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We are using an alarm clock since ages to wake ourselves up from sleep or to get a reminder for any important work. The alarm clock proves a way ahead of the smartphones where you keep your phone aside to your bed and then it keeps on ringing.



KukuKlok an Online Alarm Clock

We are going to talk about a revolutionary alarm clock online by which you will be able to set an alarm online without any problem with KukuKlok. The process to set the time is very easy and it could be done within seconds. Just use your computer as an alarm system and perform your tasks with ease. You do not have to register yourself on the online platform. Just set alarm time and rest leave on the KukuKlok.

How to Set KukuKlok Alarm?

Whether you want to set alarm for 30 minutes or 23:59 hours, KukuKlok provides the facility to set an alarm in this range. Just follow the below instructions and easily set the alarm for your daily routine. You also need to take care of some basic requirements for kukuklok online alarm clock. So let’s see the instructions and the requirements.

  • You need a computer with a working internet connection.
  • Next, open the browser of the system and type in the following website in the address bar of the browser which is the official website of KukuKlok: kukuklok.com.
  • In the next step, you have to set the period clock alarm which you want to set the alarm.
  • You can toggle the minutes and hours by the “+” and “-” buttons located below the alarm clock.kukuklok
  • You also have the option to change the alarm settings by changing the tone of the alarm clock.
  • You also have the option of previewing the alarm systems sounds by clicking on the “Preview Sound” button.
  • Now the process is done and you can click on “Set Alarm”.
  • After a time set by you, the clock will automatically ring.
  • You have to make sure not to close the browser as it could result in termination of the whole alarm clock and turn off alarm.

KukuKlok – Features

As we already know now how we can set the alarm clock by following the above steps, we should also know what are the features that KukuKlok offers.

  • It is an Online Alarm Clock specifically designed for the web interface.
  • You can choose different tunes like
    – Classic Clock
    – Electronic Clock
    – Heavy Metal Guitar
    – Military Trumpet
    – Alien Invasion
    – Cockerel
  • The clock is simple to use with no registration required.
  • Even if the internet connection goes off then also the alarm will ring with the Flash-based app.


So now you can easily enjoy the new features offered by KukuKlok as described above. It is also useful for the college going students as they can set the alarm for a particular time period working in the computer lab. Usually, the periods are for 1 hour, and it could range from college to college. Now don’t miss your important tasks with this KukuKlok Sleep Timer.

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