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Want to play with customization of Galaxy S6 Ringtone? Want to know how to change the Samsung Galaxy S6 ringtone with your own music files or customize the ringtone for a particular contact on the smartphone? Get the full guide here with the sound picker feature of Samsung Galaxy S6.

Sound Picker

Sound Picker

Sound Picker

The first and foremost reason to customize the Samsung Galaxy S6 ringtone is that you could get confused on who is calling you as there is the same ringtone for every one of your contact in your contact list. Sometimes you may pick up the phone without looking on the screen and wonder who is calling you.

So this sound picker feature will get you to change the ringtone for a particular contact so that you can identify without looking on the phone that who is calling you. You can also change the default ringtone of Samsung with the music file or another audio file.

In this guide we will see:

  • How you can easily change the default Samsung ringtones of Samsung Galaxy S6.
  • How to set up your own music file as a ringtone.
  • How to assign a particular ringtone for a particular contact.

As the setting of the ringtone is the same for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, this guide applies for most of the Samsung smartphones.

How to Change the Samsung Galaxy S6 Ringtone?

  • To change the Samsung Galaxy S6 ringtone you have to go to the settings menu.
  • In the settings menu go to Sound & Notifications.
  • Tap on the Ringtone option. The current ringtone is displayed below the Ringtone option.

In case you have ES file explorer installed in your phone then you will get an option to handle your request. This media storage app allows a user to copy the specific file to your ringtone folder which then could be displayed to the ringtone settings.

Tap on Media storage and you can select on any of the ringtones which you want to assign for the ringtone. It will become the new ringtone for your Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone.

How to Customize the Samsung Galaxy S6 Ringtone and Assign your own Music file as a Ringtone?

In addition to the pre-installed ringtones, Samsung offers you to customize your ringtone with your own music files. The music files could be either be copied from the PC or it could be present on the smartphone itself. In this section, we will assume that the ringtone or the music files are itself downloaded on the phone itself.

In order to customize the Samsung Galaxy S6 ringtone you have to follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • In the settings menu Go to Sounds and Notifications then go to Ringtone.
  • Choose Media Storage if displayed in the option.
  • You will get a list of ringtones. There you have to scroll down till you get the option to Add a Ringtone.
  • You will be displayed the music files that you want to add in your ringtone.
  • As the music file is too long for the ringtone, a part of the ringtone will be selected. You can also choose the type of ringtone and in Samsung, it is called Highlights only.
  • If you want to use the full music file as a ringtone then you can uncheck the Highlights only.
  • Tap on “done” when you are finished.

It is to be noted that once you add the ringtone in the folder then it will be permanently added to that folder. If you want to delete the option then you have to delete the whole music file. So we have now understood that the music files can also be added to the ringtone folder. You can also have a free music download from the internet.

How to Customize the Samsung Galaxy S6 Ringtone and Assign your own Music files on PC?

In case the file that you have to add as a ringtone is located in the PC then you have to copy the music file to your Samsung Galaxy S6. First, connect the smartphone to the PC with the help of USB cable and then transfer the file from the location.

If you are not able to find the Galaxy S6, install the Smart Switch for Galaxy S6 smartphone and if you have the question that how to add music to sound picker so read the below steps.

  • When the music file is copied to the Ringtone folder then you can use it as a Ringtone in your Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.
  • Go to Settings >> Sounds and Notifications >> Ringtone.
  • The location will display the music file that you have copied.
  • Tap on the file and it will be set as your Ringtone.
  • It will ask to use the part of a music or the whole song.

How to Customize the Samsung Galaxy S6 Ringtone and Assign your own Music file for the individual contact?

In addition to using the music file as Samsung Galaxy S6 and setting it as a ringtone, you can also assign a particular ringtone for an individual contact. This customization makes it easy to recognize for the user to pick up the call without even looking at the name of the incoming call.

To customize the Samsung Galaxy S6 ringtone for an individual contact you have to follow these steps as described below:

  • First, go to the contacts section.
  • Select the contacts to assign the particular ringtone.
  • Tap on edit Contact.
  • Tap on Ringtone.
  • It will display the default ringtone, you have to change it to assign the ringtone.
  • Choose a ringtone for the contact from any of the pre-installed ringtones in the list.
  • You can also assign the ringtone for the contact by selecting the Add Ringtone for the contact.
  • Tap on Ringtone to finish the customization process.
  • When you have added the t mobile ringtone then you can tap on “Save” to save the settings.

All the Samsung Galaxy S6 ringtones are identical for Galaxy S6.


Now we have discussed all the steps and customizations related to sound picker. In case you have any questions or query related to the sound picker s9 or any query for Samsung Galaxy series phones, then you can contact us, ask us, by commenting in the comments section below. Your comments are valuable to us.

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