Top 8 Things That You Might Be Unknown About Sonic Drive-In


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In the previous time, drive-in restaurants were dime a dozen and gone in drive-in movie theater except for Sonic Drive-In. As there is the biggest chain of drive-in restaurant that still exists. Sonic has more than 3 million customers across the 45 states every day.

Sonic Drive-In

Sonic Drive-In

Sonic Drive-In

Even if you are a loyal customer of Cherry Limeades. And hence here you are going to see about the top 10 facts related to America’s favorite-Drive-In named Sonic Drive-in.

What is the Sonic Drive-In?

Sonic Corp. which is commonly famous with the name SONIC is a Drive-in Fast food restaurant chain which is based in the Oklahoma city of America and owned by Inspire Brands (a parent company of Buffalo wild wings)

As of 2018 report, the company has been able to expand its 3606 restaurants in 45 states of U.S and was ranked at 10th position in the year 2010 by QSR magazine for the top 50 quick-service and fast casual restaurant brands available in the nation.

The founder is named “Troy Smith” and you can find more about it on its official site

Top 08 facts about Sonic Drive-In

Sonic was Merely a Root Beer Stand Originally

The Sonic Restaurant founder Troy Smith tried his hand initially in so many restaurants, from diners to steakhouses and root beer in Shawnee, Oklahoma. But out of his so many experiments, he sooner realized that root beer business was solely giving him an extra 20 percent of the profit on a regular basis and he ended up with root beer business.

The Name Sonic Refers to its Speediness

Smith and his business partner Charles Pappe came up with the alternative name previously kept as ‘Top Hat’ and they wanted to develop a tagline that promotes the slogan that implies the speed service.

What might be the slogan “service with the speed of sound.” And the first drive-in was officially dubbed as Sonic which was opened in Stillwater, Oklahoma in 1959.

One of Sonic’s Best – Selling Products Include Cherry Limeades

In one year, Sonic was able to sell more than enough delicious drinks which are enough to fill more than 15 Olympic sized swimming pools.

Frankie Avalon Worked As a Spokes Person of the Company Once

The nostalgic image of Frankie Avalon resulted in sonic recruiter making him a spokesperson in the company on the late ‘80s and early ‘90s.

And these days the company has turned Kevin Durant for celebrity endorsement- specifically to push their new line of Slushes Studded with the candy pieces.

Some of the Best Flavor Are the Combos of Employee-Submitted

In the survey among employees by sonic in 2011, employees were asked to submit the drink combination and unfortunately, there were more than 600 entries that were not in the sonic menu. And this resulted in various flavor creation in the company.

Sonic Headquarter Of Oklahoma City Features A Test Kitchen

Around 10-person based test kitchen works to invent best new menu items and perfect old ones and the test kitchen staff additionally runs cafeteria for employees.

According to

Chef Claes Petersson: “we want the employees to try the food and be the ambassadors of food.”

Get your Beer at Sonic Beach

If you are the resident of Florida then you might have come across the Sonic Beach which is intended to “capture the south Florida essence”.

You can find the patio area with 60” LED flat screen TVs, with a sand beach area and alcohol. They are the only sonic location which offers wine, beer and even Dom Perignon.

Two DeadPan Men in Sonic Commercials are Actually Writers and Improv Actors

Peter Grog wrote for the Colbert Report for three years and currently writes for Late Night with Seth Meyers, while T.J. Jagodowski is a second city alum, who has played roles in films in Stranger than Fiction, Oz the Great and Powerful and Get Hard.

Best Rewarding Opportunity for Talk to Sonic Survey

SONIC conducts the survey related to its service among its user and gives them lucrative rewarding points which you can participate via Talk to Sonic Survey

 So if you want to know completely about Sonic and its survey that what the requirements of participation are, what are the preventions, how much you will be rewarded, how can you interact with survey questions better, customer care contact details in case of need for your survey participation etc. then you can tend to visit the site which gives you all the required information and step by step process that you can participate in Talk to Sonic Survey easily. So if you want to know how to participate then simply visit talktosonicsurvey


Being one of the top leading fast-food restaurant chains of America, Sonic Drive-In is well known among the people for its fast service and from the article above itself, you have seen the complete guide related to it as well.

Sonic also conducts the survey for its customer to get the ground level experience and calculate the value production and delivery for the satisfaction of its customer. Hence being the consumer of Sonic Drive-In you should not miss it.

Hopefully, this article has given you the facts that you might not be knowing before and being a lover of Sonic Drive-in, it might have a stand on your expectation. But yet if you have any doubt and query, let me know by your query.

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