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When you see your surrounding and find a successful business running or product circulating to the larger extent then it one questions might be coming into your mind that how are they able to do this and so successfully which is circulating like a water flow non-stop 24/7.

And when you analyze the same you will find that, it was the mere idea at one time which has today transformed into its enormous form.

One quote strikes the mind at this point of time ‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step’.

Proven Business Goals You Must Follow

Proven Business Goals

Proven Business Goals

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Same thing applies with you. Many people don’t start just because they see the complex side of it that is present form, but who are not able to see that how is dared in the beginning to start small with a big strategic vision to reach here.

Whether you look at any of the successful business today that of Google, Apple, Disney, Amazon and what not, but their first start was small and mere negligible.

And if you want to be the one of this kind then first dare to think small and ‘Start Small’ and steadily it will take you to your desired destination.

Let’s Take in This Way

Proven Business Goals

Proven Business Goals

Suppose that you have come up with the million- dollar idea and a ‘Strong Business Goal’ to start the AI tuned Guitar Business. And to you information you friend started working on the similarly identical product in that same span of time.

This thing varies between you both is that you spent months of time properly planning, making strategy and bringing out the quality product in the market and how to make it more consumer friendly where on the other hand you find your friend rushing, giving it to the hands of potential investor and started accelerated into the market. Who do you think will hold the market and survive? It is definitely you and this is only because your plan is more thought out and better than your competitor friend.

When it comes to design the product, you have found great investor who helps you to find best engineers to get your desired job done. And in case of your friend he has hired the quickest and cheapest engineer to get the same job done.

In this case again for quite a time he will be able to beat you and also in the market but due to his poor quality and desire he will fail and no one is going to buy it. Where on the other hand when you launch yours, it sells like crazy.

From the above case study you saw that you both made the guitar but more thoughtful, well designed, well planned made guitar ended up being success. And ultimately starting small only was the key to achieve big goal in the shorter span of time.

Another quote ‘the Initial product is never the final one’ is another strong point in case of business. First you will have to start and in course of journey towards your business goal, you will have to make correction to the mistakes and give yourself a learning room, or else your risk making mistake will obstruct you and slower your growth.

UNAVOIDABLE 3 Business Stand

Proven Business Goals

Proven Business Goals

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  1. Persuasion of the Right Idea:

Before blindly stepping into the market, it is better to invest time on finding the best Idea to start. Finding the Best Idea may take time in the Beginning but ‘Extra Thought Will Help You Tomorrow’.

Now the questions arises, how will you find the right Idea?

Finding the right Idea depends on the 3 main aspect:

  1. The Final Idea you love to work on.
  2. The idea which solves the people problem in today’s market.
  • The best quality product to solve the complex problem in simple way within the optimal cost.

Take the same example of AI Guitar Making; if you are not making the AI Guitar today in this competitive market but focus on acoustic guitar that too just focusing on money not non quality and customer approach for it, the it is the truth that your competitor is going to win the market far easier and quicker than you and your market will collapse throwing you nowhere since already you have your competitor in the market already who have already acquire the customer.

  1. Develop a Timeline
Develop a Timeline

Develop a Timeline

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Keeping in mind that ‘Thousand mile journey begins with the single step’ How come if you are able to chart and visualize you path to achieve it.

So plot out your path and what you want to accomplish by setting the time span for it. Assign the certain amount of time period for each step by step task towards your success goal.

Better plot week by week timeline for a certain strategic step towards your goal. And in this allotted time line when you do the task, you will be able to learn a lot by refining the strategy you will reach the nearer to your Business Goal.

You timeline is the reminder that you are halfway there and what you need to do next is to grow your product line and business.

  1. Equal Attention to The Each and Every Parts of the pie
Proven Business Goals

Proven Business Goals

Never neglect even a single part of your plan which may seem less important at the time because sometimes something trivial may end up being useful and deserving down the line. Never make rush, pay the time and proper attention as well as equal effort to complete your task to the best of your ability.

