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Social Media and Privacy: Social Media today has become the hand holder of the people today and people has inculcated it deeper in their daily life so strongly that most of their time is spent on social media. This social media has become part of life.

But as it is said, where there increases Need; there also increases Greed. This is why there are so many scams and hacks which also comes under Cybercrime.

And as the days pass you will see more cybercrime and it increases due to the careless approach of the user.

This article is going to give a perfect view of social media use and misuse. If you use social media wisely then it is boon and if you do it carelessly then you may fall under the victim of social Media attackers.

Social Media and Privacy

Social Media and Privacy

The time people spend on social media is constantly growing. Teenagers spend nine hours daily on social platforms, while 30% of the spent online is now allocated for social media interaction. And most of that time is on mobile – 60% of social media time is facilitated by the mobile device.

The social media platform itself is developing its tools and options to attract and engage new audiences (the advent of live-streaming features and 360-degree photos/videos). New social platforms, including snap chat, Instagram and now Tik Tok Are also competing for their share in the market.

Average Time of People on Social Media

Surprisingly, the average person will spend about two hours (about 116 minutes) on social media every day, which translates into spent 5 years and 4 months spent throughout life.

More than that, the time spent on social is expected to increase in the form of development of the platform only, and the traditional media is expected to eat most – most notably the TV. Right now, the average person will spend 7 years and 8 months watching TV in the lifetime. However, as digital media consumption is increasing at an unprecedented rate, this number is expected to be lower than that of the expansion.

Breakdown, the time spent on social media is different on each platform. YouTube comes first, in the lifetime of a person 40 minutes a day (i.e. 1 year and 10 months) Facebook users will spend an average of 35 minutes in a day and 1 month and 7 months in a lifetime (some figures include Facebook, Facebook-owned Instagram, and Facebook Messenger, overall, on Facebook spent time). Snap chat and Instagram are respectively 25 minutes and 15 minutes per day, respectively. In the end, users will spend 1 minute on Twitter, 18 days in a lifetime.

Social Media vs. Privacy

Social Media and Privacy

Social Media and Privacy

When the first time a modern social media landed in the year 1997, people considered it a step of the future. Not for some time in history, the entire society was brought so close that no one could tell anything, immediately, to the desired audience. The emergence of other sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, appreciated the rise of the social media market. As the audience grew, the huge flow of personal information became available online and in the cloud. These issues have now been discussed on privacy issues.

Major Issues

Social Media and Privacy

Social Media and Privacy

The Enormous Increase in the User Base of social networking sites, entices them to seek as much data as possible for better user-base management. Data for sites by selling advertisers is an important source of income. Apart from this, they are at risk of being public or hacked. From here, the issue arises.

Nowadays, networking sites have become such a big brand that people keep their information security in mind. You will find a new feature addition time to time for the better use of it. For example, location-based networks – they are very innovative and helpful at some point in time, but they make the daily routine of personal public information.

The availability of personal information is an opportunity for scam artists, identity thieves, and stalkers, which is harmful in this way using user information. Even people who use Facebook messages, do not end up encrypted by the end, i.e. Facebook (as a third party) keeping an eye on the messages.

The counterfeit borrower is also an important issue in the privacy-security debate. It keeps the financial security of a person in question. National debt relief has handled many such matters

Here We Come Up With Some Basic Tips That Can Keep You Safe on Using the Sites

  1. Check your privacy settings regularly
  2. Always create strong passwords and use different passwords for different sites.
  3. Make sure that you know the people you join/follow them as friends
  4. Always analyze your post before posting.
  5. Never enter/click on suspicious links
  6. Never forget to set your security answers
  7. Always keep anti-virus installs and updates in your computer/phone
  8. Do not access any site you see immediately.

Privacy Protection Risks of Social Media

Social Media and Privacy

There are different ways out which takes away your social media data and misuse it. If you want to what are the basic types, check out the below option.

Taking about the data, when you will look at 2012 report you will find that around 12 million people reported and became the victim of identity and data theft fraudulent which led them to undesirable fraudulent situations.

Due to this Scam, 21$ million was lost in that year in the USA. And the banking agents started to hide all the data of their customers carefully and safer from the hackers.

But as it is said, prevention is better than cure and that you will have to do from your side.

  1. Fake Requests from Spammer’s Profile

On most engaging social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter, you will find so many users who create a fake account and also you might have come across them sometimes. These spammers try to make spams often so often that they even lead to harmful viruses being released into your devices. In order to avoid these issues, you will have to be alert and make the distance from any fake requests at the time of social media operation.

