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How many of you know the importance of a classified site that helps you in many ways out and also gives you the opportunity for various activity at a single place. Many of you probably might not even be knowing about what is classified site and hence might be wondering what does it mean?

Anyhow as you will proceed with the article below, it will become easy for you to understand what is a Classified site and what are the benefits you can simply utilize from it and not only that you are also provided the list of Top 31 Classified Website in the USA that is absolutely free and can be of various use for you.

Top 31 Classified Website in the USA

Top 31 Classified Website in the USA

Top 31 Classified Website in the USA

Hence read the article given you below completely to know about the list in detail.

What is a Classified Websites?

A classifieds site is a place where you can find whatever you want. Here you can be anyone and you can get whatever you want. If you need a job then what kind of job you can search in a search engine and you can get more and more results.

If you post something on a classified website, you will get lots of responses. It has an advantage in a classified website, which is highly appreciated by the online user’s community and is a popular method for both recruiters and seekers on the Internet, so they all go to the same place and easily find that what they are looking for.

The classified websites are the place where people publish various types of advertisement. Not only that, but you can also buy and sell houses, electronics, automobiles, etc. Addition to promoting your products, service websites and much more of the kind. You can take the example of websites like Letgo, OLX, Craiglist, etc and so on.

Top Classified Sites in the USA

Sooner we talk about classified Sites then few things that come across are OLX, Quicker, and Craigslist. Classified sites are a boon, especially for small business owners, or for those looking to buy or sell goods. The best thing is that most classified sites offer free service and help online marketers, advertising agents or even freelancers to promote their work and business. This is not all, because, in addition to promoting your products, websites, services, and other things, you can also buy and sell homes, automobiles, electronics, etc.

The whole purpose of placing advertisements on classified sites is to drive traffic to your business as these sites are visited by a large number of people on a daily basis. Advertising on these sites increases visibility on your website or blog, so this method is being used by many webmasters to promote SEO (search engine optimization). You can place backlinks on high PR sites to improve your website’s rank in search engine result pages.

Overall, the fact that most of the services by these sites are free they benefit in more ways than one. Today, we have listed some of the top classified sites in the USA which are the best destination for your ad posting requirement. They are high PR sites with high Alexa rank and are used by the majority population of the United States for their business needs. So let’s take a look at these classified sites in the United States.


Top 31 Classified Website in the USA

Top 31 Classified Website in the USA

Undoubtedly one of the top-class destinations in the category, Craigslist provides a local platform to advertise and promote its services, hiring, property buying, and selling, while more of their section for discussion forums, community, personal and events Are dedicated. Founded in 1995, it is the world’s largest classified service that collects 30 billion page views and 60 million web traffic per month.

EBay Classifieds

Top 31 Classified Website in the USA

With eBay classifieds you can buy and sell more than just personal items locally in the United States. If you are a local goods and services seller then you can also keep posting free advertisements on this site. The site also lists jobs that you can adopt if you are trying to offer them a new home, buying property, selling, electronics items, offering services and more. The best thing is that you do not even need to register to access the site. An eBay initiative that was found in 2005 now attracts more than 100 million visitors every month.


Top 31 Classified Website in the USA

Top 31 Classified Website in the USA

Oodle is another most popular classified ad posting service in the world which works on the unique concept of submitting listings from various popular websites and newspapers to other popular similar sites like eBay, MySpace, You can also check the recommendations of friends and acquaintances while you browse through various sections, such as buying or selling automobiles, renting an apartment or office space, a job, pets, personals and more. Are those, which include buying or selling goods that are available under the Marketplace option.


Top 31 Classified Website in the USA

Top 31 Classified Website in the USA

If you are looking for a classified ad site that is free, targets the American population and offers a host of options, Hobli may be the right choice. From events, books, collectibles, jobs, pets or vehicles to clothes/accessories, there are many options available on your service. It is up to you that you want to sign up because you can also access the listing directly by selecting your country and state, and also use the categories filter.


Top 31 Classified Website in the USA

Top 31 Classified Website in the USA

OLX is basically a New York-based classified ad site that offers users the option to create classified ads for free and classified discussions, which are separated by various categories such as jobs, property, personal, cars, pets and many more is. What we love about OLX is that it allows you to deck your ads with images and videos that help attract more visitors quickly, allowing you to manage your ads, Show them on your social networking accounts, etc. OLX was also found in 2006. Is popular in India.

iNet Giant

Top 31 Classified Website in the USA

Top 31 Classified Website in the USA

iNetGiant is a free advertising website that provides high response classifieds and advertising for free. When you can post your ads for rental apartments, sell and buy homes or vehicles, pet supplies, apparels and more for free, you can also be a buyer and search for your desired item. It is a rapidly growing classified ad posting site that offers target ad listings. You can also increase your advertising with various options, however, you have to register yourself before you can post an advertisement for free.


Top 31 Classified Website in the USA

Top 31 Classified Website in the USA

Jibo is a popular free classified advertising platform in the United States for various categories such as real estate, farm equipment, vehicles, rentals, services, jobs, resumes, and merchandise. These are broad categories that cover hundreds of products and services under them. When you search or post advertisements, you can also connect with the vast Gibo community.