You will find that most of the people agree on the notion that to start a company is a big deal; but very few people realizes that when the time comes to take the action, it is the small successes which will carry you to your final destination more quickly and effortlessly.

Guaranteed Small Business Goal you can set this Year

Proven Business Goals

Proven Business Goals

Business Goal setting is one of the important step which you do in your small business. This small ‘types of business goals’ are the things which keeps you focused and prevent your business to become stagnant.

You should be setting quite a multiple goes each time a year to track, evaluate the progress and assessing your previous strategy to achieve it and by refining the necessity in the plan you not only re-correct your golden line to success but also so learn a lot from it for your next time approach.

Come to the point, as you know it is the start which scares everyone and makes the havoc in the mind of starter.

Here you are given a list of Goals which will certainly help you and have the potential to change your business to better. Pick the options which you feel suits to your business and turn it to the smart goals.

  1. Focus on the Area of Productivity of Your Business
  2. Find the Alternative to Reduce your Ongoing Business Expenses
  3. Hire Your First Potential Employee
  4. Effective and Quick approachable Customer Service Point
  5. Focus on Business Website or Blog Traffic Hike
  6. Betterment of your product/ Create a New Product
  7. Social Media Marketing (SMM) of Your Business
  8. Financial Health Tracking of Your Business
  9. Open your Next business Location and Increase Market Share
  10. Go Paperless and Step Digital
  11. Your Business Marketing Audit
  12. SWOT Analysis of Your Business
  13. Networking of the Business
  14. Stand Out the Crowed by Your personal Brand
  15. Take a Break from your Business
    1. Do Not Only Set Goal but Smart Goal

Before you take any decisions let’s see these point in a more comprehensive manner below:

  1. Focus on the Area of Productivity of Your Business

Proven Business Goals

Proven Business Goals

Always set a goal which accelerate the maximum productivity of your Business from the maximum area possible.

You can use the effective business tools such as Email and also incorporate the use of Productive application. This approach will eliminate your distractions and makes you more productive.

  1. Find the Alternative to Reduce your Ongoing Business Expenses

You better know that minimizing the business expenses not only saves your money but also opens the door for you to utilize the same money for your production and other investment part of your business.

To be specific, look for the loops or alternative which reduces your business cost without compromising your product and service quality with the help of more technology, reducing Debt or changing up the mode of your operation to help you in making it stick.

Following are the ways you can reduce your ongoing business costs:

Proven Business Goals

Proven Business Goals

  1. Use of Technology: This will reduce your cost and advance your business.
  2. Replace your traditional landline Phone with Virtual Phone like VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)
  3. Go Paperless as Much as Possible
  4. Start Internet Marketing instead of Traditional Marketing Approach: Start with Business Blog, Social Media Marketing and other online advertising methods to relatively quick interactions and customer approach.
  5. Minimize the Use of Credit Card as much as Possible: the interest rates of Credit card is going to affect your business in long term. Rather opt for direct financial clear transactions.
  6. Plan, Create and Accordingly Stick to Your Business Budget: First of all plan a smart business budget and then stick to it. A business budget which you use daily is a powerful tool for your business to be a cost effective one.
  7. Find an alternative for your business location: changing the business location will help you out with downsizing the cost. You can find the alternative like home based telecommunicated operation which will save your maintenance cost as well.
  8. Hire a Freelancer: Plan out the strategy and accordingly better go for freelancer services and it will help you to choose the desired skill based employee, project based services, no electricity bill, rent cost, maintenance cost, time based salary etc.
  9. Software in the place of Bulk Apps: there are many apps you might be using on your PC to optimize your work which costs you more than a better software which have all the same. So look for a best software to reduce you time and cost to increase your productivity.
  10. Better Buy Refurbished equipment than of New: to reduce you cost as a small business operator as the beginner, better go with rented offices, furniture, or refurbished offices, PC and much more which will reduce your cost rather than going for the brand new retailed products.
  11. Battering Approach: Battering is basically the exchange of Products and services for the products and services from the front. You can do this to reduce your business cost and this can be done either online or local as well.
  1. Hire Your First Potential Employee

Proven Business Goals

Proven Business Goals

In the beginning of your Solo business, the time comes when you reach the point where you will feel it difficult to maintain it on your own. So you will look for someone who can help you to expand your business.

