The Sims 4 – Realm of Magic – a Place of Breathtaking Wizards


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Tomorrow comes out the new game pack from the Sims 4 known as Realm of Magic. It will enable your Sim a new range of area, clothes and abilities. According to the nomenclature of game there is not much difference in vampires and witches or spellcasters. Now how can you level up in the game? For this you need points and you can earn these points by using magic, learning spells and potion recipes. This is not that easy. You need to hunt for specific ingredients which is what makes the game a lot more interesting.

Now the method to learn spell is through the magic realm. This magic Realm is accessible only through a magic portal which is in the pack’s new world “Glimmerbook”. The wonder of this game is hanging out in the magic realm. It is a wonderful place. This magic realm consists of three floating islands with waterfalls and foliage galore in an expansive, beautiful night sky.

The Sims 4

The Sims 4

The areas like Glimmerbook in the sims 4 can give you the feel of a ghostlike town as it is a very large area and does not operate with a true open world like the sims 3.

The magical realm is a beautiful place and quite busy. You will find portals through which you can buy different materials. Most of the action of the game is in the magic school. You get to read magical books , practice portions  and spells to use in the game further. As your level increases you will across many interesting thing such as friendly duals, etc.

There are different types of aspects in a game for example vacations but the magic world is built in the confines of the everyday life which captures the mind of the player.

Now the witch Lucretia learns all types of various spells as a sim which helps in fundamental daily tasks like the spell Repairo which is used in fixing broken objects. There are other type of pratical magic such as Mischief magic and untamed magic. Now the tempting thing about magic is that it gives you a shortcut to get what you want and get it done easily.

Usually what happens in the magical games is that the main player or character intuitively knows magic, like he/she is born with it. But in this, Lucreatia Sand play a non-magical character. She needs to learn magic and then practice. So there’s a lot that you can experience in this game like what if she gets married into a family that has inherited magical powers? Or maybe she wants to keep the masquerade in non-magical world?

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