Scratch Off Map USA Map: Don’t Get Overwhelmed, Get Excited

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The USA is an amazing place with a million and one sights to see. With so many choices before you, planning your next vacation can feel overwhelming. Where should you go? What will your kids enjoy? What will you enjoy? What can you miss and what can you skip? A scratch off map USA  takes away the overwhelm and helps you plan your next great adventure without any headaches or hassle.

Scratch Off Map USA Map: Don’t Get Overwhelmed, Get Excited

Scratch Off Map USA Map

So what exactly is a scratch-off map USA map? It’s the brainchild of, a travel site created by a group of friends who loved traveling together and wanted to inspire others to travel more too. Simply put, a USA scratch map is a high-quality map that helps you track past travels and plan future ones. Did you just get back from an amazing vacation in Hawaii? Scratch it off your scratch-off US map. How about New York? Scratch that off too.

The outer layer of a scratch off map USA map is a light foil that scratches easily away to reveal the beautiful, vivid colors beneath. Every time you scratch away a state, it means you’ve been there. That makes it really easy to see where you haven’t been. Hang your USA scratch map on your wall and take a look at the hand-painted design and built-in bucket list. We’re guessing you’ll get more than a few ideas on where you’d like to visit next. Make things easy on yourself and mark your favorite ideas with a push pin so you don’t forget them.

Don’t worry, includes everything you need with their scratch-off US map. It’s just another way to make sure you don’t feel overwhelmed. You’ll get an easy-to-use scratch tool for scratching away the outer layer, a microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe off any residue, adhesive stickers to hang your map, and a sturdy gift tube to keep it safe.

Every scratch off map USA map by is hand-drawn by local artists and then hand-painted by them before the images are digitized and printed on premium poster paper. It’s an awesome way to get a piece of unique artwork that no one else is doing.

And every USA scratch map ships in that gift tube we mentioned, that way you know your map is safe during transportation. The tube actually looks nice, too. So if you’re giving your scratch-off US map as a gift, you can keep it in the tube. That way it stays protected but still looks gorgeous.

Once you’ve got your USA scratch map hung on your wall, start planning your next trip. Make a list of all the places you want to go and find them on your map. How long will it take to get there? Would you rather fly or drive? With your scratch-off US map in front of you, these questions are easy to answer. No more overwhelm, just fun and good times.

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