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Instagram Bio for Guys seems simple and straightforward but it is not the case in reality. Many people seem it to be strange to write a better Insta bio and this is true also because to write the Instagram bio you need to be critical. People visiting the Insta profile doesn’t take more than a second to do decide whether to follow you or not or was it their first visit to your profile.

Instagram Bio For Guys

Instagram Bio For Guys

Hence this article is simplified for people searching for Instagram Bio for Guys writing techniques. From the article below you will be able to understand about how you can write an effective Instagram Bio for Guys this attracts the people on your profile throughout the world and how do they follow you in the future. You are also given the list of some of the cool insta bio that you can simply copy and paste into your account.

How to Create a Stunning Instagram Profile for Guys

Even though everything is available right at the place of writing the bio for your Insta profile by default, you should be knowing how to better use those option to optimize your Insta profile and here are the things which you will have to take care while writing your Instagram Profile for Guys.

Name: The text you type here will look bold in the upper part of your bio. Here, you should include your brand name but do not stay there since the area is limited to 30 characters, you can also add some more information. Make sure you include the correct popular name. People are likely to use your known name or company name when searching for you.

User Name: It acts as an Instagram identity and creates your profile URL. For this reason, you have to choose it carefully. Also, make sure that this corresponds to other handles you use on many social media networks. This will make it easy for anyone to tag on any system.

Website: Unlike other social media networks, Instagram is very strict where the link can be placed. You can only post a clickable link on your bio. Enter links to your latest and essential blog posts, campaigns, videos, and landing pages, which are individually tailored to speak with traffic from Instagram. Also, be sure to use the URL Shortening Tool to avoid long links that can turn off your visitors.

Email: You must add your email in your bio especially if you are a businessperson or an entrepreneur. This helps people contact you for any purpose which can also be for anything related to business and this strengthens your profile. Additionally, this also makes it simple for anyone to contact you if in case you miss a comment or any proposal of business partnership in the future.

Bio: Writing Instagram Bio is really an Interesting part because of this the body of your profile which people read and understand to know maximum about you, your interests, hobbies, skills, etc. writing proper bio only decides whether the customer is going to remain with you or not. And you should be serious about your Insta bio creation and remember this you should make it impactful and should be within 30 words (130 characters).

Hence Here Are the Tips That Makes Your Bio Look Appealing and Interesting

As I told you that it is your Insta bio which is going to give your Use retention on your Insta profile and decide whether to follow you or not. Hence here are some of the basic tips that you can consider for your best Insta Profile.

Proper Emoji Placement

You should consider adding emoji to your bio. Choose one – face, animal or symbol that creates a sense of your brand or personality. If you are a comedian, then select the face.

Although an emoji cannot be equal to a hundred words where the number of words is tight, they can reach the good side of your brand to visitors, if you use right. In fact, there is a possibility to do more than emoji alone can do the word.

Add Line Break and Spacing Procedure

Space and line breaks will allow you to break your bio into small bits, which can be easily read through scanning and skimming. This can be difficult to implement on your phone especially on iPhones and iPads. Use the following methods to achieve your ideal form.

On mobile Phone: open your ‘Notes’ app and type what you want. Be sure to include spaces and line breaks. After you have done it, copy and paste it into your Instagram Bio field. Choose the ‘complete’ option to save it.

On desktop or web: Go to your profile and then click on ‘your editing’ option. As you wish to display it, type your bio while spending it. To save this, click on the ‘Submit’ option. If this appears without a line break then do not worry because it is normal when not using the app.

This is because Instagram is primarily a mobile platform. However, to make sure that the line is broken using the app in your bio, or not. Alternatively, while on the web, you can switch to the mobile view.

Don’t Miss to Add Hashtag

Include a brand hashtag If you have your own hashtag, even if it is promoting a contest or promotion, do not hesitate to include it. There is nothing more compelling than the images of other users interacting with their own brand.

To collect these images, add a unique hashtag to your bio that will give other users a way to share some of their materials so that you can resume it in your feed. Also, keep in mind that any hashtag in your bio is clickable on the Instagram web interface. However, this is not the case when using its mobile app.

Change Your Bio Fonts

You can stand out by changing your bio font. Download the Textiles app from Google or the Apple Play Store to access fonts for your Instagram.

Combine With Some Fun

If you want people to remember your name or username, it is compulsory to add some fun to your bio. Create a unique bio that will portray your character and personality if a person comes across it.

Add Quote to the Bio

Since the demand of word is a mandatory factor on your Instagram bio due to the word limit of maximum 30 (150 character); you can choose the method of adding a quote to your profile because this can replace many of your text form the bio and you can also leave a lasting impression on the user visiting your Insta platforms.


Now it is your turn to implement the suggestions and examples given in this article that you create the best Instagram bio that will create your profile. Whether you choose to use the examples provided or even come up with your own unique idea, remember to stick to the guidelines.

While you have gone through the above article you might have become clear by now that what is the thing you can include while writing an effective Instagram Bio for Guys that also helps in catching the attention of people visiting the profile and scanning through the same Instagram Bio for Guys.

Not only that you are also given the best collection of quotes below which you can use or simply copy and paste in your Instagram bio for guys directly.

Instagram Bio for Guys

  • Whenever I have a problem, I sing. Then I realize my voice is worse than my problem.
  • Who else are you going to follow? Really?
  • Spent a large portion of my life eating. Will do the same in the next life.
  • There. I joined Instagram. Happy now?
  • I’m just having an allergic reaction to the universe.
  • I’m not sure how many problems I have because math is one of them.
  • I’m not a complete idiot; some parts are missing.
  • Fabulous ends in “us.” Coincidence? I think not.
  • I’m only pretending to be me.
  • Just a cupcake looking for a stud muffin.
  • Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
  • You couldn’t handle me even if I came with instructions.
  • Born to express, not to impress.
  • Some people are alive only because it’s illegal to kill them.

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