At this point of time, before you take the decision of hiring a new employee for you, make sure you consult your accountant and attorney to assure that that this is the right time for you to take this step before you move forward.

Another thing is that the hired employee should not be your employee rather you make him colleague and but not the boss. This will keep his mind relaxed and think creative to help your success journey. Respect his Idea too.

Another challenge to motivate your hired employee to give the maximum output and work hard for your business. Which can be short out by either financial incentives or time to time small rewards for their great deed, which keeps them alive with the zeal of commitment and more productivity to the company.

  1. Effective and Quick approachable Customer Service Point

The most crucial and pillar part of your business is based on your customer retention that means how long you customer stay connected with you and trust you than the other competitor is directly proportional to your business success hike. You product and service not only should be satisfactory to your customer but also delightful to them.

Set the framework of Business Goals and objectives in a way which is quick processed, effect, customer satisfactory, quick resolving, easy approachable. You can use the great potentials platform today for it that is Social Media and develop this Social media practices.

The another important part is asking the feedback from your customer which will not only help others to connect you but also a genuine feedback is going to help you to identify about which nook of your business need more improvement in order to make your business doing better.

Proven Business Goals

Proven Business Goals

  1. Tips For Your Excellent Cutomer Service
  • First know your product clearly: make sure all the staff, employee and including you are clearly prepared about the questions from a customer point of view. That means be cleared what you selling and serving all about.
  • Be Polite Be Friendly: interaction with smile and greetings.
  • Use of magic words: please, sorry and Thank you are the magic words which brings the customer more near to you.
  • Train Your Staff: All your Staff should know to talk, deal with and solve the problem better way possible.
  • Listen Carefully to Your Customer: whether it is a query, feedback or complain listen to your customer and respond the polite way possible and find out the solution for the complaint soon as possible.
  • BE Quick Responsive: don’t let the customer feel ignored at any point of time. If not at the same moment, then at least later, try to call him and talk to him. This affirms the trust of the customer to your product or services.
  • Ask for Feedback and Analyze: Either directly or indirectly, via form, feedback section online, survey etc. try to get the customer feedback and try to work on it. This is a golden key to your success.

The given feedback will help you to understand how far your effort has been making the mark in the market and how can it be made better.

  1. Tips to Handle Your Customer Complain
Proven Business Goals

Proven Business Goals

  • Respond to his problem immediately: ask your customer what is disappointing him and what can you do to fix this issue.

Ask him/her the detailed picture about what caused him the problem with the right question approach or else the situation will worse. Remember, you one customer lost is equal to 1000 customer lost. Since word of mouth has a powerful impact on it.

  • Deal as friend not as Seller: find out the every possible way to solve the common issue of the customer. If your product makes him unhappy, try to replace it by a new one with free of cost.

In case of customer service complain, try to replace it by apologizing and looping with 3rd person with a good deal skill.

  • Focus on the Betterment of customer Communication: if you have been dealing via email, messages, website etc. then replace it by direct voice call approach.
  1. Focus on Business Website or Blog Traffic Hike

Having your Business Website is a mandatory thing today which boosts your sale and service as well as customer Loyalty with you. For a small business it a great goal setting.

Website traffic means the no. of customer visits to your site and not only the traffic, you should be able to retain the customer on your Business website so that they can understand your Business portfolio and retain the loyalty with you.

Proven Business Goals

Proven Business Goals

There are many ways out there in order to get eyes of the people to your website. Plan the strategy and use the online tools available to bring the traffic to your website and via the valuable service and content which determines the customer retain on your website.

Use the strategy and focus on driving the targeted website traffic. Gain the knowledge of content marketing strategy, ad words, and much to approach the right customer who gives you the profit by buying your product and services.

  1. Betterment of your product/ Create a New Product


Proven Business Goals

Proven Business Goals

A successful market strategy says that launching the product from different name under same brand enhances the business success sales.

