Massive Destruction by a Tornado In Sioux Falls


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On late Tuesday night, in the Sioux falls of South Dakota, a tornado struck hard. The tornado that came caused massive structural damage to area. A large number of city lights and trees struck down. The tornado was caused by a severe storm. Initially there are no reports of injuries as of now. EDT, Xcel Energy’s power indicated that more than 20000 homes and businesses are in dark in Sioux Falls.

Avera heart hospital entrance has been blocked and only doctors, nurses and ambulances are allowed to enter, that too they had to travel through the debris to get to the hospital.

Massive Destruction by a Tornado In Sioux Falls

People of Sioux Falls are advised no to travel at all, by the officials due to huge damage and destructed street lights and fallen trees. This also opened an emergency operation center which will coordinate the response to the storm.

“Please stay off the roads — there’s a lot of people that either is still on the roads who didn’t get off in time for the storm or are back on to see the damage,” TenHaken said in a video from an emergency operations center.

“You need to Stay off the Roads. There are Severe Power Outages Throughout the City,” he Said.

The tornado struck around 11:30 p.m. on the south side of Sioux Falls according to Phil Schumacher who is the Operations Officer at the National Weather Service Science.

He also said that the extent of damage cannot be calculated accurately by the forecasters until the assessment team is able to view the area in the morning.

The tornado ripped off the roof of Avera heart hospital according to the Argus newspaper of Sioux Falls. But the staff that was present in that area has not reported any injuries. In the west of Sioux there had been reports of 3 to 5 inches of rain on the early morning of Wednesday.

Schumer said “People should really if they see any roads flooded please just turn around,”

Heavy rainfall, decreased visibility

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