are going to talk about TweakBox, which is an exceedingly popular platform to download unofficial iOS apps and games. However, before we proceed with sharing information on TweakBox, you must know how these third-party iOS app stores work.

How TweakBox Works?

In simple words, the developers working behind these platforms, buy certificates for the third-party iOS apps and games. Thereafter, with the help of these certificates, these modified apps are made available on the platform for the users to download and install. While there are moments, when Apple lands hard on these platforms by revoking their certificates; things come down to normal immediately afterward as the developers get the certificates renewed.

It is time to share with you the steps to install TweakBox on your iOS device.

Steps to Install TweakBox on iOS 

  • Launch the Safari Browser and make your way to the official website: TweakBox Installer .
  • Wait for the webpage to load. Once the webpage loads, scroll down and tap on the button captioned as ‘Install TweakBox.’
  • A dialog box will come up stating that the website wants to install TweakBox on your device. Tap on ‘Install’.
  • Now move to the home screen of your device and monitor the installation progress.
  • Once the installation is over, navigate to Settings -> General -> Profiles and trust the profile of TweakBox.
  • Now, you are all set to launch the application.

What makes TweakBox Special?

  • The inventory of TweakBox is way bigger than the relative platforms. You have a ton of hacked/modified iOS apps and games at your disposal.
  • You do not need to tweak your iPhone/iPad to install TweakBox.
  • It is absolutely free to download, install, and utilize the services of TweakBox.
  • As and when any updates are available for the apps that you have downloaded from TweakBox, you get a notification. Thereafter, you can choose whether to update immediately or defer the same to a more convenient timing.
  • The user-interface of TweakBox is simple enough to understand at the first launch itself. You won’t have any problems swimming your way through the interface.
  • TweakBox contains apps that are actually paid on the official platform; however, they are available on TweakBox as a free download. So, you can download paid iOS apps for free from this amazing platform.

Aren’t the features simply amazing?.

How to use TweakBox?

The following are the steps that you require following to Download TweakBox.

  • Search for the application directly through the search bar.
  • Tap on the appropriate search result to navigate to the application information screen.
  • Tap on ‘Install’ here and hit ‘Install’ again on the dialog box that comes up next.
  • Monitor the installation progress via the home screen.
  • Do remember to trust the profile of the downloaded app after a successful installation once you download tweakbox.

How to Delete TweakBox?

You can follow either of the two standard ways to delete an application if you wish to uninstall TweakBox.

  • Long press the icon and thereafter hit the cross button that comes up on the corner of the app icon. Press ‘Delete’ thereafter on the pop-up that comes up.
  • Delete the profile of TweakBox.

Final Words

That’s all about TweakBox. Leave us your questions in the comments section provided below.

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