Top 31 Classified Website in the USA

Top 31 Classified Website in the USA

Geebo is a free classified ad destination that helps you find employment, pets, real estate, services, classes, communities, personal and events from over 2,188,000 advertisements. Not only this, but you can also post advertisements in the same categories to sell something. The site also helps with dating services or child seating. With Lokonto it is extremely easy to post a free ad that stays active for 60 days, making your business reach a wider audience. You can enhance your ads with photos, HTML code or even add your webstream link. So, just select your city and keep going.


Adoos is a classified advertising site designed for mobile phone platforms such as android and the App Store. The listings are free, so now you don’t even have to open your laptop, but just use your smartphone to buy or sell in your area. This allows you to improve the quality of the advertisement by adding images that occur through a really quick and smooth process. You can interact with sellers or buyers in real-time and help you find all you need around you. Just enter your phone number in the box and the app link is sent to your mobile phone for download.


Adpost is another well-known classified advertising site that has a worldwide presence including everyone in the United States. The site allows you to post advertisements for various categories such as a vehicle, home, and office, employment, personal, for business opportunities and consumer segments which further include other sub-categories such as, commercial products and services, furniture, Arts and crafts, clothing, health and beauty and many more. Adpost covers more than 1000 cities and more than 500 regions worldwide and offers its services for free.

Kugli is much more than just a classified advertising site. It is also a commercial networking site internationally, so it is a free classified ad and global classified network. So, if you are an employer looking for the right candidate, an employee looking for the right job, a businessman hunting for new buyers/suppliers, or a professional who wants to expand their network by connecting with people, Is for. All. With Kugli you can post ads in cars, real estate, jobs, services, pets and all other categories for free.


In the list of free and classified ad sites, you have another name that lets you post ads for free in many different categories. The categories range from the real estates, events, sale and services, jobs and resumes to garage sale as well. You also have a list called easy store for fun, vacation rentals for travel and the opinion called free stuff that lets you upload the picture and create ad flyer such as car stickers, board ads, sale designs or even the desktop wallpaper as well and all those are from free of cost.


Another name in the list of top classified as in the US is RECYCLER. This Recycler connects local buyers and sellers to the online marketplace as well. Now while you can simply buy and sell the used items of pets, electronics, furniture, cars, pets and even the things related to real estate; you can also deal with new properties, lands, vehicles, sports items, jobs and much more. And in order to enhance the experience and attract more visitors, you can simply also add photos to the ads you have posted as well.


From the name itself, you might have had understood about classified ads that are available online gives a platform for you to search and post ads for free in different types of a category that ranges from sale items, jobs, pets, real estate, personals, services, vehicles and even for rent and community as well. This further offers a video tutorial in case you need any help so that you can simply post.


Ocala4sale is a US-based free classified platform that simply allows you to look for and post the relevant ads and also the jobs that you need. Have the choice of category from real estate to transportation, employment and local events to animal-related services, miscellaneous ads (garage sale, Health& medical, found or lost, etc.) here are hundreds of various sub-categories that you can simply explore. Not only that in addition to all these classified ads services, but you can also find services like building a website and also advertising your business as well.

Sell, as it says, helps you sell various items from pets, computers, and cars to home and electronics. This classified advertising site is for merchant advertising and e-commerce solutions. When you can post an advertisement for something you want to sell, the site allows you to import products from other listing sites for the first 30 days. You can also view new listings, featured sellers, and choose from different categories or keywords.


One of the largest classified advertising sites in the United States, USFreeads gives you a platform to market a large number of products and services that you can think of. Being one of the largest online classified sites around, it draws huge web traffic, active buyers and a large number of new daily visitors to your products to sell quickly. You name it and the category is already available on the site that helps you generate free responsive ads.


Yakaz is another very popular classified advertising site that lists all the local businesses around. It works like a search engine so that you can find your requirements on the web. From used cars or motorbikes to job openings or housing it provides a good list for these categories. The homepage displays a search box, where you have to provide the input of your requirement and the site will pull up matching web-based classifieds based on your search. With its major presence in the United States, Yakaz is also available in other foreign countries such as South Africa, France, Spain, and others.


Kenda is a US-based business listing site that lets you post images and videos as well as free ads for an experience. There are various categories such as easy home loans, work from home jobs, rental apartments, real estate listings, online clothing store, free pet vaccinations, online shopping deals, lowest mortgage rates, property investment tips, and discount shopping online. There are already over 70, 000 registered users and counting. You can choose from the services of hundreds of listed beauties, cars and vehicles and more.

Ablewise is one of the largest commercial ad posting sites that lets you post advertisements for rent, automobiles, business opportunities, business, services, employment and more for free. It allows you to join the community, views the latest ads, read ad posting tips, and receive keyword alerts, all for free. Apart from the United States, Ablewise is also active in many other international countries. With over 155 million visitors per month, Ablewise offers you the opportunity to find or post ads based on your requirements.


