How to Use My Prepaid Center? [Detailed Guide]

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My prepaid center is an exclusive portal for checking account balance in the visa cards or the master
card directly with utilizing the balance in the paying to my prepaid center merchants. Consumers can
easily use this by configuring this website at any time for making payments and other transactions. For this
one needs to navigate the site for activation and load the cards by using the guide as provided by the activation of the card.

How to Use My Prepaid Center?

My Prepaid Center

My Prepaid Center

The consumers of credit cards or visa debit cards in the USA and Canada are able to check account
balance online. This can be utilized with virtual cards anywhere or even only with selective groups of
merchants. The myprepaidcenter card would get automatically declined if it’s processed more than its
available value and the customer would then require to go for easily activate the card and load your visa
prepaid cards of the master card to win the rewards credit cards in prepaid credit card balance available

Using My Prepaid Center Login

For new users can now access the activation process. If you are already registered on the account then
just follow the process below:-

  • Access the page of the official portal:
  • Move to the left side and you will see the sign in with the username. At the location, you would
    need to provide the username and password. Then solve the captcha.
  • If forgot the credentials like username or password then you can select the forgot user name or
    the password link.
  • In order to get the card activated, you need to use the credentials initially.
  • For recovery of the username, you need to enter the email address is provided. For password,
    you need to enter the username for reactivation of the account.
  • Enter the correct credentials in the blank and select the “LOG IN” in the tab there.
  • The users can also take the option to sign in using the card number. For that, the user needs to
    enter the details of prepaid credit card or prepaid debit card and then submit it.
  • The user needs to have the user name and password to activate the account for the completion of
    activation. There is a need for the three-digit CVV code which is on the back of the credit cards next
    to the signature line.
  • At the end, the page will redirect to the credit/ debit card on the screen if you own your

Final Verdict:

The users can easily follow the site to activate the card for utilizing more services and also send and receive
payments using the branded value like gift cards, digital payments, and loyalty points around the
globe with the Blackhawk network. Further, you must ensure that the credit card details are kept

discrete and out of reach of unauthorized people. There are some customers who may face a few login issues
when you try to open the prepaid center login. This way the company manages credit cards/ visa debit
cards, and other preliminary banking services for users of the United States and Canada.

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