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Are you one of those who enjoy watching movies and videos on your smartphone devices rather than watching tv? Yes! we totally agree that watching videos on your android device is much easier and convenient as you can watch anything wherever you want and whenever you want. Now for enjoying these videos, you need to look for the best video player suitable for your device particularly.

This is when MX Player comes into the picture. MX Player is the best video player among all the other players that lets you watch your favorite videos online and offline as well. Not only it lets you watch these videos, but it also provides added features that will enhance your movie experiences. You can download MX Player apk along with your regular video player that your device uses pre-hand.

But what if you get ads in between while your video is playing? Would you not be annoyed? For that, you need to get a paid subscription to get rid of those ads.  But why put your money on it when you can it for free?

Yes! The developers have now come up with the no ad-free version, MX Player Pro apk. This apk allows you to watch your favorite videos without any hindrance by any type of ad. The app has already created a swirl around the market and has gained an overwhelming response with approximately 500 thousand plus downloads. Yes! that massive number somewhat guarantees its awesomeness.

MX Player Pro for Android

MX Player Pro for Android

MX Player Pro for Android

The ad-free version works just as smooth as the original version and provides amazing video quality. Since now you know that this app is worth downloading, we hope that you would and for helping you out we are giving you a step by step guide to download and install this app in your android devices for you to have good movie time. Before going to the download guide, learn more about the crazy cool features that this app offers. Let us begin.



MX Player Pro apk offers you a number of jaw-dropping features that will leave you in awe of it. A few of the main ones are mentioned below.

  1. Kids lock mode

If you let your kids have your phone to watch any video and do not want them to have a visit to other apps of yours, use this feature so that your device is safe from technical accidents like deletion or misuse of your device.

  1. Playback resume

If you drop your video in between and would like to continue later on even after closing the app, the next time you would open the app the MX Player Pro for Android would allow you to resume it from where you left or the beginning depending upon your preference that would be asked.

  1. Network stream playback

In case you want to watch any video online, you can do so by using the cloud storage or the URL of the video. This feature of MX Player Pro apk makes it one of the best and is not available in many other video players.

  1. Background audio playback

sometimes it happens that you want to use some different app while the video playing at the back. But this is not supported by most players. Do not worry doubt MX Player Pro apk, as it allows you to achieve that once you enable it. You can now hear the video playing even if you minimize this app and surf something other.

  1. Variety of files support

Most video players support a limited number of files. MX Player Pro apk can play files with many different extensions. This makes it diverse and easier for the user to play any type of video which is somewhat difficult otherwise.


Downloading MX Player Pro apk is a quick and easy task and will only take a few minutes to complete. You can then watch your favorite movies and videos right away. Follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. The first and foremost thing to do is to enable ‘download from unknown sources’. You are doing a legal activity and it will not harm your device in any form. So relax! You need not worry. To do the same follow the steps given below.
  • Go to your device settings.
  • Then, go to lock and security.
  • Look for ‘download from unknown sources’ and enable it by tapping on it.
  1. A link has been here. Click on it and download the MX Player Pro apk from it.
  2. A confirmation page will appear. Click on OK to initiate the download process. Wait for the download to complete.
  3. After the download is complete, you will be directed to an installation page.
  4. Click on install and the installation process shall begin. Wait for a few seconds as it takes only a few seconds for installation.

There you go, you can now play your favorite videos. Just open the app and you will all the videos that you have stored in your internal and external memory. Choose whatever you would like to watch.


You would understand the value of a good video player if you regularly watch videos on your smartphone device. It is the matter of your movie experience and must be the best. And after reading the above article we are sure that you would understand that MX Player Pro apk is the best video player out there for Android devices that gives you the best high-quality video. In addition, it offers other features as well.

The app is completely free and works smoothly without any ads and any lags in the video. It will not harm your device in any form and can be trusted.  There are many other video players that are using MX Player Pro apk built as their basis but this app manages to be at the top. So you must download the app right now and have a good time watching videos.

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