You have two options in your hand, one is that In case you have not set a Product line of your

Business then create a new quality product to add your offerings which gives a new life to your business and always remember to find a space of feedback of your customer.

And another way to spin your old product to give it a new life according to the present market demand and updates.

For example launching a bike is setting a product line in front of customer whereas modifying its appearance and performance is the smart business goals examples which assures the path of your business success.

  1. Social Media Marketing (SMM) of Your Business
Proven Business Goals

Proven Business Goals

Believe it or not by using the strategic Social Media Platform today any of the small business can reach the high is less span of time.

According to the research resolution the static shows that Social media is the place where people spent more than 135 minutes (2 Hrs 15 minutes) of average time daily. That means, it gives you the opportunity to connect the people on social media easily with the lesser effort and to the maximum audience and introduce your brand’s products and services.

On this platform people not only open share their reviews with people but also promotes your business through word of mouth which strengthens the ‘Brand loyalty’ of your product and Business.

  1. Financial Health Tracking of Your Business
Proven Business Goals

Proven Business Goals

Do you have a proper hand over the cash flow of your business? That means what money is coming to you and what goes out from your business. Set a proper ongoing budget to guide your Business expenditure. Track your business and find the best alternative to minimize and lock down your expenses and improve your fiscal health of the business.

  1. Open your Next business Location and Increase Market Share
Proven Business Goals

Proven Business Goals

Once your business give your good outcome from the present location, then next opt for your next location to expand your business.

Opening a new shop connects you with the customer, makes them reliable and loyal to you, gives you the extra channel to make money flow in, understand the market more and so many this as such.

Capturing the larger portion of the market is another key component to make you business competitive and profitable.

So proper market research and then step into the market and increase your profitability.

Follow the criteria below before you opt for the new office:

YOU: is this area work for you and will you be comfortable working here.

Your Customer: How convenient and approachable is your new location for your customer and what the potential to get the customer is.

No Customer = No Business

Your Employees: Ability to attract and keep a good employee is also very important and the location should be convenient to them also.

Your Strategic Partner: good partner will logical and strategic thinking is very important. Location of the office which is local to you both helps you to connect, discuss and much more.

Do You have a Potential customer or buyer as well?

Cost of Manage: Rent, Free parking, Electricity, Taxes and much more are. Are you able to afford it?

Conveyance and convenience: The location should be convenient for your client and for far away client the ease of conveyance does matter as well.

Safety: premise safety and security does matter, vehicle safety, parking and much more.

Traffic Issue: Better for shops, retailers, restaurants etc. but not good for employees.

Facility Requirements: comfort, special needs, Power Consumptions, Meeting space etc. should be taken care of.

Business Zoning Permit: make sure that the area in which you want to do business, even allows the business.

  1. Go Paperless and Step Digital
Proven Business Goals

Proven Business Goals

In this digital world going paperless not only reduces the cost of small business but also connects the customer easily to you even out of your Shop location that means all around.

Going paperless cuts your business cost and improve your productivity. You can even evaluate better that where you products are having the potential to give you more return and where can you grab the customers to the maximum.

Look at the pros and cons of going paperless and make user it suits your business:

  1. Pros of Going Paperless

Environment Friendly

Cost Effective

Easy Access

File organization

Bulk Data Management

  1. Cons of going Paperless:

Failure of System.

Security aspect.

Revamp the operation process: like digital signature instead of documental.

Time Intensive: going paperless is not that easy task, it takes time to come to the ground.

  1. Your Business Marketing Audit
Proven Business Goals

Proven Business Goals

Inspection of you financials of your business is very important time to time. You must be cleared about what you are investing in is really worth your time and money which you are investing in. ‘Don’t just be Busy but be Productive’. Doing your marketing Audit improves the effectiveness of your Marketing investments.

  1. SWOT Analysis of Your Business
Proven Business Goals

Proven Business Goals

Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunity and Internals (SWOT) analysis of your business is really important which helps you to determine the product offering and competition of your business.

