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Pet Smart is offering the opportunity to raise its voice if he finds the service not so good. Not only that the company also provides the reward for it because the complaint filed by you helps Petsmart to know what the problems are running on the grass root levels and that need to be corrected to improve the service and best experience with PetSmart.

PetSmart Customer Survey

PetSmart Customer Survey

PetSmart Customer Survey

Upon completion of the survey, customers are given a verification code, which can be redeemed at the store on their next visit for discounts and free products. A customer survey has been created to help PetSmart prove its customers with excellent pet health, care, and pet-related products that they have come to appreciate.

About: PetSmart

From the name itself, you might have understood a little that it is related to pet. PetSmart is an American retail chain that operates in the United States, Canda, and Puerto Rico and mainly known for selling Pet animal-related product and services like dog grooming, training. Cat and dog boarding facilities as well as daycare.

You can also find a variety of small animals for sale as well as adoption such as small birds, amphibians, fish, reptiles and other different pets such as rats, guinea pigs, gerbils, chinchillas, gerbils, and many other different special species.

Survey Requirements:

  1. The entrant is required to use a computer or a smartphone with an active internet connection to access the PetSmart Customer Survey online.
  2. You will require a PetSmart order receipt or survey invitation from pet smart to enter the required information on the website.
  3. Basic information like Name, Address, City, Province and more would be required in the PetSmart customer satisfaction survey.
  4. As an entrant, you must have the ability to read and write in English or Spanish to enter the PetSmart survey.
  5. You are required by the PetSmart survey rules to be a legal resident of the United States or the U.S. Territories.
  6. Participant must be at least 18 years or older to enter the PetSmart feedback survey.

Survey Restrictions:

  1. If any attempt to tamper or damage the PetSmart survey is noted, it will be a violation of criminal and civil laws.
  2. If extensive prejudice towards the PetSmart customer experience survey is noticed, your entry may be terminated.
  3. Employees of PetSmart and the members of their families, including brand sponsors, affiliates, and subsidiaries, promotional and advertising agencies are hereby restricted from participating in this survey.
  4. Purchasing more products from PetSmart does not guarantee a chance to win the prize.

Step by Step PetSmart Customer Survey Instructions:

  1. Go to the website on your computer.
  2. Enter your 16 digit store code which is printed on the front of your store receipt.
  3. Select which survey you want to participate in. The correct survey address will be printed on the front portion of your receipt.
  4. Answer all survey questions honestly and clearly.
  5. Provide your name and email address.
  6. The verification code will be sent to your email address where you can write it on the back of your old shop receipt.
  7. Go to the cashier on the next trip to PetSmart for discounts or free items.

Final Words

While at the end when you have read the above article completely, you are cleared with the idea and the step by step process of PetSmart Customer Survey that helps you avail your share of reward directly via the official survey site

So, keep the recent receipt with you and after reading the instructions there you are going to participate in the survey that also is going to help you with the Customer satisfaction note.

This is also the best way to raise your voice or share your idea for your favorite brand that improves your brand to do better and stand on the expectation of their customers.

Further, if you have had any other unique experience with PetSmart then you can simply drop into our comment section below.

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