Stephen King’s IT – Chapter Two


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Let’s begin with the introduction of “IT” for our newcomers. “IT” most important is the name of a 1986 novel written by Stephen King. Since then it has been adapted in two films. The first one was made in 1990. And the second most famous adaptation came in 2017. The 2017 Adaptation of “IT” an American supernatural horror film with the same name. So from now “IT” will refer to the second adaption in this article.

Another part of the series has been released on 6 September 2019. But we will talk about it later, first let me tell you a little bit about the story of IT.

IT revolves around the life of people of a small town Derry, Maine. “IT” refers to the ghostly figure in the film who comes every 27 years to feed on children through sewer pipes. This becomes evident from the very first scene of the movie where Bill makes a paper boat for his brother, George who sails the boat in the street which falls down the drain and George witnesses Pennywise to whom the rest of the character referred to as IT. George is taken away by it, only to never return.

Stephen King’s IT – Chapter Two

Stephen King’s IT – Chapter Two

Further, in the story Bill and his group come to know that this has been going on the streets of Derry for centuries. And the story goes on with their encounter with Pennywise, making him go into hibernation again, starving. The first part ends with revealing the fact that Bill and the group will come back again as adults to defeat the Pennywise once again. This is what chapter two has for you.

Now if we talk about IT’s reception the film was a great hit. It appealed to viewers worldwide as with a production budget of just $35 million, the film made a net profit of $293.7 million according to Deadline Hollywood. It also attained fifth position on the “Most Valuable Blockbusters” of 2017.

So buzz for IT’s chapter two was definite to happen. As It’s chapter two has been released, it receives praise mainly for its acting and themes. But criticized for its runtime which is longer than its predecessor by around 35 minutes. One important aspect which is criticized is the fact that the chapter of “IT” will not scare you as much as chapter one. Another thing which is hard to tell is it’s faithfulness to the novel.

The judgment for this varies from person to person. You may found it quite similar to the novel or you may not, this depends on how much you prefer the content of the novel over movie. It is obvious that the film is an adaption so it is not exactly the same as novel but how much similar it can be to the novel that is what matters. This relies on the director of the movie that what they want to show and create. If they want to follow the novel word by word then so it be or else vice-versa.

Chapter two of IT has two groups, the adult losers and the loser’s club of present-day teens. The adults have returned to fight Pennywise again. The chapter two brings the group together but not everyone as Stan dies. In the rest of the movie all of the characters face different encounters with Pennywise while searching for ancient artifacts and fighting of IT. Then gradually they come to know how IT can be killed and they follow the solution. We will not reveal the ending and bring spoilers for our readers, so they can go and enjoy the movie.

If we compare the two movies then the latter one is hardly dark and scary at all. The director Andy Muschietti has focused more on humor and the childhood trauma of each character.

If we talk about the cast of the movie then the director has done a pretty good job in his selection. And most importantly it is being said that Bill Hader has steeled the show which is indeed true. Also, the visual effects will delight you as they are spectacular and excessive, doing justice to big blockbusters.

The way camera moves throughout the movie or when it zooms in on the characters drowning in quicksand, all makes the movie a must for a one-time watch. IT chapter two is a movie that fulfills your desire for amazing visuals of horror that you wanted.

IT chapter two revolves around the fact that loneliness is dangerous and it should be avoided, it shows that there is strength in unity, it is what keeps our protagonists alive. Whereas on the other hand loneliness brings you death. Science also suggests that loneliness ruins a person’s health and decreases the life expectancy of a person.

Chapter two shows the joy that comes with being together and how friends play an important role in helping us deal with the traumas that we face. IT shows how traumas get into our subconscious and depletes us slowly and slowly.

Some instances in the movie our fully covered such as Bill’s exploration of Richie’s childhood trauma and something it just passes by such as Beverly’s abusive marriage. Even then this film has something or the other for every viewer.

IT chapter two is indeed a real and true R-rated horror film with more than just the average blockbuster. You will not be watching IT-chapter two for an innovative content but for outstanding, well placed visual effects and cinematography like that of big blockbusters and for Bill’s “your mom” jokes, and most importantly to have a good time. You may go to watch this movie with your friends as it makes it lot more interesting and you will have so much to talk about it later on. If you are getting confused between shall I go for “IT” or not, then I would say “IT” is worth it. You should go at least once to watch the movie, especially with your friends.

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