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With the mailto space protocol, you can create such type of hyperlinks which will directly launch the email software allowing you to compose a new email. The commands of mailto work with all the browsers especially with the Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Mailto Space

Mailto Space

Mailto Space

Here we will see how you can use the mailto command so that you can link your one email address. You can also perform more stuff than this by sending the same message to several addresses. For this, you have to insert many addresses in the “cc” and the “Bcc” field and write the text inside the email body.

To use the space character in the body text use %20 and use %0A to add a line break. TO test any mailto command type the command directly in the address bar of the browser.

What is Mailto Syntax?

mailto is called as Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) which is a scheme for the email address. With the help of mailto syntax a user can create hyperlinks on thet websites by which a user can send an email to the address without the use of traditional steps of creating and copying the body and entering it into the email client.

Examples for Mailto Syntax

Here are some examples where you can use the mailto syntax in an easy way. Just see the type of mailto syntax example and make it easy to use it. Let us suppose that we want to send mailto links to the president via email.

  • To send an email to the President (single recipient)
    Use the syntax: <a>
  • To send an email to the president and the president office with separate multiple recipients separate the two recipients with a comma.
    Use the syntax: <a href,>
  • To send an email to the president but to put the president office in the Cc list and the president’s PA the Bcc list
    Use the syntax: <a href>
  • To send an email to the president while inserting a subject in the email
    Use the syntax: <a href=””>
  • To send an email with the subject and also insert some of the text in the body of the email
    Use syntax: <a href=””>


So these were some of the texts and syntaxes where you can put to use so that you can write a mail to another person in the body itself or on any website with the help of mailto space. If you face any problem regarding this process then you can comment in the comments section below. For more details, you can refer to our other articles. Please do comment as it encourages us more to write and spread the knowledge.

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