Samsung Video Call – Easily Make Video Calls in Galaxy S6 Phone App


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Although now many of the smartphones are competing in the different camera versions. Samsung still holds a lot of value in offering the best camera features. This guide will help you with the Samsung video call feature and the voice call feature in Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

Samsung Video Call

Samsung Video Call

Samsung Video Call

A Samsung video call app is required to make the video call. You will find the Phone app on the home screen. If the phone app is not there in the favorite tray then you can find it in the Galaxy S6 Apps screen. There are few of the features that you can see in the phone app as listed below.

  • Make voice calls.
  • Make HD voice call video call although some of the carriers may not support the video call feature.
  • Hide the keypad.
  • Switch between various views for contacts, a dial pad and phone logs.
  • Settings for making the phone calls.
  • Number to be called.
  • Tap and hold the number 1 to access the voicemail.
  • Keypad correction.
  • Show and hide the keypad.
  • Phone logs include the missed calls, incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Contact list.

To make a voice call just enter the phone app, press the digits and tap on the call button. If the phone supports 2 SIM then select the SIM by which you want to make the call.

Make Phone Calls on Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Lock Screen

In case the lock screen security is set to swipe, then the phone calls could be made from the lock screen also. You just have to drag the phone icon and it will display the numeric keypad to dial the numbers.

However, if you have the other security options enabled then you can only make the emergency calls.

Make Video calls on Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

To make the samsung video call s6 on Galaxy S6 the process is similar to making voice calls. Just tap on the camera icon to make the video call.

The Galaxy S6 video calls are different from the Hangouts and Viber. In case you are making a video call from the Samsung phone then you do not need to have an internet connection. The call could be directly connected from the #G network.

There are few requirements which should be fulfilled to make video calls in Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

  • The video calls must be supported by the carrier. Other carriers may incur some charges for the video calls.
  • The other party should have the video call support. Most of the Galaxy phones have the video calling feature and android phones does not support the video calling feature.
  • Both parties must have a stable internet connection.

Answer the Phone calls on Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge

When there is an incoming call then swipe from the call icon to answer the call.

Reject the Phone Calls on Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge

When you have to reject the phone calls then you can swipe the red call button.

Samsung Galaxy also offers the features to reject the call and send an automatic message.

To send a reject message just drag the call button to the message button which appears when there is an incoming call.

You can also create and customize the messages. Tap on the more in the call rejection settings and enter the message you want to send with the rejected call.

Check Missed Calls on Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge

When there is a missed call then a red missed call icon appears on the top of the screen. To check the missed call just open the notifications and then view the calls you have missed.

The missed calls can also be checked by going in the phone app.

Options Available During the Voice Call

These are some of the options which are available when you are making a voice call:

  • Add call or dial a second number to make a new call while the existing call is going on.
  • Increase the volume of the call.
  • Decrease the volume of the call.
  • Switch to the Bluetooth in case you want to attend the call through the Bluetooth headset.
  • Press the speaker button to activate the speaker more and listen to the call through the back speaker.
  • Hide or show the keypad.
  • Turn the microphone on or off during the call.
  • Send an email to the call.
  • Send a message to the call.
  • Open the browser and browse the web pages.
  • Open the contacts list.
  • Open the calendar.
  • Create a memo.
  • End the current call.

Options Available During the Voice Call

When the call is in the video call then you can switch between the front and rear camera or end the current call. You can also turn off the microphone.


Now we have learned how to make Samsung video call in Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge and have facetime on android. If your Samsung video calls not working due to any reasons you can message us in the comments section below. Our team of experts are ready to provide you a solution with the concerned problem.

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