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Social Media for Musicians: Being the most preferable platform today, the use of Social Media is really on the peak which gives you the best way out to reach to the world and not only to one country but other countries also which is nothing a golden opportunity.

Same applies with your being a musician.  If you were a musician in the seventies or the eighties, you should never think about how to use the internet. But you are not the musician of the past. You are a musician in the twenty-first century, and the culture and expectations have changed – especially when it comes to the way to promote and distribute the music of the band and solo artists.

Social Media for Musicians

social media for musician

social media for musician

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Whether you are a solo artist or part of the group, one of the most important parts of the Internet for musicians is social media. There is a presence of social media in every type of business imaginable, and while trying to build a career as a professional musician, you should have one, too. Some of the most popular platforms for musicians include Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler, but there are countless other websites where artists can show their talent.

In today’s growing digital world, the Internet is extremely important for the music industry and for those working within it. Whether you’re working with music blogs, web pants, album reviews, technical reviews, downloadable files, artist interviews, promotional giveaways, celebration submissions, or on the other aspects of the industry, when the Internet shares the highest information, interact with fans, and express themselves as an artist.

While there is not necessarily a “right” way to present your music online, there are some basic things that you should follow a DJ, singer, wrapper, or any other type of musician. On social media and to get the most help from your social networking strategy.

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Using the social media strategy is not that easy and there are the positive and negative aspects of it in case you use it for your music platforms, and this also applies to musicians. Here is some basic advice to get the most from social media as hip hop artists, DJs, folk artists, or any other type of free musician.

Keep Your Content Aside

From the user’s point of view, there is nothing more boring (and finally, annoying) than seeing the repeated post again and again. You will find more followers by adding your spices (that means quality content with mix approach of pictures, memes, illustrations and so on) content to include all types of content. Do not blast your followers with requests for likes or and comments again and again – give back! And to add the beauty to your post and make the most engagement and retention, Upload videos, share photos, make creative use of hashtags, offer giveaways, share steak peak, enjoy those albums or devices, and do not forget to talk to your fans and reply to the comment they are leaving in the comment box of your post.

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Follow the Strategy of LESS IS MORE:

musician social media strategy

musician social media strategy

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try not to post again and again since it makes irritating for your followers and neither goes with the too little content strategy which will erase the loyalty. Different sources give different recommendations for different posting frequency, depending on which website or app you are using and how many followers you have. Generally speaking, two posts are recommended per day for artists with large reciprocity approach (10,000 or more), while low posting frequency is usually advisable with short followings for musicians. Planetary Group can help you find your visibility and an effective social media strategy to maximize outreach to listeners.

Offer Rewards For Your Fans:

reward for customer

reward for customer

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you better know that everyone loves getting rewarded not matter it is a small reward or big. You can provide free downloads to fans in the choice of liking your page or sharing a certain hashtag or provide another simple, low-cost treatments, and exclusions. Always remember, people, don’t love bigger rewards but rather many small rewards over time.

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Stay Creative with Interactive Approach.

creative approach

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Artists often correct the “media” aspect of social media and forget about the “social” part, but the beauty of social media is that it makes the two-way street. Not only can you share content with fans, they can share content with you – which is also an excellent (and cost-free) way to create an impression and build relationships. For example, you can invite fans to present their art, upload a video, or just share their opinion.

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Unique Personalized Voice

You are not a multi-national corporation spokesperson, so you should not write the same on Facebook (or for that matter, on any other social media site you are using). While you should definitely give your post for original grammar and readability, you should write as if you speak so that your content is the real voice.

17 Vital Platforms for Musician to Upload and Share Their Contents 🙂 

social media for musician

social media for musician

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There are many platforms which include both the websites and the social sharing hub or even the applications where you can sell or upload your albums or singles, interact with fans and followers, and share the latest content about your tour program, band or solo act. To help you get started, here are 17 social media platforms that are designed for either musician, or even more generalized user base, but are really useful for musicians.

We have included an approximate number of users or artists for each platform to give you a clear idea of the overall size or popularity of the website or app. The platforms are listed in the order of the no. of its user.

  1. Facebook – 86 billion users
  2. YouTube– 3 billion users
  3. Instagram – 600 million monthly active users
  4. ly – 40 million monthly active users
  5. SoundCloud – 175 million monthly listeners (40 million registered users)
  6. Tumblr – 550 million monthly active users
  7. LinkedIn – 467 million users
  8. Twitter – 319 million monthly active users
  9. Snapchat – 301 million monthly active users
  10. Pinterest – 150 million monthly active users
  11. Google+ – 111 million active users
  12. Spotify – 50 million paid users (over 30 million tracks)
  13. FM – 44 million users (over 12 million tracks)
  14. Periscope – 10 million active users
  15. ReverbNation – 3.8 million users
  16. Bandcamp– Approximately 350,000 artists
  17. Twitmusic – Over 50,000 registered artists

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As you have seen, is the most convenient way to reach the people for your music band for direct solo music; the social media have made it damn easy for the people to have their talent a good platform. The days are gone when most of the talents were getting suppressed due to not having the good channel to make your talent get reached to the desired destination.

Since you have read the above article you have come across the facts about the role of social media platforms and step by step strategy which you can use for the easy targeted audience reach of you.

Choose the best site list given you above for your quick and better result and you will be able to reach the correct platform over time.

If you found this article helpful enough and also informative, then drop your view in the comment section below.

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