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When you purchase a smartphone, generally you want that when you turn on the screen some beautiful images pop up so that you can feel good. Some users want the screen wallpaper in order to show it to others. Whatever is your reason, Android gives you this great feature in the smartphones.

Screen Wallpaper

Screen Wallpaper

Screen Wallpaper

Here you will learn how to enable the lock screen wallpaper and set up different kinds of wallpapers on your lock screen as well as home screen wallpaper.

New Features in Android Nougat Lock Screen Wallpaper

Since the introduction in Android Smartphones, there has been always talk on the different wallpapers in the lock screen as well as the home screen. In the versions of Android up to Marshmallow, this feature was absent.

Many of the Android vendors were giving this feature by changing the settings of the phone. But now Google has also understood the need of Lock screen wallpaper and finally in their upgraded version of Android i.e. Android Nougat, provides the lock screen feature in their Operating Systems.

Now the lock screen could be set up independently from the settings of the smartphone. For the users who are already using the feature are used to it but for those users for them, it is an alluring feature.

We can understand this feature from the fact, let us suppose that you want to display your personal photo on your home screen but you do not want to show it to anybody. With the screen lock feature, you have the authority to display the other wallpaper in the screen and in the home screen you can display your personal photo in case you have privacy concerns.

How to set up Lock Screen Wallpapers [for Android Nougat and above versions]?

Setting up the lock screen wallpaper on the Android version is far easy and we will describe the whole steps in order to set up a wallpaper.

First, Enter the Home Screen Edit Mode

To enter the home screen mode you have to tap and long hold on any blank area of the screen. Note that – to enter home screen edit mode is NOT a standard Android gesture. It is a gesture used by a few Android vendors.

Tap on the Wallpaper

Screen Wallpaper

Screen Wallpaper

When you have entered the home screen wallpaper settings, you can change the picture. In some of the phones which support the default wallpaper theme or scenery wallpaper, you can select the wallpaper which is already available in the theme collection.

The settings may be named as Wallpaper and Themes or Home Screen Edit Mode.

In the wallpapers, you can preview the current wallpapers and in this case, the wallpapers for both the home screen wallpaper android and lock screen wallpaper android are identical.

Select the Photo for the Wallpaper

The phone supports all kind of photo to be set up as the wallpaper. There are some of the pre-installed wallpapers which you can apply as the wallpaper for the screen.

To Set the Picture as the home screen and lock screen

If you want to select the picture for the home screen then this means that it will not be displayed on the lock screen.

There are 3 options to select the picture:

  • You can select the picture as the home screen.
  • You can select the picture as the lock screen.
  • You can select the picture for both the home screen and lock screen.

When you will select the picture it will ask the three options. Select the suitable options and go for the wallpaper.

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Now you must have understood the settings and how to set up the picture for the lock screen and home screen wallpaper. The steps are very easy to understand. If you face any other problem regarding the Android Nougat or want any assistance then you can share your question in the comments section below. Your problems will be solved by our team of experts as quickly as possible. If you want to give any suggestions then also you are welcome in the comments section. Your comments are valuable to us.

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