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With the use of Galaxy S9 Samsung lock Screen, it enables you not only to keep your data safe but there are some of the features which is offered by the phone to improve productivity. In this guide, we will see how to set up the lock screen of Galaxy S9 and S9+. Samsung Galaxy supports the landscape mode, phone’s Galaxy S9 always is in portrait mode.

Samsung Lock Screen

Samsung Lock Screen

Samsung Lock Screen

If you are new to Galaxy S9 home screen, in the next section we will tell you what is Galaxy S9 lock screen. If you know what is lock screen then you can skip the section and learn how to setup the Galaxy S9 lock screen.

What is Galaxy S9 Lock Screen?

The lock screen is like security to your phone. This also protects your data that is present on your phone. The lock screen also gives you access to information which you can get without unlocking the phone.

You can also customize the information that is displayed in the Galaxy S9 lock screen. By default, we get the following info on the lock screen.

  • Alarm and Alarm Settings
  • Media Player controller
  • Daily schedule
  • Information of carrier
  • Notifications

Additional settings like:

  • Turning On/off the blue light filter.
  • Make emergency calls.
  • Editing the app shortcuts.
  • Editing the quick settings of Galaxy S9.

How to Set up Galaxy S9 Lock Screen Security?

When you will start the Samsung Galaxy S9 phone for the first time then it will ask you to set up the Galaxy S9 lock screen security. In case you skip the steps then by default the lock screen security swipe feature will be used. When the set up has been completed then you can of course change the lock screen security.

For the security of your phone, you should set up any one of the security features like PIN, pattern or photo. You shouldn’t remove pin from samsung s9 or make the pattern password disable.  In case you do not set up any of the security features then your data may be at risk as thieves can steal your data if your phone gets in wrong hands.

In order to set up the Galaxy S9 lock screen security screen follow the below steps.

Go to Samsung Galaxy S9 Settings

You could access Samsung lock screen Galaxy S9 settings by any of the methods like:

  • Settings App icon in Galaxy S9 home screen.
  • Settings App icon in Galaxy S9 app screen.
  • When you swipe down from the top of the screen a gear icon will be displayed in the notifications panel.
  • In the quick settings.
  • Using Bixby voice command.

Then you can go to the settings of lock screen and security and tap on the Screen lock type.

Change the type of Screen Lock

When you will open the screen lock section then you will find the settings related to Galaxy S9 and S9+. In this, you have to tap on the screen lock type. You will get the 5 options to get your security feature.

  • Swipe – It only prevents the phone from opening accidentally. There is no security.
  • Pattern – You can draw various pattern to unlock the phone.
  • PIN – You can set up the PIN of 4-7 digits.
  • Password – You can set up the combination of alphabets, numbers and characters to have proper
  • None – There is no security and it also enables accidental unlocking of the phone when kept in pocket. It can make calls, send messages and other settings could be changed accidentally.

In order to use the fingerprint or iris scanner you have to set up the pin or the password then the advanced face recognition could be set up.

Some of the apps also require the pattern, Pin or password to get access like Google Pay and Samsung Pay apps.

How to Change Settings and Customize app Shortcuts in Galaxy S9 Samsung Lock Screen?

You will find 2 app shortcuts when you first open the phone at the bottom of the screen with the phone and the camera icons.

In the lock screen you can make emergency calls with the phone app depending on the location you are present. The camera could also be used when the phone is locked.

In the lock screen, you can check only those photos which are taken in the present session. The photos which are clicked before or present in the phone is not visible. You have to unlock the phone to access the pictures present on the phone.

  • You also have the option to disable the lock screen if you do not want to have apps on the lock screen.
  • Any of the apps can be assigned to the two spots.
  • In order to customize the app shortcuts in the Galaxy S9 lock screen, you have to tap on the App shortcuts by going in the lock screen and security settings.
  • You will find a preview screen and the two buttons in the app shortcut page.
  • The two buttons could be used to customize app shortcuts in Galaxy S9 lock screen.
  • You can tap on the left shortcut and right shortcut to change the app access and replace the phone app shortcut.
  • Unless the phone remains locked you will not be able to use the apps. This is the security feature from Samsung.

Apps like calculator and other apps could be replaced by the phone and camera app. You can also tap on the on the switch to turn on to choose an app shortcut to show on the lock screen.

In case you turn off the app shortcut in Galaxy S9 lock screen you won’t find any app in the lock screen. So you can change the settings or disable the app shortcut on Galaxy S9 lock screen.

Customize the Facewidgets in Galaxy S9 Lock Screen

In Galaxy S9 Lock screen you can have at most 4 pages in Galaxy S9 lock screen. You only have to swipe left or the right of the screen to access the Galaxy S9 home screen panel.

The Galaxy S9 lock screen panels are also called as facewidgets. In order to customize the facewidgets you have to tap on the clock and facewidgets available in the lock screen.

We have features like customization of clock style, adding some info in the lock screen and more other features.

TO customize the Galaxy S9 lock screen, just tap on facewidgets and you will get three settings to customize the widgets like:

  • Music Controller
  • Every day schedule
  • Alarm Settings

These widgets can also be reordered and the lock screen always defaults to clock page only.

Customize the Notifications in Galaxy S9 Lock Screen

The default settings of the Galaxy S9 lock screen is that it shows all the notifications. These notifications could be disabled or customized in Galaxy S9 lock screen.

  • Hide the contents of the notification.
  • Show icons of notification only.
  • Show notifications by selecting particular applications.
  • Completely disable all the notifications.

You have to tap on notifications in the lock screen wallpaper app to customize the, in Galaxy S9 lock screen. You can toggle the notifications through the toggle button present on the right side of notifications. These notifications can only be customized when you turn off the notifications.

You will get the following settings for the notification panels.

  • Hide contents: The notification contents can only be viewed only when you unlock the phone.
  • Enable notification icons: With this setting, you can only view the icons for the notifications and content will be hidden.
  • Auto-reverse color: This setting should always be on as it adjusts the color based on the background.
  • Transparency: It controls the background that how much it is transparent. Default color setting is white. When you set the transparency bar to lowest the background will be white. If you set the transparency bar to highest then notification will be displayed on the lock screen wallpaper only.
  • Show notification from: This setting will show or hide the notification from the particular application.

Note: After the OS of Galaxy S9 or S9+ is updated to Android Pie then you can use the lockdown mode in order to stop showing notification on the lock screen. In this mode, you have to use the security setting like PIN/password or pattern lock.


Now we have learned that how we can customize the Galaxy S9 samsung lock screen. If you face any problem in using the facewidgets or editing notification in Galaxy S9 lock screen then you are welcome in the comments section below. Our team of experts will try to give you a complete solution to your problem.

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