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Social Media for SEO: Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are two different but tightly interwoven strategies which naturally attracts visitors. Since social media relies on high-quality content and a visible, strong brand presence, efforts to spend on SEO can increase your social media reach twice as much, and as most search marketers will tell you, your social Media presence can greatly increase your search ranking.

Social Media For SEO

Social Media For SEO

Social Media For SEO

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Unfortunately, when it’s discussed how Social Media for SEO can affect your Google ranking, most search marketers leave the details rather than discussing how and how to increase the attention of social media. It can improve your SEO, it has been written in the form of a generalization that surprises social media marketers whether their strategies are really effective.

Go through the article and you will find out how Social Media for SEO really affects your search engine (Google) Page ranking and customer Retention.

How Importance is Social Media for SEO?

Social Media is not a direct supporter of your content and SEO but it is the backbone of your site and Content to be ranked on the Google (Search Engine). Below are the some of the facts which will help you get clear and understand is it really, or not.

  1. Content Promotion
  2. Locally-Optimized Posts
  3. Increasing Brand Awareness
  4. Influencing Social Sharing
  5. Social Media Posts Rank on Google
  6. Growing Your Number of Followers
  7. Encouraging External Inbound Links.
  8. Optimizing Your Posts for Searches.

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Content Promotion

If your ranking is not particularly high, or you are currently working on your SEO strategy, then your great, keyword-optimized content will allow your hard work to show your followers on multiple platforms. Although inbound links do not pull a big punch in the form of high-quality backlinks, it can improve your bounce rate problem and website analytics.

Locally-Optimized Posts

Social Media For SEO

Social Media For SEO

Social media provides a perfect opportunity to easily engage yourself in the local community, sending local-specific authority signals to all the major search engines including Google. There are some ways to do this, but two of the easiest updates are made whenever your company joins a local program and communicates with other local brands and establishments on social media.

The first is relatively straightforward; at any time, whenever your company participates in a local festival, tradeshow or other program; take a picture and post one, invite other local residents to comment. It reinforces your participation in the community, and shows you more in local searches.

The second does a little research; do some search for local players, and try to connect with them regularly. You can share each other’s posts, join each other’s discussions, or post a guest blog on each other’s sites, and share them on your social channels

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Increasing Brand Awareness

Branding is what gives your Business an image of outstanding among other business of same type.

Posting persistently and relevant content to your followers will increase your awareness of those who search for your product or service. It encourages Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms to further enhance your content for Newsfeed.

More awareness means finding more brand names on Google for your website, and you can earn one backlink or even two.

Through increased engagement and high-quality content syndication, increasing their reputation on social media will increase online brand presence. The more will be you brand present on the Google, the more will be presence of it in people’s mind. And similarly the more branded searches your brands receive, the more likely it is to rank for non-branded keywords. It is a complex relationship, but it starts with a strong brand presence on social media and it ends with more search visibility across the board. Apart from giving a quality experience to your audience, there is no specific way to improve your rights.

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Influencing Social Sharing

Social approach by sharing contributes to the authority of a brand in the same way, as the external links do. To search engines like Google, any sign of a verified external source that verifies your brand or your content, is the basis for a small improvement in the Domain Authority. So, if you can get five people to share your Facebook post, it’s great, but if you can get 1,000 people to share it, then it’s even better. Likes, shares, favorites, replies, and retweets all count toward this enlarged right.

The best way to encourage the increased social sharing the content is to appeal it directly. For example, you can offer a specific reward for those who share your post, such as entry in the drawing for adequate prize. If you agree with you on any issue, or if you are interested in seeing a particular type of new content, then you can also do such interactive surveys that make people “like” it. The best part of this strategy is that it is a self-preserved long-lasting cycle; the more people you share your content, the more new followers will easily gain, and the more followers you have, ultimately the more share you get.

Social Media Posts Rank on Google

If you’ve ever searched for a company on Google, then it is likely that one or more of their profiles were displayed on the first page. That’s because Google treats social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter just like any other web page.

It can be confusing when talking about SEO and social media and how they can work together. Although Google considers social media posts as separate web pages, when it comes to searching, Google does not rank those pages with the same rules as applicable to SEO.

And is it why? Probably the main reason, like anything else, is that it can be misused. It is very easy to create links on social media which is not anywhere.

However, as mentioned above, Links to Social can drive traffic to your website, influence SEO ranking, and also create engagement. Engagement is something that Google ranks through its algorithm. A great post promoting the conversation will run both!

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Growing Your Number of Followers

The total number of followers and connections included in your social media profile will have a significant impact on your ranking. The company with 100 Twitter followers did not get any ranking bonus with respect of that with nearly one lakh Facebook likes of the mega-corporation and one million Twitter followers. However, there are certain conditions for this also. Google can detect the quality of your followers, which means that 100,000 proxy Twitter followers are not going to do a lot for your overall ranking. Instead, you will need to organize your following and should have the quality audience.

Increasing the number of your followers is a slow process, but effective as long as you are consistent. Present your brand exclusively and consistently, use the same voice to update your users on a daily basis. Post helpful articles, useful tips, open inquiries, and general discussion items, and then follow them directly with your users engaging in conversations.

Conversation and direct customer enclosure is a key to creating and maintaining a large size, interactive following, because they encourage current followers to help build your rights for new and potential followers.

Encouraging External Inbound Links

Social Media is also useful in a way because it supports the maximum external links and the more diverse external links you have, the greater right you will get in Google’s eye. Of course, the catch for this is that you should have high-quality, official content. Otherwise, you have nothing to use to draw links.

In this case, social media only acts as a broadcast channel. Your material is going to work as a fodder, considering it to be original and useful, and your social channels are working as fishing rods, feeding in front of the right eyes. Use hashtags to gain visibility for your initial round of syndication, and do not hesitate to bring your content into existing threads and discussions. Doing so will improve your social reputation as an official leader, but more importantly, it will maximize your potential external link sources.

