Netflix Download Limit Error – What is it and How to Get Fix It?


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After the subscription feature with premium content by Netflix, it has introduced a downloading feature for offline viewing in 2016. This downloaded content can be watched anytime offline according to convenience by its user but yet there is Netflix Download Limit associated with it as well.

This feature has really caught on in the Indian market, with many daily travelers relying too much on it to entertain themselves even when they do not have access to the Internet. This feature actually comes in handy even when you don’t have access to an unlimited data plan on your mobile device or in places where Wi-Fi charges are unreasonably excessive (looking at you, luxury hotel). However, the download feature of Netflix has some limitations, something that you may already know that you make full use of the feature.

Netflix Download Limit Error

Netflix Download Limit Error

Netflix Download Limit Error

And hence you will have to understand that if you are a heavy user of Netflix and use a downloaded content including TV shows and Movies, then you will have to encounter some of Netflix Download Limit error for sure.

To come out of it, you will have to understand this download limit on Netflix and how to get around it. The answer is right below; so read it till end.

How Much Is Netflix Download Limit?

While the platform allows users to download Netflix movies for offline viewing, there is a limit that prevents users from downloading many movies or TV shows. According to a Netflix support page on the case, a user can download a maximum of 100 titles of a device at any time, after which they will be greeted by an error that prevents them from downloading any more content on that device. Additionally, depending on the Netflix subscription plan you are using, you will only be able to download the title on one, two or four devices at any given time.

The downloaded titles also have a set expiration time, but yes there is a valid aspect that this varies from title to tile and this depends on the license agreement between Netflix and creator of the title.

Users are informed of an expiration download only 7 days before the expiration date and if any downloaded content is removed from the platform, the download is terminated immediately. But why is there a download limit to start with Netflix? You are already paying a subscription fee, so why does the platform limit you from downloading content you have already paid? To answer this, let’s take a look at Netflix’s policy on downloads.

What is the Need for Netflix Download Limit?

In recent years, Netflix has invested heavily in original content and built a strong library of films, TV shows and documentaries, but the platform still has a lot of content that it licenses from other content creators.

Talking about the downloading limit on Netflix, this is something directly or indirectly controlled by these license holders and changes from title to title. Netflix neither reveal the download limit that is set on each title and users are notified about the downloading limit when the last one download remains, and this is the indication and alert notification for the user.

The download end of the title owned by other creators has also been determined by the content creators themselves, and is also very different from creator to creator. Which means that some downloaded titles may not expire at the end of the week, while some others may only expire in 48 hours. There is no way to find out the exact expiration date for a title, which is certainly quite inconvenient, especially if you are not able to see the title within the expiration limit, which will still count your total number of downloads .

Once you can download a particular title, after spending several times, you may have to wait a long time before being able to download the same title again, provided that the content creator has Netflix There should be a provision in their agreement with. Although the same reason for limiting downloads should not apply to Netflix Originals, the platform does not provide any explanation as to why the download limit is on the original content.

Common Netflix Download Limit Errors You May Encounter

Since the platform is not about its download limit, there is no way to know when you have exceeded the limit, unless you get an error message when trying to download a Netflix show.

Whenever you opt for Netflix movie download for your further offline viewing, you may face few other errors that you should know about what errors mean by the time you try to get around them.

Want to know the type of Netflix Download Limit Errors? Below is the compendium of information for your information you should know and limit error for your Offline Viewing.

“You have too many downloaded videos (Netflix error code: 10016-22005)”

AS per Netflix, users are liable to store up to 100 titles in his/ her device anytime but once you exceed the download limit, which is not very likely, you will see an error on your app that says that there are too many downloaded videos on your device. To download any more titles, you must remove old downloads from your device.

“You have downloads on many devices (error code: 10016-23000)”

Based on your Netflix subscription plan, Netflix allows you to download content on one, two or four devices at any time. If you try to download any more titles, an error message will notify you that you have downloads on multiple devices. To continue downloading movies or TV shows to a new device, you must first remove all old downloads from other devices or upgrade your subscription plan to support more devices.

“You Have Reached the Annual Download Limit for This Video (Error Code: 10016-22007)”

As mentioned earlier, Netflix may prevent you from downloading more than one title more than once, the number of downloads based on the license agreement with the platform content creator. If you download a particular file more than once, Netflix will alert you that you have reached the annual download limit for that particular title. There is no way to circumvent this download limit and you will have to wait a set time period before downloading the title again.

How to Eliminate Above Mentioned Netflix errors?

Now you can get acquainted with the most common download limitation-related errors on Netflix, which takes a look at how you can resolve the errors:

How to fix Netflix’s “You Have too Many Downloaded Videos” error

If you are trying to download a video and Netflix alerts you that you have already downloaded too many videos, then you will need to remove the old downloads before proceeding with the current download. You can delete old downloads by navigating to the Downloads section within the Netflix app on Android, iOS or Windows 10 and select the titles you want to download.

The platform allows you to delete all previous downloads at once, freeing up an important space that will give you the opportunity to download multiple titles simultaneously. If you face any trouble removing old downloads, this Netflix support page lists quick and easy instructions on how you can remove old downloads on Netflix for iOS, Android and Windows 10.

Fix Netflix’s “How to Download on Multiple Devices” error

If you have ‘too many devices’ downloads on error, you will need to delete all downloads from the old device to start the download on the new device. You can follow the same method described above to delete all downloads from the old device, but if you do not have access to the device, you can follow these steps to delete the download from the old device:

  • Open your Netflix account in your browser, hover your mouse over the profile icon in the upper right corner and click on the ‘Account’ option in the drop down menu.
  • Under ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Devices download devices options’ and you will be redirected to a page which lists all your connected devices that have downloaded the content
  • Remove the old device from the list by clicking on the similar ‘Remove Device’ button under the respective device

All videos downloaded on your old device and device should now be deleted, allowing you to download more titles on your new device.

Use Netflix Smart Download to Manage Downloaded Content

If you are facing trouble in maintaining downloaded video on whatever device you have, Netflix gives you ‘Netflix Smart Download feature’ which you can choose.

The feature, which was released earlier this year for Android devices, automatically downloads the next episode (only if you’re connected to Wi-Fi) in a series you’re watching while watching those episodes. You can also remove that you already saw.

This feature is only available on Android devices and as you are expecting, it only works with TV shows. You can enable the Smart Download feature on your Android device by going to the Downloads tab and tapping on the Smart Download option in the top left corner. It is to note that this smart download feature only works in case you have an additional episode downloading feature. And if there are no episodes left, the last watched episode will not be removed.

Final Denouement

Equipped with all the above information, you should not face any Netflix Download Limit  further for videos and movies from Netflix. However, you still have to be careful about the number of times a particular title is downloaded, or else you will have to wait a full year before being able to download it. If you reach the maximum download limit for a particular video, you will still not be able to stream it online, but you will not be able to download it.

Are you also among millions of other people who prefer watching Netflix Offline? According to you what about the Netflix limitation that is place on downloadable Content? Drop your feedback in the comment section below.

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