How to get a new birth certificate and a dead certificate?


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For over centuries and Millenials, the human population has been thriving on the lands of Earth and it is growing at a much faster pace than other inhabitants living on the Earth’s surface. The sole reason for such ‘population explosion’ of our human race is due to the several factors that are quite relevant to the modern era, those are basically – advancement in the field of medical sciences; suppression of different pandemics, epidemics and life-threatening diseases (like smallpox); Lack of awareness of family planning in the third world countries; and at last curbing of human-made disaster events like war and pacific policies of different nations.

The exponential increase in the population has left us with the mammoth task of making a Census report (P.S – Census refers to the organization for studying the demography of a country) for the sake of the government’s progress in the nation. One of the very basic operations of making a census report is keeping track of the birth certificate and the death certificates issued in a nation. The new birth certificate give traces of the natality rate while the death certificate gives traces of the mortality rate.

Why a new birth certificate is necessary for the newborn and the death certificate is necessary to be issued for the deceased person?   


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As we have seen that official documentation of a particular event in every citizen’s life has become a particular necessary errand – like documentation of an affidavit if we want to change our names, having a voter card if we enlist our name in the voter’s list for a constituency, etc. Thus, having proper documentation of these two prior events in human life – birth and death are also necessary. There are the reasons which are enlisted below which will talk in the favor of documentation of these two events, which are having a new birth certificate and issuing a death certificate –

  • Helps the Census to run errands – As discussed earlier these certificates of birth and death help to smoothen the job of the demography supervising organization to put their estimates.
  • The new birth certificate remains as a document of utmost importance for the lifetime – First and foremost, The document of the new birth certificate of the newborn act as the life long document which would undoubtedly be required during admissions to educational institutions, during the call-in interviews for the job, etc, thus it will serve as life long precious document of identity. The most precious information it bears about the individual is his or her guardian’s name. More precisely it is the first document of the individual where the parent’s name is officially documented. In some states, this document even serves as the domicile certificate.
  • Without issuing the death certificate of the deceased, the claimant or nominee cannot claim the property of the person who has died – Without issuing the death certificate of the guardian, the son or daughter or any other claimant cannot take up the property legally. There are even other rules put up by different states or nations that the body of the deceased could only be taken up by his or her family from the hospital for the final rites or burial or cremation only after the death certificate has been issued.

Therefore, this is why these documents are quite necessary for many official errands.

How do we issue a new birth certificate as well as a death certificate?

 If the newborn is born in a hospital, then the hospital would provide the birth certificate itself (with the signature of the supervising doctor). On the other hand, if the newborn is born at a residence, one can visit the vicinity’s municipal office where the birth certificate would be issued. Similarly, if the person declared dead in the hospital the family would be given a death certificate from the hospital itself and if the death occurs at the residence, the family needs to collect the certificate from the municipality nearby.

Hence, in a nutshell, we can state that these certificates are essential documents in human lives.

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