One More Jolt to Jio Users – Jio Pull Backs Full TalkTime offer Statement


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After the recent announcement about IUC charge impose separately (6paise/min) on jio user over using other telecom network, where jio owner Mukesh Ambani stated that all jio users will be charged IUC amount in the form of full talk time voucher recharge of Rs. 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 100 where they will be able to enjoy calling facility; Jio has come up with another sudden announcement where he states that this is not actually a full Talktime recharge voucher but rather users have will receive comparatively lesser amount on every recharge voucher.

One More Jolt to Jio Users

One More Jolt to Jio Users

Now users will be getting the amount of Rs 7.47 on the recharge of 10, 14.95 on 20, 39.37 on the recharge of 50, 81.75 on 100, 420.73 on 500 and 844.46 on the recharge of 1000.

Amount (Rs) Talktime (On Recharge)
10 7.47
20 14.95
50 39.37
100 81.75
500 420.73
1000 844.46

After the announcement of this news, users feel cheated by jio telecom and this further implies that the company faces the business that is going to affect in the coming future.

This announcement has been made public merely 6 days after the announcement of the IUC charge imposing by jio from the 10th of October 2019.

This is certainly a new of despair for the liable jio user who has been using all the services including voice call (jio to jio network and jio to a rival network such as Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL, etc.) and data completely free irrespective of all telecom network available in the market.

Where this announcement has come out now, the already user of Jio has been expecting the rebate and surprise in this new policy especially when all this mess has been occurring near to Diwali on the 27th of October this year itself.

So, let’s see what is going to be the reaction of the user and how jio finds out the smart way out to stand onto the public reaction as well.

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