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Social Media for Restaurant: Have you own a restaurant or bar? and want your restaurant service to spread and reach the maximum people via social media?

This problem is one of the common problem today that importance of Social Media for Restaurants isn’t that much popular among restaurant owners and it has become the way challenging to find out the real strategy to reach the maximum potential customer for restaurants or bars and if you are also someone who face some down in the sales in food store, restaurant, bar or any other place like this, then this guide will help you to boost your sales in very less span of time.

When you add the social media mix to your marketing strategy, there is a huge chance of your engagement generation with the food and customers to your door.

Social Media for Restaurants – Let’s Get Started!

Social Media for Restuarant

Social Media for Restuarant

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So, to help you out with this, here is the strategy and tactics which will give you the best result which you can try on most engaging social media platforms which are Facebook, Twitter, and also Instagram as well.

How You Can Reach Potential Customers by Using Social Media for Restaurants & Bars?

Here are the tactics which you can use as you effort of Social Media for Restaurants approach:

  1. Think as of a Customer
  2. Facebook Marketing
  3. Instagram Marketing
  4. Twitter Marketing

Think as of a Customer

Think as a Customer

Think as a Customer

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The first step in successful marketing is to know who you are communicating with. This is especially true in social media. Think like your customer, and about why they want to meet you. Create a similar tone for your social media taking care of this in mind.

If you want your location to be known as neighborhood hangouts – create a tone (or even a character) that you use in all your social media platforms constantly. Post in a friendly, neighboring vowel. For example, you may have a long waitress or also can have barman to give you the face of your social media.

If you want to go for your great meal – create your social media posting around your chef (or someone posturing as your chef!).

So, the ultimate thing is that Think about your customer because you plan your restaurant social media strategy.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

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Today most of the people spend their maximum of the time on Facebook which provides really incredible opportunity for dining establishments which connects you with their clientele. People love checking the updates time to time a day which you can find out from the Facebook insight tool and then work with the strategy.

Facebook is the place where people go with their friend to hang out and share the moments and this place they love to find out the good food center to enjoy with their friends.

Now within this Facebook strategy, here are the tips below which will help you approach to be effective.

  • Cover Image
  • Facebook Page Tab
  • Food Images Post
  • Group Deals and Special Offers
  • Sweepstakes and Contests
  • Quality Geo Target of Ads
  • Video Embed as a Post
  1. Cover Image:

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Cover image gives the immediate and long-lasting impact on the landing customer’s mind and help them decide whether to go further or not. You have 851×351 pixels to sell your business for free Include tasty photos of your food, or it’s a good time to enjoy a meal with friends. Whenever you make changes to the menu, you can market new items or specials to the people by just changing the cover Image of the site.

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  1. Facebook Page Tab

Use the tab on your Facebook page to entice people in your restaurant. These tabs which give the ease in accessing separate categories and flavors of food increases the users’ engagement and curiosity to know precisely about that. You can add the tab like locations, rice bowls, breakfast, brews, sauce, soup etc. and keeping these types of tab not only gives the exact landing of a customer to that categories but also retain your customer and make them love to choose you.

  1. Food Images Post
    fb post

    fb post

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The most shared post on Facebook is nothing but Images because of the reason that it is illustrated less time consuming and easily understandable.  You are in the business of food, and the food is extremely visible. So make sure that you include lots of images of your food in your regular Facebook post update. You can also create a look book of your current menu item.

  1. Group Deals and Special Offers

Post special offers on your Facebook page. For example, if they “like” your page, then give the dealer a deal. Promote social coupons to entice your fans to share your dealings with your friends – and be a fan of your page too.

  1. Sweepstakes and Contests

Use social sweepstakes and competitions on your Facebook page. These social promotions increase enthusiasm and make a great reason for their customers to return to their Facebook page and their restaurant.

Here is an example of a client using our sweepstakes app. Wayne Gretzky’s Toronto runs a geo-targeted sweepstake through Facebook so that he can create awareness of his newly renovated digs and his brand new menu they have updated.

  1. Quality Geo Target of Ads

    fb geo targetted ads

    fb geo targetted ads

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Facebook ads are really awesome and it gives you various option like age restriction, gender restriction, Geo-targeting and much of that kind. For restaurants and dinners, this is ideal. You can target your ads only by people of their particular geographic location. You can also target your ads to people of a particular choice, and those who like some pages.

When you check out the example of Wayne Gretzky, it can be used to target the downtown Toronto area; People who like hockey, sports and dining out; And which is the Toronto Blue Jays page (OK, and maybe Toronto Maple Leafs also like).

Note: You can also geotag your post. If you have a chain of restaurants, for example, use this feature to show pictures or updates from your various locations.

  1. Video Embed as a Post

Videos are great and especially when the video is embedded directly in an update or tab. If you have a video how your food is made, or you have an interview with your chef/food suppliers / happy customers, make sure you update it in your post and include them in an update which shows the customer geniuses and make them believe more on your food recipes.

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Instagram Marketing for Restaurants & Bars

instagram marketing

Instagram marketing

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Instagram is a very popular photo sharing platform. With its seamless integration with Facebook. About 95% of it was used when your patrons were posting pictures to their Facebook friends. You can use Instagram with your Facebook strategy, or you can use the site yourself. Since you have seen that images can convey the message faster than that of texts and posts, here are seven tips for Instagram marketing which you can find out below and implement on your post.