  1. Social Sharing Risks

On many of the top social media website like Facebook, Instagram, snap chat, etc., you will often find the sharing button present and it also allows you to share your location along with your Photographs. And this becomes the key and help social media criminals directly to get the information about the person. These locations are shown your web and even in the form of detailed address and this advance feature can lead to the stranger to easily find you.

  1. Profile Hacking

In the social media Scam type, another hack for spammer includes Social Media Profile Hacking. Hacking a profile is not a difficult task for hackers and spammers. It is just a matter of minutes for them to do so. And it is done only by cracking the password of your profile and rest all the data and information about you is there. And this information can be used to blackmail you easily.

  1. Fake Apps and Malicious Links

Today people use the smartphone which is always carried out by them and it is said to be smart because it has so many application installed which helps you in your daily activity.

But at the same time, this is another way for hackers to collect your confidential easily. When you install the application, it asks you for the access of all the mobile Media and contacts such as images, videos, data, contacts and many more as such. In that case with the help of these addresses, they can easily land you in difficult situations by hackers.

Even many times you might show Ads, greetings, etc. which asks your fingerprint and this is enough to reach to all your private data and snatch from you.

Even though all the malicious links and data are continuously deleted from the web, but yet there are many people who are trying to get into it just by daily creating to carry out some frauds.

Basic and Simple Things to Keep in Mind, in Order to avoid the Fraudulent:

It is really hard to decide what might be the source of your fraudulent when you are on social media or using the internet, so you will have to take care of some of the steps which will ensure your security. Here are some things you can take into consideration:

  1. Long and Strong Password

Password means providing the lock to your social media account. In normal life, you will see that the stronger is the lock and similarly there the chances become more to be protected.

For social media password setting, you can protect your profile with the similarly strong password in the form of Capital and Small letter, numbers, symbols, etc. which will enhance the chance of your profile to be strongly protected.

You can take the reference of the site LastPass to check out the type of password you must be used for any of your profile.

  1. Two Step Verification Password

You can make your password entry more secure by setting a two-step verification password to your account. This process is also known as multi-factor authentication Process. In this process, when you or any person enter Username and Password for your Social Media Profile, even though the login information is correct, they will be asked to enter the OTP (one time password) which will be sent on the Profile holder registered mobile no.

That means until and unless that OTP is not entered which is sent in your mobile, you will not be able to access your account.

Note: Sometimes you may be asked to enter your Security Question in the field which you might have chosen at the time of your profile creation.

  1. Proper Privacy Setting Of your Profile:

Take the example of any of the social media platform, let’s say it is Facebook. When you click on the setting button there you will be shown an option of privacy setting where a user will have to enter the personal information like your name, profile picture, gender, email address, mobile no. etc.

Additionally, you will also find an option there to available which helps you to enable or disable the option of ‘other person see my details’. If you disable these, no one can see and entertain with your personal information you have provided there and this way you can save your information from being misused.

  1. Deny the Requests from Unknown Profits

Many times you usually get a friend requests from an unknown profile or source which is an easier trick to become your friend and get all the information or data from you. Better avoid accepting the friend requests from this source and it reduces your risk one step better to become the scam victim.

Note: In case you are the citizen of the USA then you can use tool Go look up which will help you to check someone’s background easily.

  1. Think Twice Before Clicking any Link

Since it is the internet you will find many links present online which is meant for doing fraudulent. These links either can be shown as an advertisement or by any singing or giveaways. These links may lead you to unwanted sites or portals which might be a malicious one and cause danger to your social media profile. So, before you click on any of the links, think twice and then only take the step.

  1. Identify the App before Installation

Many times you might be opting for your application installation process for your various types of work in your daily life. But at the same time, there is also the app which is going to attain all your social media information by asking you permission before you install it in your phone.

In that case, you should first read what permission it asks from you and whether it is appropriate to provide or not; then only you must proceed accordingly and you can avoid the scam.

  1. If you share, Share it wisely:

Due to the account of social media user online and spending most of the time on it; many a time you also share all the pics, videos, or any private data of celebration, family, friends, visit of new places etc. so, at the time of sharing make sure that you don’t take any of your distant friends and acquaintances or others especially with the location tag which will lead you to danger or damage.

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Anything be it social media or the internet, it is a boon when you use it wisely. As people including you are spending the majority of your time on social platforms to connect with your friends and even for your knowledge, you will also have to be careful with fraudulent as well.

From the above article, we have tried to provide you all the information related to Social Media vs Privacy and not only that you are also given the information about the precautions and fraudulent and the way you can stay away from it.

Was this article helpful and clear to you? Did it give you clarity about Social Media and Privacy? If yes then let us know by dropping your comment in the comment section below. And if any suggestions; let me know by commenting.

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