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When it comes to downloading third-party iOS apps and games, TutuApp is the king. Launched among heavy competition from relative platforms, the popularity of TutuApp rose above all within no time. In this post, we are going to talk about TutuApp, its features, and how to download and install the same on your iPhone/iPad.

TutuApp App Store

TutuApp App Store

TutuApp App Store

How Third-Party iOS installers work?

You might be wondering how these third-party iOS installers manage to bring all the hacked/tweaked apps for us. Well! The developers associated with these platforms are responsible for acquiring certificates for all the third-party apps that wish to be a part of the platform. Time and now, Apple revokes the certificates of these applications; however, the developers manage to get their certificates renewed under a new banner. Hence, the tug-of-war between Apple and these platforms continues.

Moving ahead, the following are the steps to install TutuApp on your iOS device.

Steps to install TutuApp on iPhone/iPad [No Jailbreak]

  • Launch the Safari Browser and make your way to the official website of the app: Download TuTuApp .
  • Please wait for the webpage to load. Once the webpage loads, scroll down and tap on the button marked as ‘Install TutuApp.’
  • A pop-up box will come up stating that the website wants to install TutuApp on your device. Tap on ‘Install’ again to continue with the download and installation process.
  • Now move to the home screen of your device and monitor the installation progress like you do for apps that you download from Apple App Store.
  • Once the installation is over, navigate to Settings -> General -> Profiles and trust the profile of TutuApp.
  • Now, you are all set to launch the application.

What are the amazing features of TutuApp?

  • There are loads of apps and games available on TutuApp. It became famous when it started providing the Pokémon Go Hack.
  • You get a notification for the updates, as and when available.
  • It is absolutely free to use TutuApp.
  • TutuApp doesn’t require a jailbroken iPhone/iPad to work.
  • It consists of those iOS apps as well that are paid in the Apple App Store. However, TutuApp hosts the fully cracked versions of these apps that are free to download.
  • TutuApp comes with a system cleaner as well as a memory cleaner to keep your iOS device running at its best.

How to use TutuApp?

The major benefit of downloading TutuApp is that the interface of the platform is almost similar to the Apple App Store. Hence, you won’t face any issues using the application. Simply search for an application in the ‘Search Section’ or browse through the list of apps. Tap on the application listing to move to the application information screen. Here, simply hit ‘Get’ to initiate the download and installation procedure. After successful installation, you require trusting the profile of the application or game before launching the same.

What is TuTuApp Lite ??

All of sudden few weeks back, TuTuApp removed it’s a free version and asked everyone to upgrade to a premium subscription. People got so frustrated and all know that only paid doesn’t work in any way, so, they released TuTuApp lite with limited apps and games in it for free. So, It’s still there to open for everyone. If you want, you can Download TuTuApp Lite APK from here itself.

How to Delete TutuApp?

You can follow either of the following standard ways to delete an application from the iOS device if you wish to uninstall TutuApp.

  • Long press the icon until all the applications start wiggling. Thereafter hit the cross button that comes up on the corner of the app icon. Press ‘Delete’ thereafter on the pop-up that comes up.
  • Delete the profile of TutuApp from Settings -> General -> Profiles. This will also delete the application from your iOS device.

Final Words TutuApp on iOS

This was all regarding TutuApp. Please feel free to drop your queries in the comments section provided below.

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