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We all know that Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has a curved edge and there are certain good features which are exhibited by the smartphone. The People Edge could be used to add the favorite contacts to the panel edge by which you can view the notifications and messages incoming the phone.

In this article we will see the details of People Edge in Galaxy S7 Edge, how to add contacts and play with lighting colors, view missed notifications and use OnCircle.

People Edge

People Edge

People Edge

While the lighting colors option like change edge screen color s8 is not available if you have updated your Galaxy S7 Edge to Android Nougat, the other features will be readily available.

People Edge – Description of People Edge in Galaxy S7 Edge

With People Edge feature in the smartphone, allows the user to select up to five contacts so as they could be contacted quickly from the edge screen. The color of the edge screen also symbolizes some of the notifications by which you can know what type of notification you have received.

So it is somewhat similar to the shortcut widget that is placed on the home screen on other Android devices. Both features allow you to quickly access some of the apps and features of the phone. But People Edge is more advanced and quite different from the other Android smartphones.

  • Different colors are assigned to different type of widgets and apps.
  • You can select the contact color and know who called or messaged you without actually opening the screen.
  • First five missed calls and notifications could be known from the color of the edge screen.
  • TO share the multimedia content, the smartphone has a Oncircle

You will find People Edge identical in all the phone of Galaxy devices where this feature of edge screen is supported. The phones are Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+, Galaxy 8, Galaxy 8+, Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S6 edge+.

So this particular guide is not only valid on the Galaxy Smartphones but also all the phones which are described above. IF you have one of these smartphones then go on with this article.

How to Work with People Edge in Galaxy S7 Edge?

One of the edge panels in Samsung S Edge series is People Edge. Here we will describe to you about the steps on how we can go to settings in the smartphone.

  • Go to the settings menu on the smartphone.
  • In the settings menu tap on the edge screen >> Edge Panels.
  • If you have Galaxy Note 7 then you have to go to Settings >> Display >> Edge Screen >> Edge Panels.
  • You have to tap on the checkbox situated at the top right corner of the icons to enable and disable the People Edge feature.
  • People Edge could be configured by tapping on the pencil icon.
  • In order to manage the contacts for People Edge tap on My People.
  • You will see that the maximum of the five contacts could be managed on the Edge Panel.
  • If you want to add contacts in People Edge then tap on “+” button.
  • In order to remove the contact tap on the “-” button.
  • To rearrange the order of contacts you have to tap on the arrow icon and move it where you want to place it.

==>> You can also edit and assign the color to the contact <<==

  • If any notification will be received regarding the contact then the particular color will flash out on the edge.
  • In order to set a color tap on the color icon and select one of the available 6 colors and assign the color to the contact.

View Missed Notifications in People Edge (Galaxy S7 Edge)

At the time you are not able to attend the notifications or miss it due to work schedule. So a notification will appear of which you have prescribed the color on the Edge Screen.

To view the notifications you have to drag the tab towards the center of the screen and see the notification details.

When you have opened the contact then you can call, SMS or email the text.

Steps to Contact My People in People Edge on the Edge Screen of Galaxy S7 Edge

The People Edge contact could be used to call or to send messages or send emails.

When you will tap on the communication button then a button will appear on the screen after tapping on prescribed contact.

Tap on the desired button to call or to send a message or send an email to the particular contact.

How to Use the Oncircle feature of Galaxy S7 Edge in Edge Screen

OnCircle is an exceptionally fascinating experiment of Galaxy S7. You can send live emojis, manually written messages, short video clasps, or illustrations, making calls, sending messages and text emails.

Be that as it may, this element could only be used if a carrier network support is enabled.

Moreover, both the sender and recipient must enable this component. This implies both sender and recipient must use one of the accompanying devices (with edge screen): Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy S6 edge or Galaxy S6 edge+. As of now, it doesn’t work in other Samsung gadgets.

Once OnCircle is enabled, you can tap the OnCircle symbol in People edge. This symbol will appear below the fifth contact once OnCircle is enabled.

A specific list of your contacts who have activated the OnCircle feature will show up, and you can choose the contact and reach them in a fun way.

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So now we have understood how we can manage and edit the People Edge feature in the edge screen of the Galaxy S7 edge. If you have any questions about the article then you have the comments section and you can contact us in the comments section below. Our team will be grateful to help you.

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