King Nappy Twitter – Cite Tweets in a Proper Way


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King Nappy Twitter: When the twitter was launched back in the year 2006, the social media platform was launched so that people could share to the world and their friends of what was going on their life and they can express it in maximum 140 characters.

King Nappy Twitter

King Nappy Twitter

King Nappy Twitter

But as the time passed by, it was started being used as a communication between the famous personalities to communicate their thoughts with their fans and friends. The news stories and researches, academic papers were being to circulate in the media. Authors also started using this platform for publishing their completed books information using curated tweets.

How to Cite Tweets in a Proper Way

Now we will see how we can cite the tweets in the APA and MLA Style in some of the easy and simple steps. The community like the educational societies and researching communities follow a certain style which involves citing the original sources and also offers guidance on citing the tweets of others also.

The MLA Style and APA Style is the most prominent among these communities. The following format is used for the APA style. Everything should be in capitals. Here is a sample for the same and everything should be in CAPS and replace the values.


This was the APA style but MLA style has a different format as shown in the sample below.


These two formats are quite different from each other. Where in the MLA style it is recommended to add the real name of the author in the citation and also in the twitter handle. The date and time of the tweet should also be included in the citation which reflects the readers time zone. This time zone will help the researches which will read the tweet in the future to compare the timing the tweets as long as the tweets are all read in a single time zone.

But in the APA style of tweet recommends the inclusion of tweet URL and only date (not the time) of the tweet in the citation.

So MLA style is not suitable as it does not includes the Tweet URL as well the tweet ID in the statement. This information is important as the researchers will find it difficult to get the original tweet in the search engines and other Google pages.


So we have seen how we can cite tweets in a proper way in king nappy twitter. In case you want to know more about the tricks like these then you can contact us in the comments section below. Post your queries there and our team will reach out to your query soon.

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