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Spending most of the time on the internet and interested in making many friends online, you might have heard of OMG chat. Making a friend from any part of the world today is not a big job and this is because there are so many accessories and platforms that are available today helping you easily interconnect with the people anywhere in the globe irrespective of region and residency.

Omg Chat Alternatives

Omg Chat Alternatives

Omg Chat Alternatives

And the days are gone when people only use to make a friend by texting them and calling them over the phone or by exchanging of images. Today is the time when people directly interact each other via the video calling and this is why there are so many portals available today that makes this distance just a click far and gives you the opportunity to interconnect each other.

And among the list of free webcam support chatting system, the name of OMG has its own branding. If you might have heard of OMGChat before then you already might be clear about it and if not, then don’t worry, as you go further you will come to know in a while. And if you already have the experience with OMGchat then you can try out any of the top OMGChat alternative going to delight you.


OMGChat is a free webcam supported chatting platform anywhere in the world. OMGChat is actually a big chatting community, which enables visitors to communicate easily with people around the world.

OMGChat is home to thousands of people all over the world, and when you start using this website, you can become a part of these people.] People here belong to different types of rules, perspectives, and culture. Here you can enjoy both voice and video chatting. Video chatting is open with strangers and with those you know, all the time. There is no need for outstanding, realization and webcam. Two main areas of OMGChat’s functions are free web, which chats rooms and chats with any random stranger.

At one time you can watch four live videos and also watch many theme video chat rooms. You can find people you love and invite other people to start a conversation with you in a private mode. The best part is that all the chatting rooms are free. Arrange your microphone and computer and start searching for people around the world who are waiting to chat with you.

Best OMGChat Alternatives Available Free Today

Bit Chat

After OMGChat, one of the best P2P secure and open-source instant chat platforms is BitChat.

This instant messenger aims to encryption for privacy and a strong level of the security system. Bit Chat is single Standalone messenger for both LAN and also Internet chat that is backed with end to end encryptions.

If you summarize it in short then BitChat is one of the open-source platforms for P2P messenger chat that aims to offer its user an end to end encryptions.

The protocol of bit chat is secured with AES 256-bit encryption. Further, it offers the open-source code for user implementation. The peer to peer system is much like Bit Torrent and doesn’t require mediator server at all. Bitchat doesn’t have the Metadata of your chat and hence don’t know whom you are chatting with.


Meet the Chat with all new friends from all over the world. ChatIW is a social combination of applications that are designed for all the singles who want to make new friends and also express their feeling. It has millions of users all over the world and offers you a unique opportunity to learn fast and easy with all areas and singles of all ages.

The best thing about this social platform is that it does not require registration, you can start its public chat room directly, just answer some basic questions such as aliases, gender, and age, but if you want to meet and want to chat with someone, you have to sign up with an email address and all the necessary information. And once you are logged in, you enjoy all the features without any limitations.

Now you can be sent and receive messages, send locations and there is the option that helps you meet the person nearby you with makes it more enjoyable.


Chatstep which is known as a platform for chatting online at both the individual and group levels. ChatStep offers two options for its users to create their own charts or join existing ones and start interacting and collaborating with others.

As you have entered the website, you are free to invite anyone by inviting the first person. This platform can also be used by friends and family members. As you can create groups, you can invite your friends and family members if they are on that step and can start collaborating and chatting immediately. There can be fifty people in a group. There is also permission to share files and images.


ChatSecure is a highly secure and free messaging platform that is supported by OTR encryption on XMPP. The best part about ChatSecure is that it is now offering its users to connect with their existing Google accounts. In addition, they can create new accounts with tor on their public XMPP servers or join their own special servers to gain additional security.

The most prominent part of Chat secure is that it is backed by OTR encryption over XMPP. The Chat Secure platform only shows the key source cryptographic libraries to make their own conversations private and secure.

The main features of this platform are the availability of XMPP with TLS certificate pinning, OTR for a verifiable end to end to further confidentiality, OMEO for a mobile-friendly option for OTR, support for TOR, local level To help prevent firewall, SQLCipher, for encrypted interaction. Logs, and much more.


Kandan is another open-source platform to for communicating your beloved ones and it doesn’t require any additional Plugin. It is a reliable platform due to its security, fast and stable communicating platforms. Kandan is accessible in any of the browsers such as chrome, firefox or safari and hence don’t need any additional software to be used.

So, just open your favorite browser and create an account and start connecting with your friends, family or team members.

If you don’t want to use it via online platforms then you can simply go with the devices such as app fog, cloud foundry, Heroku and amazon web services as well. Kandan provides the chatting rooms such as for individual chatting, project chatting, team chatting and even entire department chatting.


Here you will get a chance to meet personally, and they will again become friends of your long life. For a wide range of functionality and many options for visitors, Zob is called one of the greatest places on the Internet to meet new people.

What is different from the majority of Cheating-based websites is its own new style karmic system, which will automatically enhance the traditional type of chat experience by developing social incentives and additional capabilities to increase the chatting experience for genuine chat members. That is reducing the burden of the chat room troll.


ZChat is a free chatting platform that supports the chatting of almost all countries

ZChat is the best platform for experiencing easy and user-friendly chatting from both desktop and web browsers of the desktop.

ZChat supports for many communications, either it is chatting, tampering or arranging dates with girls and boys. On ZChat’s platform, you will be able to interact and talk with others in a fun way.

When you first enter ZChat, you will come to meet other people, date and even flirt with those you are interested in. For its simple and user-friendly interface, ZChat is one of the best global. The right to communicate the chatting network.


ChatCrypt has its own significance for creating the best own specialized encrypted chat rooms for making the chat with all your beloved ones. Once you are done with creating user based chat rooms, you are given a username and the password which you can share with the one you want to make a conversation. And a friend on the other side needs your username and password so that they can chat with you.

This gives the user a military level of security encryption during the chat message. That means one can only read the message with the secret password provided by the account creator. Like other web servers, chat Crypt don’t save the message itself on the server rather it encrypts before dispatching them from the browser.


Again with the Chatzy it is also the same. Users have to create first his own chat rooms and then invite other friends via email. There is no requirement of downloading and installing third-party software. You also get features like adult chat rooms.

In case of your personal chat room, you will have to invite others or else you will not be able to use the chat rooms.

To double your experience, you can use Quick chat and virtual room features and both are free.


This is another free web platform for providing chat rooms where you can start communicating with others. No requirement of downloading of it and it is the room for diverge range of facilities as you can exchange text and video with people all over the globe.

Entering the site you will find various chatting rooms and you will have to register yourself and start instantly chatting with others.

You can hide your identity and increases credibility, anonymous chatting and much more.


Going through the above article while you have seen several platforms that are best Omgchat Alternatives you might have understood already about which one to choose in the future if required. These platforms are the filtered one already available online and are also secure and some are even with the personal interaction approach.

Hopefully, the list of given Omgchat Alternatives is best suits you for your future reference and if it is so, then you can simply choose one for your use.

How was your experience with it? You can share it in the comment section below.

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