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Optimizing Your Posts for Searches

This strategy also depends on the content already present, but it opens a secondary channel for search. In addition to news articles and knowledge graph entries, Google favors popular social media updates in the top sections of their SERPs. This is an important, some temporary situation that you can achieve by ensuring that your posts are optimized for the occasion.

First of all, you will need a strong anchor for your post. This can be a video, an info graphic or even a full-fledged article link. Whatever it is, it is going to work as your foundation, and you have to give it a title in an accurate, descriptive way.

Next, when you post it, frame your foundation with the text that is optimized for a particular type of search. For example, if you have written an elaborate article on best practices for making oatmeal cookies, then you can frame it with a specific question like “Have you ever thought how to make the right porridge cookie?” Mixing to maximize your timeliness and the likelihood of coming in search results.

Best 10 Social Media Platforms for Guaranteed SEO Increase

Social Media For SEO

Social Media For SEO

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You have gone through the facts about how Social Media has a prominent impression on site SEO on Google Search Engine let us see what are the best 10 platforms which are trusted and reliable enough to bring the change in your SEO and page ranking status.

The following are established social media platforms with guaranteed search engine optimization (SEO) approach. Mainly due to the popularity of social media in today’s modern era. Both SEO and social media platforms use inbound strategies to attract visitors and make it easier for consumers to find you through some keywords.

Top Proven Platforms of Social Media for SEO

  7. QUORA
Social Media For SEO

Social Media For SEO

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Facebook is one of the very well developed and currently one of the largest social networking sites. According to statistics, more than 1.71 billion people worldwide used Facebook in the second quarter of the year 2016. A lot of people are looking for a brand’s Facebook page before going to their website. Therefore, Facebook is one of the best places for you to achieve good business leads.

Social Media For SEO

Social Media For SEO

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Another excellent visual website is Instagram. This is one of the best places to present content or products that depend on visual effects, such as fashion brands 65% of the top brands eat on the Instagram, if you look at the report of September 2015 there were 400 million monthly active users.

You are also having the pin board which will help you out with the selective images.

Social Media For SEO

Social Media For SEO

YouTube is one of the wonderful platform for everyone, who has video to show. For those who do not have any video, they are advised to start thinking about making them as it is one of the most effective ways of attracting people towards your brand. Google also owns YouTube, and it is used by more than 1 billion users, more than 4 billion videos are watched every day; it is the second largest search engine in the world and the market has been boosted to the best by 2019. 22% of all social media traffic today is from the US is on YouTube, which makes it one of the most popular platforms in the country. Therefore, even if there is not much traffic on your website, your appearance on YouTube can increase your brand awareness, increase your social presence and convert it into sales.

Social Media For SEO

Social Media For SEO

Twitter is another great social media platform especially with the professionals. With more than 313 million daily users in the second quarter of 2016, Twitter has become a major social search engine which is widely used for daily news. Typically, links posted on Twitter come back to your site. In order to create audiences and get more visitors to your website, you should tweet regularly, use the correct hashtag, discuss hot topics, and make attractive headlines for readers.

Social Media For SEO

Social Media For SEO

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70% of people on this site use it to get help when making purchasing decisions. There are over 1 million brand pages on the platform, and by September 2015 it had 100 million users. Experts believe that Pinterest is a great visual place, where you find yourself, can be shared, and your products can be sold. People search by looking at your pins, which takes them to your own website, so there is increased traffic there.

Social Media For SEO

Social Media For SEO

Again another best social media platform linked in is really a best place with the professionals to connecting with businesses, especially for B2B organizations. With more than 380 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is used by 53% of business-to-business companies to find customers because people who join them on LinkedIn have 50% more chance to make a purchase.

  1. QUORA
Social Media For SEO

Social Media For SEO

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This was co-founded by former employees at Social Media Platform Facebook – Adam Dangelo and Charlie Cheever. Quora is primarily a question-and-answer website used by more than 80 million people worldwide. Due to the large audience, this venture has managed to make more than $ 141M in the capital funds.

Social Media For SEO

Social Media For SEO

It is an online image and video based platform that was created in 2004 and was acquired by Yahoo in 2005. The platform is really useful and good for people who share the video by embedding. More than a million photos are shared on Flickr daily by more than 112 million users.

Social Media For SEO

Social Media For SEO

Even though many people find Tumblr at least a user friendly social platform, they also believe that this is one of the most interesting networking sites. This website has a wide range of content that you can share because it supports video and photo posts, chat posts, audio posts and quote posts. Tumblr allows Twitter to be retweeted, and it’s simple and quick. The site was even though created in 2007, within the time duration of 12 years Tumblr now more than 200 million blogs in its account.

Social Media For SEO

Social Media For SEO

Since Google+ had 300 million users in October 2013, this could not be the largest social media platform, but the important fact is that Google is the owner of it. Google records and notices your activity on Google+, so the more active you are on this platform, you will have better rankings in the most popular mobile engines.

NOte: Eventhough Being the Best Social Media channel for your business and provided by Google itself, Google Plus Have been banned by Google for some Unknow reason. 

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Final Conclusion

Social media is not only a most effective tool for the businesses and blogs but also a place where you can find many audience of all categories and it is up to you how precisely you are able to filter audience for your business.

As you have seen above, how effective is the social media platform today and how far it is going to help you as Social Media for SEO platforms.

And we have tried our best to give you precise knowledge about Social Media for SEO and not only that the potential social media platform list which some way the other is effective for your business.

If you have found this article helpful and informative enough for your business, then better let us know by commenting in the comment section below and you feedback is welcomed!

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