If you are looking for a free classified ad platform to place ads or to view free listings, Adsglobe U.S. I have the answer to your solution. This is another advertising option for your business and helps you easily find others using this service. It has various categories like Autos, Rental, Real Estate, Pets, Travel, and Merchandise. There are many different categories in different headers like Market Head, Business Center, Job Center, and Community Center, so choose as per your requirement and buy or sell products at your convenience.


The free list is a US-based classified ad site that helps you find and list local classified ads for free. You can advertise your products, generate more traffic for your website or blog, buy or sell products or property with this classified platform. You can post advertisements under different lists like sales, real estate, job, services, individuals and miscellaneous depending on your business and your requirement. While you can search and post ads for free across the US, Freedlist is also available worldwide.

Free Classifieds

Buy any item of your choice, sell any item you have, search for a particular item or advertise for your product or business, Free Classifieds helps in all the above activities. This site primarily targets the American population, so it helps you view or search for advertisements nationwide. There are hundreds of categories to choose or feature your ads under, so, you can see or place ads for almost any product you can think of. There is a lot to explore, from vehicles, real estate, and services to jobs.


Like any other top classified sites that offer you to post and categorize free ads in your area, Buyandsellcommunity allows you to do so with equal efficiency. Targeted for American businesses and customers, you have hundreds of categories to choose from including real estate, computers, vehicles, art and antiques, sports equipment and accessories, travel and event books and magazines, garage sales and many more. The home page is well organized giving you a view of the featured classifieds, recently added classifieds and announcements.

Penny SaverUSA

In addition to placing advertisements for your products and business and finding classifieds in your area, PennySaverUSA also offers you more options to save money with discount coupons. PennySaver has been in business for over 50 years mostly in print and reaches over 11.2 million Americans every week with large discounts and savings coupons. When you can earn extra dough by selling products online or by motivating your business, you can get some real-time savings with those discounts and coupons, as well as buying new or used goods, getting job options and more can also benefit from.

Sailspider is based on the social networking concept and is the largest platform for connecting business owners. It also provides free services related to sales leads, classifieds ads, business forums, prospect lists, and business directories. The home page is very clean with well-placed categories. You can choose from hundreds of categories and find the best deals, join the vast business community or post an advertisement and all for free.


As the name suggests, ArizonaListList offers local business listings in Arizona with reviews and ratings. This saves you a lot of money that would otherwise go to the house brokers as commission and instead lets you buy and sell homes for free. Arizona list primarily targets home seekers or people who want to sell their homes, and it helps you do it without any expense.


One of the other best free classified sites in the United States is Easily Backpage, which helps a person see land, house, job, car, apartment for rent, and more on a single platform. You can also add photos to your advertisements for free which increases the chances of sales and gathers more visitors. On the first page, you go to the U.S. You can see the list of all the states from where you can select your state and city and go there! With more than 120 employees in the organization, the site collects 3.2 million web traffic every month.


How do classified websites make money?

Quicker earns through advertisements on the website. Most of them depend on advertising revenue like Google AdSense. For example, if a user clicks on those ads and completes the required action, then sites are paid by Google to them. So Free Classifieds makes money through the number of advertisements on its various webpages.

How does craigslist make money?

Income streams

Craigslist makes money through only a handful of revenue streams. It charges $ 25 to post job listings in six major US cities. It charges $ 75 for job listings in the San Francisco area. The revenue generated from these charges covers only the operating expenses of Craigslist.

What do classified ads cost?

Typical costs: $ 5 to $ 100 per line, depending on the publication, geographic areas, time of year, number of ads you purchase, and whether you sign a contract or purchase on a week-to-week basis. Rates vary greatly, so contact each publication for the actual cost.

How do you use classified ads?

How to Use Classified Ads to Build Your Business:

Understand your customers. Many products and services can be sold to different types of customers.

  • Choose the right media outreach.
  • Do your homework well first.
  • Make your first few words count.
  • Keep your advertising brief and explicit.
  • Get someone else’s opinion about running your ad.
  • Make it believable as well as appropriate.
  • You can simply assets your competitor’s behavior.

How much does it cost to build a classified website?

The estimated cost to develop the classifieds advertising website will be between $ 5000- $ 12000 depending on functionalities and complications.

What are online classifieds?

Classified advertising is a form of advertising that is particularly common in newspapers, online and other periodicals that can be sold or distributed for free. Classified ads are much cheaper than large display ads used by businesses, although display ads are more widespread.

Final Words

As you have read information above which gives you the idea about Top 31 Classifieds websites in USA that you can use in 2020 for the better solution of many problems such as job-related issue, advertising related issue, car, apartment, selling, etc. that means you get a community at these sites and the site provides you the best platforms helping you with the effective solution possible that too free of cost.

These sites are the selective ones and which you can use for your multipurpose things to do.

Rest hope the article and the list of sites that you have been mention here have helped you with the detailed information and if you have anything remained with you then you can simply choose the comment section below to drop your opinion regarding the same.


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