Top 5 Live Sports Streaming Apps for Every Sports Geek

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If you are a sports geek then you can try to find the sites where you can watch your favorite sports matches or games without paying. sports streaming websites are the most popular and in-demand nowadays because of many sports fans waiting to watch their favorite teams to play. Apart from that, many new sports betting apps also were born. The demand for mobile sports data is on the rise and more and more sports news companies release mobile apps and more and more betting sites create their own apps too – by that, they can give the user the latest news and the option of placing a bet on their favorite games. With that demand on the rise, the streaming services are trying to fight them all – especially the free ones. we are here to cover the best websites there are and give you the best understanding of the different services available. 

Top 5 Live Sports Streaming Apps for Every Sports Geek Should Look Out

Live Sports Streaming Apps

Live Sports Streaming Apps

Moreover, sports are the thing that you can bring as many as people together that you want. And in today’s technology era that becomes easier because you can watch sports anywhere, anytime around the world with the help of live sports streaming websites. There are a lot of sports apps available on the web for iPhone and Android users that make it so easy for you never have to miss your favorite game.

If you are a sportsperson or love to watch your favorite sports tournaments online then, here are top five live sports streaming apps you should be taking advantage of.


If you are a true sports fan and looking for a best live sports streaming service than try it out, Livestream is an excellent option for you.itprovide users the best and amazing sports features mobile device app that you can use very easily.Along with the live sports streaming, you can find some other things also on this app such as sports news, sports person interview, sports schedule and highlights of the past matches.


YipTV is another live sports streaming website, if you are a sports fan then this app keeping up to date with the latest tournaments or sports matches. One of the best things about this site is it offers all the access for free without paying a single penny and that’s a great thing about this app you feel the same experience as sports betting apps. Hence, it gets a place in the list of best live sports streaming apps.

365 Scores

Undoubtedly one of the most popular sports streaming websites has a user-friendly interface in different categories and sections. 365 Scores have various types of sports available such as cricket, Football, rugby, tennis, hockey, basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer and much more. Not only that but on this platform, you can customize the homepage as your own personalized sports homepage. 365 Scores app will update you with scores, news, timetable, etc.


This is another one of the leading sports streaming sites where you can find live sports streams in HD quality. Stream2watch is totally free to use and contains many sports like Football, Tennis, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, Rugby, Racing, WWF and some other. One of the disadvantages of this site is showing some ads in between the live streaming that’s it. Overall, the site is very good for sports lovers.


WatchESPN has the best collection of live sports streaming, sports news, interviews, sports schedules, highlights and much more. To access or use of this site is very easy because you just have to Log on the site and select your favorite sports and start streaming without any delay.

Final Words

So, these were the top five best live sports streaming apps and sites. Each website provides you a variety of things and choosing the most favorite website will not be difficult for you. And don’t forget to let us know in the comments what websites should have been on the list.

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