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Many of you know the traditional method of taking a screenshot in the smartphones or going to the settings and then taking the screenshot. Here we will reveal you the trick to take the screenshot using three different methods in Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. We will also tell you about the screenshot S7 Edge scroll capture.

Screenshot S7 Edge

Screenshot S7 Edge

Screenshot S7 Edge

The three different methods of taking the screenshot are –

  • Assistant Menu Method
  • Palm Swipe Method
  • Home Button Samsung s7 + Power button Method

In case you need to take the screenshot of the whole page from start to the end then Galaxy S7 scroll capture method is preferable. By the scroll capture method, you can take the long screenshot of the whole page from beginning to the end.

What is the Need to taking a Screenshot on Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge?

At times it is necessary to take the screenshot when you want to save any important information or the page. You may want to take a screenshot if:

  • You have won a game and want to share your win among your friends.
  • At times it is required to share a location In Google Map.
  • Information or content of a web page, in this case, the long screenshot could also be taken in a smartphone.
  • The record of online payments could also be taken in order to keep a record.

It is very easy and simple and does not require any expertise to take the screenshot. You also do not have to install any extra application to get this feature on Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.

Among all the three methods for capturing the screenshot, assistant method is the simplest and also by holding the power button and the home button you can capture the screenshot.

Method 1: Capturing Screenshot by Home Button + Power Button

It is the most traditional method of capturing the screenshot on every smartphone whether it is Samsung or any brand which has the home button in its body. This is one among the fastest methods to capture the screenshot on Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.

At times it can happen that the screenshot could not be captured or screenshot s7 not working due to several reasons like:

  • Both the buttons are pressed but you have to hold a bit for a while in order to the screenshot program to be executed.
  • Maybe the two buttons are not held at one time.
  • Maybe one of the buttons is faulty and you have to press a little harder to capture the screenshot.

In order to take the screenshot perfectly, you have to always hold one button earlier than the other.

You may get a power option menu if you hold the power button too early or Google Now if you hold the home button samsung s7 too early. Practice it a few times and it will come in practice.

Generally, you have to press the power button first earlier as power button responds slower than the home button when pressed.

Method 2: Capturing Screenshot using Palm Swipe on Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge

The screenshot can be captured using your palm over the screen on Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. Your palm should slightly touch the surface of the screen.

In the Samsung phones, the palm swipe feature is enabled by default. If your galaxy s7 screenshot not working or feeling any difficulty in taking the screenshot on Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge then it could happen that this feature has not been enabled.

  • Go to the Settings and then in Advanced Features.
  • Tap on the Palm Swipe options to enable or disable this feature.
  • But this option would not work sometimes when you are in a hurry or going on rough

In case that you are feeling much difficulty in taking the screenshot options then you can follow the third method i.e. capture using Assistant Method.

Method 3: Capturing Screenshot using Assistant Menu on Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge

Users who require dexterity assistance, Samsung has launched out the feature of Assistant Menu in their Screenshot S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 phones. This very feature is mostly useful for many of the Samsung S7 users.

This is the easiest way a user can take a screenshot anytime. Just a few of the steps are required to take the screenshot and does not require any previous technical knowledge.

This option by default is disabled in smartphones. Follow the steps given below to enable the Assistant Menu feature.

First Enable the Assistant Menu on Galaxy S7

Screenshot S7 Edge

Screenshot S7 Edge

  • Go to the settings menu located on the home screen.
  • Get to the Accessibility menu and Go to “Dexterity and Interaction”.
  • In Dexterity and Interaction, you will find the Assistant Menu.
  • You have to enable the Assistant Menu.
  • Tap on the gear icon located on top of the screen and toggle button to the right to enable it.
  • Once the Assistant Menu is enabled then the options will appear and the color of the switch will turn to blue.

Navigating in Assistant Menu in Galaxy S7 Assistant Menu

By following the above steps you have already enabled the Assistant Menu in Galaxy S7.

  • You will notice a floating button on Galaxy S7 home screen.
  • Tap and hold the icon to drop it on the screen.
  • By this icon, you can also edit the settings for the Assistant Menu for Samsung Galaxy S7.
  • Also, use the arrow button to navigate through pages to use the other features of Assistant Menu.

Using the Assistant Menu to capture Screenshot in Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge

When you will navigate through the settings of Assistant Menu, you will find many buttons to save the screen shot and other options. You can also edit options or remove menu items for Galaxy S7 Assistant menu. For example, you can put screenshots button on the first page also.

Screenshot S7 Edge – Scroll Capture Feature for Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge

Screenshot S7 Edge

Screenshot S7 Edge

This is the most important and exclusive feature on Galaxy S7. Many of the users are really happy to have this smart capture s7 feature in the phone. Both the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are equipped with this feature.

When you want to capture a long screenshot of the whole page then this feature comes into action. The contents that are not featured to fit on one screen could be captured by Scroll capture.

Let us take an example in order to make you understand. You are reading a1000-2000 word content or more than that. Obviously, this content will not be able to fit in one capture. To save the screenshot you have to capture multiple screens. To avoid this hassle Galaxy gives you the feature of capturing a long screenshot.

Follow these simple steps to capture the screenshot.

  • Take the screenshot in a traditional way. Open the Chrome browser and take the screenshot using the above techniques.
  • The screenshots may appear in the DCIM folder.
  • To capture the full contents you can tap on Capture more and then scroll down the page to take a full screenshot.
  • Then merge the screenshot into one. Make sure that you manually do not scroll down the page manually, the scroll feature will do it automatically for you.
  • Exit the scroll capture s7 edge capture menu.
  • Now you can share the whole screenshot of the page.

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Now you have learned the three methods to capture the Screenshot S7 Edge. By now you may also have tried the above methods or if you have not tried then just do it to practically do it and get the knowledge.

All the three methods work readily with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge phones. Although there should be no problem in using the methods as described above. In case you have any further queries then you can take help of our team by commenting in the comments section below. We will be glad to help you.

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