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When users sign up for MyVanillaDebitCard, then they make their money management easier than other methods. The MyVanillaDebitCard is not a credit card, therefore there is no “approval” is required for this, there are no credit checks, and there is no interest which is created over time.




MyVanillaDebitCard users can select to have their payroll check, government benefits check, or can tax return deposited directly into a card without any added fees, and cannot choose long check cashing lines on pay. In fact, depositing funds for the MyVanillaDebitCard means that there will be money for 48 hours faster in comparison of traditional methods.

MyVanillaDebitCard [MyVanilla Prepaid Visa and Mastercard]

  • MyVanilla offers the MyVanilla Prepaid Visa Card and the MyVanilla Prepaid Mastercard for their users.
  • These cards are prepaid cards which are not required any credit check.
  • You have to apply at
  • To apply for this card, your age must be 18 years old or above and you should have a legal resident of the United States.

You should have to know that MyVanilla Prepaid Visa Card, MyVanilla Prepaid Mastercard, and Mio Prepaid Mastercard are not available in the state of Vermont.

These MyVanilla Prepaid Cards are ideal for the consumers who do not play well with the credit cards because they can only spend the money which is loaded on the card.

MyVanillaDebitCard Reviews

  • PrepaidCards123 review by Rob Berger – 8 out of 10.
  • You should have to know that the Movo Virtual Prepaid Card was named one of NerdWallets best-prepaid
  • CreditKarma review is not available.

It’s totally surprising for us that there were not a ton of reviews regarding the MyVanilla line of prepaid cards.

MyVanillaDebitCard Register [Complete Information]

To get register for the MyVanilla Prepaid Visa or the MyVanilla Prepaid Mastercard, you have to need the following information which we are going to mention below.

  • CVV Number
  • Card Number
  • First and Last Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number

If you are facing any issues during the registration process then you can be directed to the MyVanilla Card Customer Care agent at toll-free number 1-855-686-9513.

MyVanillaDebitCard Activation Process

  • At first, you have to open your computer and then connect your device with the access internet connection.
  • Once you connect your device with the access internet connection, then you have to open your web browser and make your visit at the link
  • Once you visit at the main page of the website, then on that page you have to enter the username and password and then you have to simply click on the “Sign in” button to get a sign in to the Vanilla Debit Card Account.
  • If you are a Vanilla Debit Cardholder and if you do not have online account access, then you have to simply click on the given below button “Set up Your Card” to proceed further.
  • After the click you will be redirected on the next page, there you have to choose the option either you are having Mio Money Card or MyVanilla Card. You have to choose any one of them which you have.
  • After that, you have to enter your card number in the given column, and CCV in the second field and then simply click on the “Submit” button.

MyVanillaDebitCard Customer Care Service

If you have any issues or any queries regarding the MyVanillaDebitCard then you can make your direct contact with its customer care service with the help of the following information which we are going to mention below.

  • Mail at: MyVanilla Customer Care, PO Box 826, Fortson GA 31808
  • Contact Number: 1855-686-9513

If you want to talk with a live human customer service agent, then first you have to press 1 then 3 and then wait through the message, then press 4, and then you have to enter the phone number which you used to register.

MyVanilla Prepaid Visa Card has been issued by The Bancorp Bank for a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. and wherever Visa Debit Card is accepted, then it can be used.

What is Walmart FANBOY?

If you do Walmart repeatedly, then you may consider about loading your Vanilla Debit Card through the Walmart Rapid Reload Service.

At the participating locations, you will be load the cash directly into your MyVanilla Card at the register.

Visit participating at the Walmart locations to swipe, load and go.

What is MyVanillaDebitCard Final Verdict?

MyVanilla Prepaid Visa Card and the MyVanilla Prepaid Mastercard are only useful for those consumers who cannot afford a credit card because they deposit high-interest loans.

Most of the consumers would want to avoid these “prepaid” cards and choose a good cash back credit card option.

MyVanillaDebitCard Activation Website

  • com balance (check a balance associated with a prepaid Vanilla card)
  • com registration (to sign up for the Vanilla prepaid card)

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