Instagram Bio for Software Developers -Tips That Will Give you Maximum Follower

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Being an Instagram lover you might have already made an Instagram account or might be planning to create a new account for you and in that case, you might be searching for INSTAGRAM BIO FOR SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS reference.

Instagram Bio for Software Developers

Instagram Bio for Software Developers

Instagram Bio for Software Developers

Believe me, it is easy to write Instagram bio but when you want It everlasting and more professional then comes the requirement of taking care of your account because it is the social image for you which gives the people what you are skilled and what is so unique about your personality. Now in this situation what you will have to do is simply go with some of the things that need to be mentioned and clarify about your skill.

Here software related keywords play a big role in adding the zeal for your bio.  Again you should also be taking care of the thing that it is not a professional platform that of linked in but people come here for fun and enjoyment with the friends and other acquaintances, and hence you will have to take care of that too. So, if you want to know about how you can write your INSTAGRAM BIO FOR SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS effectively, then simply follow the below-given instructions that will help you to the best.


Since you want your Instagram profile to be eye-catching and impressive leaving long-lasting impact then you will have to go with the below-given instruction further discussed in the article but before that, you will have to take care some of the following things:

  1. Your software skills and trade you are master about.
  2. You uniqueness that defines you better than the others with the same
  3. The proper keyword is so related to your software trade so that you can be seen in the search result when people search you.
  4. You’re site link if any of the proper contact details including email and the phone no which will help them in the future to approach you easily.

Now that you have seen about what you should not miss while creating your INSTAGRAM BIO FOR SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS, it is similarly important that you should not be pure professional which doesn’t make your profile fit and suitable for your profile visitor on the Instagram. And hence you are given the tips below which will help you create your Instagram profile and breathtaking Instagram bio.

Here are the Main Things you Should Take Care of Your Bio Optimization:

  • A quality profile Pic reflecting your Branding
  • A keyword with your Name
  • Proper Targeted Keyword in Your Bio
  • Add CTA Before the link to your website
  • Make bio Impressive with emoji’s, line breaks, custom fonts, etc.
  1. A quality profile Pic reflecting your Branding

As you know that Instagram is the place of pic sharing and that is why posted pics plays the primary role on your Instagram page. Better the picture collection you have, best the visitor retention will be on your page.

Especially In the case of profile pic, it should be clear and punchy with the first impression.  In the case of a brand, choose a brand logo which is instantly recognizable. Your logo is also a better way to stay consistent over all your internet platforms and social channels.

But in case if you a blogger, influencer, the entrepreneur then it is wise to choose a picture for yourself that communicates about your doing.

From the technical point of view make sure that your photo is high-quality and looks good on device, and since Instagram is mostly operated in a mobile device, your profile picture should be well exposed in order to be signified on a mobile device as well.

At present, the dimension of profile picture on mobile is 110 x 100 pixels which are automatically resized by Instagram.

  1. A keyword with your Name

With mentioning your name, include the keyword of marketing also like if you are JOHN then you can add  John, etc. make sure that the name you are mentioning on Instagram is your medical name but not your Instagram Username. Because people searching Instagram will use your real name or company name to match with the search but if both remain similar, then it results in decreased searchability.

Since Instagram also uses keywords hence it is made quickly once you add the keyword in your name. It doesn’t matter whether you have added the keyword in username or not and neither it is going to decrease the search result but it is affected if your real name lacks keyword.

Find out what keyword your targeted audience uses and include them, use hashtags or the specific location.

You can also take the help of Instagram business in case you want to target audience to drive. You can use emoji and keyword to make it more attractive.

  1. Proper Targeted Keyword in Your Bio

Now the main part of your overall audience trust is your bio. Making your bio quick scan helps people to understand what you are all about. Use the targeted keyword to best describe your profession and keep it short and precise.

You can take advantage of the hashtag and the profile link to promote your branded hashtag. Use the sign # for the hashtag and @ symbol for username and once you save your profile, it becomes clickable.

Using the marketing various keyword to specify the kind of service helps you, user, easily understand what you stand for and whether you offer something to them or not, it remains relevant to them. Choose the nearest keyword defining your best marketing skills. You can also scan through some of the profile already exists on Instagram with the same profession and take the help of the keyword they use and present your profile different.

  1. Add CTA Before the link to your website

As per the Instagram present policy, you can put your external link on your story if you have 10k followers and drive traffic to your targeted domain or special offer but as a starter, you can simply add a call to action (CTA) in your profile. You can also make use of single link use in your profile and like mentioning your website link there. But if you promote various offers every week and want to send the followers to the specific product page, constantly changing the link in your bio becomes challenging.

  1. Make bio Impressive with emoji’s, line breaks, custom fonts, etc.

After you have covered the fundamentals of effective creation of Instagram Bio for software developers like keywords, URLs and cross-promoted hashtags then add a favorite quote or funny lines that represent your brand well.

Take the use of line breaks which will help your bio easy scan-able take the help of emoji’s etc. to split the texts into parts.

Adding these little features make your profile more easy to scan by your visitors.

You can add the emoji’s related to the word you are using like for word flight you can add plane emoji, for the gym you can add dumbbell, etc.

You can also use the custom fonts to customize your bio and these simple things really matters for your Instagram profile.

Additional Tips for Business Profile

If you are working on Instagram, an Instagram business profile is a must, because it helps you to build a brand and look professional. With a business profile, you have access to insights and analysis that help you make data-driven decisions. You can also add a business category, contact information and action buttons to your bio.

Here are some tips which help you in the betterment of Profiles:

  • Choose the right Business Category
  • Add Contact Information
  • Add Action Buttons
  1. Choose the right Business Category

Your Instagram business category is similar to the category you selected for your Facebook Business Page, which you need to use Instagram for Business.

To add more specificity to your Instagram Bio, you can modify your Instagram business category. On Mobile, click Edit Profile and scroll through the Business Information Category. You will see the Facebook page associated with your Instagram profile and the category that was automatically drawn from your Facebook page.

To view other categories, tap the category option that you can choose from books and magazines, events, TVs, movies, local businesses, brands and products, music, public figures, sports, and so on. After you select the category that is best suited for your business, you can select a subcategory from the drop-down menu. The subcategory is that which appears in your Instagram Bio.

  1. Add Contact Information

To help get in touch with Instagram users, you can add your email, phone number, and address. Tap Edit profile and open the Business Information section. Then tap on the contact option to see the email, phone, and address fields. Any area you fill up will appear on your Instagram Bio.

  1. Add Action Buttons

An action button connects your Instagram Profile with other online services so that your customers can take action to buy or book tickets without leaving your Instagram profile.

Click Add an Action Button and select the online service to do business. Then click Next, add the URL that your business uses, and click done. When you finish, a new action button appears in your bio.


Keep in mind that your action buttons look similar to your contact information. Avoid so many people that they do not appear in your profile.


Since you are already a Software Developers then you better know about what is the value of making trust online matters. But above all comes the first thing of making an impression and coming in the search result and ‘whatever is seen that only sells’.

By following the basic things which are mentioned to you above, you can optimize your Instagram profile and these tips of Instagram Bio for software developers will surely help you best to make your profile both people and search friendly. Just take care of these minor things which can bring major change to your profile and also writing a best Instagram Bio for software developers.

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