Use the hashtag

Hashtags are very large on Instagram. They are very popular and relevant. When using the hashtag on Instagram (or any social site). Let’s find out and look upon the tactics of hashtag here:

1. Use Trending Hashtags
Intagram Trending Hashtag

Intagram Trending Hashtag

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Include relevant trending hashtags to increase awareness of both your Instagram profile and your restaurant. For example, if it is #nationalcheesecakeday, and includes cheesecakes in your culinary delights, then post a great picture of that dish.

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2. Use Top Hashtags

Get more easily from your niche market using specific hashtags. For example, if you are a bakery in New York and are located in Soho, then use geographic specific tags as #sohoeats. Instagram is the social site which you can easily use in your mobile phone. By including a specific location in your tag you can find traffic to eat feet – and they can be right outside your door.

3. Use Campaign-Specific Hashtags
Campaign Specific Hashtag

Campaign Specific Hashtag

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When you’re running a particular marketing campaign (such as a competition, then create only one tag for that promotion.) This allows your followers – and anyone else – have their own hashtags in their posts Can also join your campaign, too.

4. Photos of The Menu Item

Instagram is a site of photos. Use this opportunity to post delicious photos of your menu items typically daily and the better once keeping in mind about the time of lessor of the people.

5. Make Your Menu Item More Engaging

Eye Catching Menu List

Eye Catching Menu List

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Take pictures of one step forward menu from you – to help your customers upload your favorite items, help build your own menu of images on the platform. This kind of user-generated content not only involves your customers socially with you, but it also creates a strong bond and customer loyalty. Appreciate your mentor to invite him to be part of your menu decision process. They would like to eat at your place – and bring their friends to show their winning contribution!

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6. Employee Appreciation

Take a picture of your employees who work with your product or menu item. It can also be a chef, waitress or busboy. Post them with an overview of your company’s Instagram feed whenever you do so with the brief description associated with it. You can use this type of photo to show that you are an establishment that values the people working for you. At the same time, you will create a good work environment for your employees too! It also shows that your restaurant is a great customer service and it’s a fun place

7. Photo Competitions

Image Competition

Image Competition

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If you want to achieve a lot of user-generated content (UGC), then establish a photo competition on Instagram. A photo contest can motivate your customers to join you, your menu items and your restaurant. They can generate a lot of customer loyalty because any person who takes photographs and presents them in your competition will care about whether they win or not. They will probably think about that photo, your menu item, and your restaurant for a short time.

Twitter Marketing for Restaurants & Bars

Twitter Marketing for Restaurants & Bars

Twitter Marketing for Restaurants & Bars

Another most powerful social media platform list includes the name of Twitter and promoting your products on social media like Twitter is really going to get is to the best.

Twitter is a very successful marketing tool for restaurants, both for large and small and high-end fast food (including road trucks). Tweets are read, with only 140 characters per update, and shared at an unprecedented, immediate rate. Twitter is also widely used through mobile.

How can you promote your culinary pleasure on this site? Follow these 7 tips below which will give you a quick idea about it:

1. Include a Link in Your Menu

Twitter Post Link

Twitter Post Link

Include links in your Tweets. It allows your followers to take further action and lets them interact with more of you. Include a link in your menu, so that your followers can make an easy choice to eat with you. Not only that you can use this strategy for you category wise twitter posting with include of the link of your site where they land and book the order.

2. Include Images of Your Food

Although Twitter is a text-based site, updates are shared with them in photos, you can get more followers on Twitter, and drive traffic to your establishment. The Photo includes the best categories of your menu time to time which eye-catching one.

3. Social Coupons

Social Coupons

Social Coupons

Promoting its establishment through coupons and discounts has long been a part of successful marketing. Add it to a social element, and make it a social coupon – and you can have a viral campaign on your hands. For example, you can run a group offer for free appetizers. It will encourage your mentor to share the tweets offered by your group to your friends – and it will take people to your restaurant.

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4. Hashtag

the hashtag is also very popular on Twitter. Add them to your updates. Use the same strategy for those described above with Instagram.

5. Tip

You do not want too much (Looking at the character barriers on this platform – and you want to get RT in your Tweets and leave the stock with @mentions – so that a friend can send your tweets to a friend)

6. Time of your Tweet

Time of Tweet

Time of Tweet

Send tweets close to breakfast, lunch and dinner hours. Unlike Facebook, your Tweets will appear in the followers’ feed immediately after you send them. Invite your followers to join you for your special deal for twitter followers and use hashtags for timely meals, such as #lunch or #dinner and this makes it easier for you to search on twitter. Remember: Think like your customer!

7. Use Promoted Tweets

Choose your best tweets, and pay them to promote targeted audiences. This is especially effective for updates being sent around your time at the time of the meal.

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8. Geo-target Your Ads

Geo Target Ads

Geo Target Ads

Geo-targeting of your ads on Twitter is incredibly important. If your food location is located in Seattle – make sure you check Seattle’s geo-targeting location while you’re paying for your promoted tweets. And when it reaches to the right audience, then only you will be able to get the conversion.

Reaching your message in the right place to the right mentor is especially right for your mobile users. You can reach your customers as soon as they are running from your door!


Being the most effective opportunity of the 21st century; social media has become one of the best ways to easy interaction with the people and due to the hub of all type of people of throughout the world, it has become the vital platform of doing the business of all type.

By reading the article you have seen how you can grow your business easily by just taking care of the steps and strategy above and implementing it to as your strategy approaches.

Now when you have read the article above and understood it easily; you might be clear with all the related information you are been given here. In case you any query or complain related to it, then you are welcomed to give your feedback and share your view and if you have found it sharable with your friends and acquaintances then make it reach to the maximum so that they get easily benefitted.

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