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It happens sometimes that you experience a sudden Samsung galaxy S6 frozen problem in the smartphones. The sudden suspension could be caused by several of the reasons. No need to worry as this is a normal problem and the phone could be recovered back.

Here we will see how we can resolve the problem if Samsung j3 screen not responding or there is a sudden blackout of the screen. We will also see how we can turn off or on the smartphone and restart Samsung Galaxy S6. This is the basic operation which every one of the users needs to know and it is pretty simple also.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Frozen

Samsung Galaxy S6 Frozen

Samsung Galaxy S6 Frozen

As this guide is for Samsung Galaxy S6 and it also applies for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge phones. This guide will also help you to try some of the button combinations by which you do not have to go to Samsung service center.

In case the phone stops responding and does not recognize your fingerprint or password then this guide is extremely useful in these cases.

How to turn Off Samsung Galaxy S6

In order to turn off your smartphone, you have to long press the Samsung Galaxy S6 power button. A screen will appear which will ask you to tap on the Power Off button.

In case the galaxy s6 unresponsive then you need to hold the combination of the power button and the volume down button for more than 10 seconds and it will automatically restart the smartphone.

In the areas where the use of wireless devices is restricted such as airplanes, you have to turn off the Samsung smartphone or you can put the smartphone to the airplane mode to avoid any risks.

How to turn On Samsung Galaxy S6

In order to turn on the smartphone, you have to press and hold the power button (located on the right side of the phone) when the smartphone is off. This process will start the phone. In case you have performed the factory data reset then you have to follow the on screen instructions.

How to Restart Samsung Galaxy S6

In cases where my android phone is frozen and wont do anything or a black screen appears in the phone, an error message appears on the screen or the battery drains quickly, you have to restart the smartphone. In order to restart the smartphone you can follow the below methods.

  • Press and hold the power button and follow the on-screen instructions to restart it.
  • Press and hold the power button till the phone automatically restarts.
  • In case the galaxy s6 stuck on boot screen you can press the power button and volume down button simultaneously for more than 10 seconds and follow the instructions thereafter.

Sometimes the phone won’t start if the battery is less than 5%. In this case first, charge the phone and then restart it.

What to do if the Samsung Galaxy S6 wont turn On?

In case your galaxy s6 screen not responding to touch or you are not able to turn on your smartphone just follow the below instructions.

  • The first option that comes in mind is to connect the smartphone to a charger. When you connect the phone to a charger then a LED should blink up on the phone. If the LED does not blink up then you have to see proper connections. If all the connections are in order then you may have to visit a local customer care service center.
  • When you have to turn on or off the phone, just disconnect the charger and perform the operation.
  • Just long press the power button for 20 seconds.
  • Long press the volume up button + power button.
  • Long press the power button + volume up button + home button.
  • Long press the power button + volume down button.
  • Long press the power button + volume down button + home button.
  • Long press the power button + volume down button + volume up button.

Force Samsung Galaxy S6 to Turn off on case you are not Able to Unlock the phone

With the latest update of Android Nougat, you may be asked to unlock before you could switch off the phone. But in some cases you need to bypass this command like:

  • The screen is broken and the samsung galaxy s6 wont unlock.
  • The phone is not yours.
  • You have forgotten the password/PIN and want a factory data reset.

Just follow the below steps in order to perform this operation.

  • Connect the phone to a charger.
  • Long press the Volume Down button + Power button till the phone restarts. 


Till now we have understood how we can put the phone back to work if samsung galaxy s6 frozen problem occurred. If you also encounter the same problem then you must have got the solution. If not, then you can always comment below to get your query resolved.

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