This SWOT analysis of your business can be done on any stage of your business to identify the potentials and new areas of the market that are out of your touch by now and by implying it you can improve you productivity.

Aspects you should cover During SWOT Analysis

Your Strength of Business:

Evaluate what are your strengths and skills which you can use for your business to achieve your goals.

Let me help you out; Find the answer to the question:

‘What do you do well?’

‘What are the unique skills you have?’

‘What experience do you have?’

‘What expert and specialized knowledge you poses?’

‘What can you do better than your competitor?’

‘What can give you more profit in your business?’

Weakness of You: it is really important to find out your weakness or else it will affect you effort to your business and also productivity. Rather you traced out weakness need to be worked upon and improved.

Questions you should ask from yourself:

‘What are the areas you need to improve?’

‘What resources you lack?’

‘What parts of your business are not profitable?’

‘Do you need further Education and Experience? Or your ego is coming in your way?’

‘What costs you much time and extra money?’

Business Opportunities:

‘How can you do more with your existing customer?’

‘How can you use technology to enhance your business?’

‘Who are your targeted audience and what are the potentials of it?’

Threats of Your Business:

‘What obstacle do your face?’

‘Strengths of your biggest competitors?’

‘What your competitors are doing which you lack?’

‘What is going on in the Economy?’

‘What is going in the Industry?

  1. Networking of the Business
Proven Business Goals

Proven Business Goals

If you are not networking your business then start doing it. Because it a very effective tool to make loyalty and acquire customer easily. You can attend conferences, ramp up your online networking via the platforms like Linked In, other Social Media approach, Blogging and much more as such.

By speaking at small business events also will help you to retain the customer with you.

Way to dominate your market Share

Stay relevant through innovation

Respond to customers – faster.

Use customers’ ideas (feedback utilization)

Snap up competitors: some companies sale the customer list, buy the targeted potentials list and try to connect them.

Be more flexible to your work environment, customers.

Market Research Ways

Customer Satisfaction survey: connect online, conduct one-on-one interviews, “Satisfaction Surveys,” and directly via phone calls.

Customer feedback: encourage customer feedback on your business website or via social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, linked in, Google Plus and more.

Product Trial and Usability Study: By providing sample and observing the response.

Direct observation: watch directly to the customers and their behavior to your product. You can also take the video recording help by installing in your store front and study it.

  1. Stand Out the Crowed by Your personal Brand
Proven Business Goals

Proven Business Goals

Most of the time small business success is relied on the owners personal ability to stand out the crowed by creating his or her own brand. Utilize the information and personal business goals examples to develop your personal brand this year and boost your credibility this time.

  1. Take a Break from your Business
Proven Business Goals

Proven Business Goals

Schedule a break from your business time to time which not only will help you to reduce the stress and Burnout, but also will help you out with a fresh perspective which you can apply in your business.

But as said, taking break is not so easy, so if not complete blank vacation then better take a working vacation which prevents you from being completely disconnected from your business.

  1. Do Not Only Set Goal but Smart Goal
Proven Business Goals

Proven Business Goals

Once have the idea take the next step to set the SMART Goal. SMART goals means the goal should be Specific, measurable, Relevant, attainable and with the time line with it in which it has to be completed.

For example: rather than setting a goal like Increase customer Acquisition of the market share can be set as Acquiring the market share as 5% by the first semester of 2019. And here you see that this goal retain all the criteria.

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Final Conclusion

In the end when we sum up the discussion on business two things should be remembered:

“A Satisfy Customer is the Best Business Strategy of All’ and “If opportunity doesn’t Knock, Build a Door”

As you have seen above, doing business is not as of breaking the mountain but instead making the way through it.

So, first learn about how to do business, focus on the market need, build a better quality, Plan out the strategy, find the better way out to reach the customer, make them satisfied and delighted with your product and services and get the feedback. This cycle has to be maintained and followed and ultimately you will for you, the word IMPOSSIBLE becomes I’M possible and same applies for business also.

Finally, if you find this article helpful and informative to you, then drop your comment and feedback in the comment section below.

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