Largest Quest to Investigate the Origin of Universe


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You must be wondering why and how did the universe originate. Man has been always wondering how did he evolve. Thousands of theories have been proposed and discarded. Some say that the universe began with an explosion and some say that it began with the starting of time.

Investigate the Origin of Universe

Investigate the Origin of Universe

But how did time started? There may exist a zero moment in the evolution of the universe. The ancient civilizations and the Mesozoic era where all the dinosaurs existed – all it was not a piece of a single explosion.

To find all the answers to this question and make new discoveries the great minds came together from all over the world under one roof in Geneva, Switzerland to build the world’s largest machine and one of the greatest wonders of the worldThe Large Hadron Collider. It is believed that this experiment will be revealing the most mysterious answers to the world about the parellel universe. The scientists have been working for years on this project and have made a tremendous amount of progress regarding the observable and unobservable universe.

Are you interested in the phenomenon exhibited by the physics laws then this article is especially for you. This article will leave you wondering how far has humankind came in terms of technology since their evolution in Origin Of the Universe.

What is LHC?

Investigate the Origin of Universe

It is the largest and most powerful particle accelerator ever built and started on 10th September 2008. It is a 27 km ring of superconducting magnets inside which the particles are made to travel around the speed of light i.e. 3.0×108 m/sec. At this much speed, the particles are smashed together and a data is recorded nanoseconds. All the data is then stored on supercomputers having data on a scale of millions of petabytes spread across the world. Then the data is analyzed and scientists come to a conclusion.

The collision energy of such a collider could be very precisely controlled. At such precision, You can imagine throwing two needles where the distance among them is not less than 10km. From this much precision, the particles have to be smashed inside the machine.

Power of Collision

Investigate the Origin of Universe

When the particles collide they require a vast amount of energy which is equal to 1.3 trillion watts of energy which could power 3 lac homes in the city during the peak hours. It uses superconducting wires to prevent the loss of energy.

The LHC ring is situated as deep as 175 meters beneath the France-Switzerland border. The temperature is dropped down to -271.3 degrees Celsius much colder to the outer space to keep the magnets in a working condition.


Discoveries from the Large Hadron Collider

The most significant discovery that the LHC has given to us the Higgs Boson. In simple word,s they are the most active particles which are responsible for whole physical forces. Why do particles are in pairs and what keeps the planets and other elements of cosmos together are some of the questions that have been answered by the Higgs Boson.

The Dark Matter which is still unknown to the world and according to studies the Dark Matter comprises of 70% of the total universe energy. The advanced version of the collider is proposed to be installed in the 2040s which could bring scientists to more specific conclusions.

Purpose of the experiment

Investigate the Origin of Universe

What interests the quantum physicist and the world is the outcome of the experiment. The most basic laws governing the forces of nature could be explained. We will not go into much detail as it will sound more technical. These purposes are to be fulfilled with this experiment.

  • We till now know only three dimensions into existence – the length, breadth and time. But with Large Hadron Collider we will come to know more of the dimensions that are yet to be discovered.
  • Dark Matter is the most spread element of the cosmos and we will get the nature of it.
  • How does the fourth fundamental force of nature i.e. gravity works?
  • What may have existed before the time started.
  • The questions to the matter and antimatter will be unveiled.
  • We all know about the electromagnetic forces and the nuclear force. This experiment will make it clear that whether these forces are similar in nature or a different manifestation of once universal unified force.
  • What happens when any particle or body approaches the speed of light.

So these are some of the several questions that are yet to be answered by this experiment.



Investigate the Origin of Universe

Many sci-fi movies has also been made like “2001: A Space Odyssey” and “The Fifth Element” which are based on the same experiments. The world is yet to see the brighter face of the experiment. If we cite the quotation of one of the cosmologist goes like that – “The really hard problems are great”. The wonder of science lets you to imagine the most extremities of the universe. Do you have any other idea which is going around the world to Investigate the Origin of Universe? Let us know by commenting in the comments section below and we will discuss it over a cup of tea.

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