How to make Killer Profile and Write Instagram Bio for Photographers With Classic Examples You Can Copy

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When you are a Photographer, then it is not like the other Instagram profile people see, but it is the angle you use to beautify your bio and make it eye catchy so that it retains your visitor.

In portrait photography, a profile is never just like the other photo rather you need to find out the proper setting, correct lighting, right angle, etc. social media is same and especially the Instagram, the only best platform for the shutterbugs. Hence before creating an Instagram bio for photography page, you need to take care of a lot to create your profile that presents your professional photography persona in a most killer way.

Instagram Bio for Photographers

Instagram Bio for Photographers

Do you know that the average time spent by an internet user is just half a second on your profile to form an overall impression of your account? So, whether you are a proud owner of an Instagram channel, or a newbie to have the first footsteps in opening a new account; you might already be knowing that merely adding a link to Instagram bio for photography account is not sufficient and hence this compendium has been designed to give you the complete ideas of ins and outs to have to your own Cool Instagram bio for photographers.

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In a world where most of the user comes from a mobile segment, Images speaks more for photographers than thousands of words. And yet if you want to know why then here are some of the good reasons to take into account to open one for you.

  1. Your Instagram profile is like your business card but rather more personal and flexible as well. Instagram showcases all the specter of your capabilities rather than just a showcase overview. Various projects in the works, photos from behind the scene and real-time experiences showcases your personality alongside your photographic skill.
  2. You won’t find any better place to grow your network, become an influencer and receive collaboration from various agencies and brands.
  3. Irrespective of your relevant posts as that of Facebook, all your uploaded photos appear in your followers feed straight forward.
  4. And finally, Instagram has more than 500 million users every single day.

Naming Of Instagram Bio for Aspiring Photographer

Your name is the first thing that people see landing on your profile. It is also what appears in the search result. To get clarified, two elements are the major factor of Instagram to appear in a search query

  1. Your account name (Handle)
  2. Your Profile Name

Your account name (Handle/Username) is easily recognizable as short as possible and easily memorized by your fans. Avoid adding periods or underscores, since adding the word Photography will make your account significantly longer and hence you can add the word photo at the end.

You can keep the same name for all the social media platforms for your branding including your email address. And in any case avoiding the silly or offensive name, repeating letters and names which sound like other bands work well.


Your Name Can be followed by Photography

And if you work with a specific genre like Travel, wedding, etc. then include it.

High Appealing Profile Image

Like that of the photo on the About Me Page on your website, the profile picture of your Instagram should be quickly recognizable and memorable. And since Instagram is a mobile platform, the profile picture appears very small due to the small screen.

It is often seen that in the effort of adding the photography zeal, many photographers place a photo covering their face with a camera. Considering the small screen of your mobile, better place your profile photo that shows your face clearly and puts the focus on your face rather background, which is not a point of eye-catching.

Your Biography

This is the main crucial part of the writing Bio for Instagram for photographers and your bio is what actually position you out from the crowd. This 150-word section is the clear reflection of you which defines your services, finds out your niche and be your true photographer self.

You should have an answer to the question at the time of writing ‘how would I present myself differently, there was 10,000 photographers in front of me?’ additionally, think about your target audience and what are the main keywords that will attract and make them click the FOLLOW button. Including this may not affect your search engine but will help your bio shining among those of other photographers.

Photographer of a particular location should definitely include the name of the city they are willing to get hired in. On top of including the photography genre, location, and service you provide, you should make it interesting and personal. Emoji’s and line breaks can help you further and a call to action will help your visitor to redirect the place you want them to. You can also include the one or two related Hashtag to let the people what you are all about right away.

Think and Link

After going through all the step, an important part is to add a link of your website and it is said that the link should be updated time to time with the particular type of project you want to bring the traffic to. So link should be added wisely since there is only one room for one clickable link there.

Add a feed of your Photography Website

After putting so much effort in optimizing your Instagram account, you should not miss adding the feed of your photography site. This enriches your portfolio and delights your website visitors.

Checklist for Your Account

Now that you have seen about the things you should take care in order to enhance your Instagram profile, now let’s quickly review the essentials for the successful photographer on Instagram:

Short and impactful account profile names

A brief bio that makes you stand out the crowd, including your Photography Niche



Email address

Emojis and Breaks

Call to action button

Something personal: A fun fact or a quote

Link to you photographic website (Ongoing project/sale)

Profile pic of candidate

Final Conclusion

Having so many photographs already in the market with a good portfolio, you should be having a little kind of different perspective then only you can come into the limelight. Since the social media place a major role today, Instagram which is the best potential platform for the photographer; is the mirror for a photographer and hence making a good Instagram profile and Instagram Bio for Photographers plays a major role.

Your Instagram profile is only the first impression that builds trust and relationship of you with your new clients and hence this part must be taken care of wisely.

And hope the above information you are being mentioned here will give you the backbone in creating your best portfolio as well. If this really helps you then drop your comment in the comment section below.

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