Launch India’s First Fully Electric Motorbike, Revolt RV 400 on 28th August


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Most of you will already be familiar with Ather Energy, which is India’s first intelligent electric scooter maker company. But do you know about Revolt IntelliCorp? Well, the Micromax co-founder and the former CEO Rahul Sharma founded Revolt IntelliCorp to contribute to a fledgling electric transport segment in India.

In June this year, Revolt comes with its first AI-enabled full-electric motorbike and making headlines right off the bat. Called the Revolt RV 400 is a smart motorbike which launch baked in with a 4G LTE SIM card. It permits their users to connect the bike to the Internet, enable to operate some smart features likes remote start, OTA updates, and bike locator. It will also help their users to see the real-time information on the health of the bike and diagnose the same.

Launch India’s First Fully Electric Motorbike, Revolt RV 400 on 28th August

Launch India’s First Fully Electric Motorbike, Revolt RV 400 on 28th August

Earlier in the day, Rahul Sharma tweet on the twitter and confirm the official launch date for the Revolt RV400 as well as show off the first electric bike to roll out from his factory in Manesar, Haryana. It means that if you have pre-booked a Revolt RV 400 or are waiting to get an electric vehicle in India, so now, end of this month, you will be able to do so.

At first in Delhi, the Revolt RV 400 was opened for the pre-booking but over the next four months, the availability expanded to several different cities including Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, and Chennai. If you are interested to buy then you can also make your visit at Amazon (yeah, you can make your book for this motorbike on Amazon also) and on the Revolt’s website, you can book an electric bike just paying a Rs 1,000 token amount.

In addition, the Revolt RV 400 has a fully digital instrument cluster, LED headlamps and this electric motorbike is capable of achieving a top speed of 85 km/hr. And the most important thing you should have to know that the electric motorbike gives you a range of 156 kilometers on one charge, which is amazing. It sounds good, but the company has not disclosed the exact price of the Revolt RV 400, that’s why we are excited about the launch event will organize on 28th August.

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