Find the Music Names When You do not Know the Lyrics


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It often happens sometimes when you are traveling with your friends and there is some melodious song or music playing on the street and you are not able to guess what is the song name. No worries. Here we will see how you can know the music names even if you do not know the music names of the playing music.

Music Names

Music Names

Music Names

You want to download the song or buy a copy of the song but you do not know the lyrics and the song name. The music continuously plays on your mind but you are in a problem that you are not able to recall the music. So let us see how you can find out the name of the song.

Here the search engines become useless and you will not be able to find out the music name until you know a couple of words of the song. So we are going to tell you some of the music recognition services which gives you the song names even if you do not know the music name. You may use them to use to identify the music which is being played from the TV, radio or the internet.

Find the Music Names with your Mobile Phone

  • Shazam – This application works on all the mobile platform whether it is android, Mac OS, iPhone or blackberry. Shazam can be used on an iPod Touch only if you have a microphone attached to the iPod.

You just have to install the Shazam on the phone. Hold the phone near the audio which is being played and hit the Tag button and it will automatically identify the music that is being played. It works only when the music is pre-recorded and not with live performances.

The free version of this application will let you identify up to 5 different songs per month. The paid and the encore version of the Shazam offers an unlimited identification of the music for some bucks. If you are in the UK then this version can be used in any of the mobile phones and recognize the music. You just have to dial the number 2580 and hold the phone near the source.

  • Music ID: Just hold the phone near the source and this version will tell you the origin of the song and will also let you know what is the song being played in the system. This app is available in the iPhone but if you are a customer of AT&T then you can also use your Blackberry, Windows or any other mobile. Similar functioning to Shazam, Music ID will only identify the music in case the music is pre-recorded and not sung in a live concert or another area. For the people of the US, the song does not require any downloads, you just have to dial a shortcode and the text message will be delivered to your phone with the result.

Find the Music Names with Your own Voice

  • Midomi: In case that you have a music tune running all over your mind and you are not able to guess what tune is it, then you can use Midomi. With the help of Midomi, you will be able to know what the song is by just humming the music in the microphone. Shazam only offers its services in the app but with Midomi you can also use the application on the web. Just sing the song for over 10 seconds and the service will enlist the matching tunes. To see the best results try to keep the volume bar in the green and try to avoid the background noise. It is a free service and it also offers an app for iPhone, Android, Nokia and Windows phones. The song can be identified by just holding the phone to the speaker and by playing the music or humming the song can be identified.

Record a Short Clip to Identify the Music

  • AudioTag: If you have a short recording or an audio snippet of the song to be identified on your device then you can use the online music recognition service to find the song that is being played in the recording.
    The recording or the whole song can be uploaded to the website and the service will identify the music from its huge database and will give you the result.
    For best results, you have to take out the part from the middle of the music or upload the whole music to the website and it will identify the best-matched music from the database. This can be done, just record the part of the music and when you go online just upload the music and find out the song information.

Upload the Music to a Social Networking Site and let other Users Identify the Music

  • WatZatSong: Sometimes the computer fails to recognize the music. In this case, you can take the help of other users who are using the WatZatSong and they will identify the music and tell it to you.
    It is a social site where the other users of the website identify the song for you. Just upload the short snippet of the music and other members will help you to guess the song by exact song name. The suggestions will not come instantly but will make your task of identification easier. Just provide the language in which the song is played or the music style. You can also post the same WatZatSong request to other social sites like Facebook so that the entire network will help you to identify the song for you.
  • Name My Tune: Just sing a short clip of the song you want to get the info of the song and enter the Genre and the Era that you consider the song should be there. The website will then mail you the song when other users of the website will be able to identify the song.

Use a Virtual Keyboard to Find the Name of the Song

  • MusiPedia: To search for the song you can play the song on the virtual piano keyboard or whistle it to the computer using the microphone. It is styled after Wikipedia and works best when you will find classical music.
    In Shazam you can only find the particular song that is exactly matched by the song but here it will show you all the list of the songs where the same music has been played. You can hum the song or record it though the computer keyboard.
  • MelodyCatcher: If you have the ability to play the song on the virtual keyboard then with this app you can find the name of the song that you want to search.
    It has a simple Java Based online keyboard – where you have to just use it simply with the mouse to enter the melody, just search and it will enlist the results that match the tune. You also do not need to enter the full melody just enter the 5-7 notes and it will find the match


So here were some of the websites and applications which will help you to find the Music Names When You do not know the Lyrics. For more features and tricks like this keep reading our other articles and get to know the best out of the internet. In case of any problem just comment in the comment section below and you will be guided by our experts on the same. Do comment your valuable suggestion to us so that we can improve this guide further and provide you with more of these kinds of tips and tricks.

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