Easily Remove Junk Files From Windows


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Whether you any of the software in windows OS or you install a new Service Pack of OS on your computer, this prevents the old files to be removed from the system. This is because some of the old junk files are required to be in use in the new OS. The system is unable to judge that which of the files should be removed until you give the command to format the system while installing the new Windows.

Junk Files

Junk Files

Junk Files

There are several software in the market that are available for free to remove those junk files and you can also remove it manually as there are so many methods to remove it manually also if you do not want to install any third party software to remove the files if the any of the junk files detected on your system.

If you want to remove the junk files, let us suppose that you want to remove the junk files in your Vista operating system. If you want to remove the junk files using the command prompt then follow this procedure to easily remove the junk files.

Just open the command prompt and you have to type vsp1cln.exe (it is a short form of Vista SP1 cleaner). The step is easy and it just takes a few seconds to remove the junk files. When you install the Windows Vista OS, the system folder is automatically installed in the system.

By performing this action, you will make the old OS to be deleted and in case you want to recover the old OS then it won’t be recovered. But it has an advantage that the files will be deleted and you will get a surplus amount of disk space to be freed.

The internet connection will not be required when you perform this action on the computer. Remember that you will not be able to remove the Windows Vista Service Pack later.

How to Delete Junk Files Using Run

To remove other files like temporary files, just follow the below steps:

  • Open the run command to clean computer and type “%temp%”.
  • It will show the temporary folder and you have to delete all those files that are occupying unnecessary space in your computer.
  • Select all the files by pressing the Ctrl+A on the files and press the delete button.

Now all your temporary files will be deleted.


So now we know how to remove those junk files and folders from your system. In case of any problem just comment in the comment section below and you will be guided by our experts on the same. Do comment your valuable suggestion to us so that we can improve this guide further and provide you with more of these kinds of tips and tricks.

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