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For the protection of phone, a user has to take certain measures. In case the phone accidentally slips down the surface then it will break as the screen is a delicate part of the phone. In order to protect the phone from these hazards, a user has to keep the phone in the case. Samsung offers a Led phone case for the protection of the phones. These cover offers moderate protection to your Samsung S8 phones and also provides some unique features.

Led Phone Case

Led Phone Case

With this guide, you will get to know some of the unique features of the cover. We will also how we can use the cover, customize the LED icons for specific contacts, the pros and cons and how good will be this cover for your phone.

Note that the sizes for the Galaxy S8 and S8+ are different so the size of the cover will also be different. Although the features on both the covers will remain the same.

Make sure that which of the cover will be used for your smartphone.

Features of Galaxy S8 Led Phone Case

This led phone case is more than a cover. You have the facility to store the cards inside the cover. On the outer part, it will show the notifications with some special LED icons. Here are some of the amazing features of the cover.

  • Acts as a wallet – store cards inside the cover.
  • Notification icons which include incoming calls, message, time, battery percentage, music player buttons, and low battery alert.
  • Now answer all your calls without even opening the cover.
  • Turn off the alarms and snooze them without opening the cover.
  • Special LED icon could be assigned to the individual contacts so you will be able to know who is calling you without opening the cover.
  • Special LED icon could also be assigned to the individual applications so you will be able to know which notification is from which app.
  • Also has the LED icon editor to create your own LED icons.
  • The phone will automatically turn to sleep mode when the led phone case note 9 will be closed.

In addition to these more of the features, you will discover when you will use the cover in your phone.

How to Configure and use Galaxy S8 LED Phone Case

After the cover has been attached to the phone, the phone’s display will wake up from sleep when you will open the cover.

To activate the LED display you can lift the cover slightly and out it down back. When the cover will be closed, the screen will be locked and an LED icon display will be activated. The cover can also be customized with few changes in the settings.

To set up the Galaxy S8 cover you can go to – Settings >> Advanced Features >> Accessories.

In the accessories menu, you will find the LED view cover option.

In case this option will not be available when:

  • The cover is not added to the phone. The settings will only appear when the LED cover will be attached to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+.
  • In case the LED cover is not recognized, you have to remove the cover and put the cover back again. If still, the cover is not showing in the settings then you have to contact the customer care or the seller of the cover.
  • In case the NFC settings are disabled then also the cover will not be shown in the settings. You have to enable the NFC settings in the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+.

There will be two settings when you will attach the LED cover.

  • Automatic Unlock – You can unlock the phone without any password. This option will only work when the security is set to none or only swipe security is enabled.
  • LED Icon Editor – The LED Icon could be customized to create your own icons for your particular applications and contacts.

Easily Customize the LED Icons for a Particular Contact in Samsung Galaxy S8 LED Phone Case

Firstly, when the LED cover will be installed, it will show the default LED icons for the contacts. You have to customize the LED for individual contacts. In this way when any particular incoming call will be there when a particular LED will be displayed and you do not even have to open the cover to see who is calling you.

You can assign a number of LED for different contacts but it is hard to remember the indicators for every contact. So you have assign LED icon with the LED icon editor and then tap on to the LED caller icons.

You will be displayed the following message in the display to grant permission.

Allow LED icon editor to access your contacts

  • Tap on the Allow button to give permission.
  • In the settings, it will display the number below the icon.
  • In the icon tap on the Add contact to assign an icon to the individual contact.

Now you are done with assigning the contact for the icon. Next time the particular contact will ring you, it will display the icon in the Galaxy S8 LED cover. The call can be accepted or rejected without opening the cover.

How to Create own LED Icons for Galaxy S8 LED Phone Case?

There are around 54 icons pre-installed in the Galaxy smartphone. Samsung Galaxy S8 allows you to edit and make your own LED icons.

To create the icons tap on Create LED icons button. This will open the LED icon settings. Tap on the individual dot to light up the LED and create your own icon. If you make any mistake then tap on the eraser to modify the LED.

Now give the name to icon and tap on the Save button.

Customize LED Icons for Individual apps with Galaxy S8 LED Phone Case

You can also customize the LED icon for the individual app on Galaxy S8 cover. Tap on the LED icon editor then tap on the LED notification icons.

  • In the notification, icon settings choose an icon.
  • In the LED notification, tap on the Add Application button.
  • By this setting, the icon will be visible in the cover when the notification will come.

Pros and Cons of Galaxy S8 LED Phone Case

There are many advantages to the Galaxy S8 LED Phone Case.

  • The official accessories fit accurately in the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+.
  • It is a cool feature to show all of your friends.
  • The quality is amazing.
  • The phone will charge wirelessly when placed to the wireless charging support.
  • Calls could be accepted or rejected without opening the cover.
  • There is a separate section for the fingerprint sensor and camera to find the fingerprint sensor very easily.
  • The cover matches the color of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+.

The only disadvantage to the Galaxy S8 cover is its high price.

The cover offers unique LED icon features for the price. In case you need a tough cover then it is not for you.

Does the Display Works for on-display in Samsung Galaxy S8 LED Wallet Cover

When the cover will be closed then the on display will not be active. The LED display in the Galaxy S8 LED Phone case only shows the LED icons. But if you keep the cover open then the always on display will be active.


Now we have learned that what is LED phone case and features of the case and its advantages. This is a comprehensive guide for you to use the case. If you face any problem in using the case then you are welcome in the comments section below. Our team of experts will try to give you a complete solution to your problem.

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