How to Insert Image Into PDF Word Without Embedding


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In this guide we will see how to insert images into PDF Word document so that any of the editing that will be done in the original file will be updated automatically in the document.

This is a general problem in the companies that many of the documents contain graphic elements which includes organizations logo, flow charts and any other pictures related to the company.

Insert Images Into PDF

Insert Images Into PDF

Insert Images Into PDF

Sometimes there is a reshuffling in the company that updation of any word in the document will take a lot of effort. Here we will provide you with the easy and simple steps to work on it.

Go to the Insert Picture box and click on the down arrow located just next to the Insert button. Then you can click on “Link to File” or “Insert and Link”.

Both the options mean different things:

Link to File: When a picture file is linked to the word document then the MS Word creates a virtual connection with that picture without actually embedding it in the document.

The same procedure is followed by the HTML web pages of embedding pictures in the pages. So when any editing is done to the linked picture then that editing is automatically done in all the word documents.

Insert and Link: There is one disadvantage of using the Link to file, if a document is uploaded in the web or shared via web or mail then the receiver would not be able to see any of the pictures as now the links have been broken.

This feature is overcome by Insert and Link. It links the picture in the word document and also embeds a copy of the image. In case the original source file is not found then also the receiver could see the picture in the document.

How to convert Linked Images to Embedded Images

In case the documents are being shared externally then “Insert and Link” should be used. Suppose there is a word document which uses only linked images and you want to upload that document in the Google Docs then first you have to convert the “linked” pictures into an embedded graphic. For doing this, you have to click on the office button and select Prepare >> Edit Links to Files. Now the linked pictures can be easily saved in the document.

In case you want to save all the embedded images outside of the document then just save the word documents as an HTML web page.


Now we know how to insert an image into pdf without any problem. The links are also saved and images are also not disturbing and the receiver can also see the insert image into pdf online.  Further, if you have any problem in using the insert image option you can tell us by commenting in the comments section below. Your comments are valuable to us.

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